so, as the headlines say, bush is going to have another chance to defend his iraq policy

ANOTHER chance? Good God where have these reporting agencies had their noses (and the rest of their heads) shoved for the past 4 years?

Every day, in every way he has consistently said “I am the Leader, you MUST follow me, and Billy Graham says you are an Heretic if you don’t”

Which has been and is the same “defense” he has made since the Big Announcement of last monday. or was it the monday before last?

I’m so confused….

There was a report on DumFox, somebody post a link for it if you can find it, that  “militant insurgents” dressed as American soldiers passed through three check points, onto an American base, killed several Americans and escaped….

uuummmm… How do they know (since the killers escaped) that they were in fact insurgents, and not American insurgents?

Or American insurgents cleverly disguised as jihadi insurgents cleverly disguised as American soldiers to throw off the logic trail?

How, in fact, do we know that DumFox news was not, in fact, LYING THROUGH THEIR COLLECTIVE  ear about this?Sanity claws.

that last is a link from my canadian perspective.

But we get the Chimp’s Big Announcement, redux.

I hope this time he does dance nekkid at the podium while singing “I’m a little crackpot, hear me shout” the entertainment value would make it worth tuning in.

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