Iraqi POW sentenced for resisting US

Hold your fucking horses of the Apocalypse! Can you believe this red, white, our colors don’t smell, shit? An Iraqi fighter is sentenced to hang for killing three US soldiers? We’re condemning normal acts of war because they make American crimes look bombastic in comparison? The crime committed in this case, is a military injustice.

Why charge this Iraqi? For killing his US adversaries in 2006, or for showing unsportsmanlike behavior in how he killed them? Do we hold the same standard for our killers in uniform? Do we overlook the conduct of US predator/reaper drone virtual-pilots sniping at foreign civilians from video consoles stateside?

The world has been shown that US soldiers can kill, rape, burn, torture, go on homicidal rampages, on duty or off, and pass go, and collect $200. Our private mercenaries are allowed to do worse apparently, and not even the Iraqi people can object.

In fact, negotiations on the US lease agreement of occupied Iraq have stalled over the Iraqi demands to be able to hold US soldiers accountable for crimes they commit at least while not on official duty. Forget on. Those are war crimes. Those crimes will be accountable one day to a world court, and there’s no statute of limitations. Speaking of which, prosecuting an enemy for his right to defend himself and his homeland is in itself a war crime. The Iraqi insurgent resistance fighters and the Iraqi people are protected by the laws of war. Iraq is an occupied country, trying to fend off its invaders.

To execute this Iraqi will be a further war crime, but what care we? In for a penny, in for 1.2 million Iraqis. Sue us.

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  1. You think that the US might be over extending itself, MC? I think that they might even be planning to invade Russia soon… like when Winter starts perhaps

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