The proposed Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Intolerance

I don’t know which is worse, Holocaust denial, or Apartheid denial? There have been several Holocausts, and there have been several Apartheids, but the ones in the news so much today, are the Jewish Apartheid to ethnically separate Jewish settlers from Arab Palestinians, whose property and land have been stolen, and the cases of those who choose to pretend to not know that there was a Holocaust created by German Christians, who murdered off millions of Jews during World War Two.

The LA times has an interesting article about the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s proposal to build a museum on top of an ancient Muslim Cemetery. Incredibly these Zionists want to call it the Museum of Tolerance, too. Well really, what can we really expect from those that have become the centerpiece organization for what has been labeled as the ‘Holocaust Industry’?

When forms of cultural ethnic cleansing become labeled as ‘tolerance’ as the Simon Wiesenthal Center is trying to do with its efforts to build this museum, then we are in serious trouble as a society. Tolerance would mandate that another site be used, which one hopes will actually become the case. Certainly the idea of a museum of tolerance itself is not a bad idea. Muslims, Jews, and Christians working together to pull that off, would be much better than a unilateral effort by one Zionist group doing it much alone, except in alliance mainly with, the Jewish Apartheid State called Israel.

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