Stop Them From Beginning a Terrorist War Against Iran!

Woolsey was eight of clubs in the Neocon deck of villainsThis Thursday at Shove Memorial Chapel, a terrorist will be addressing Colorado College students, for that’s what R. James Woolsey is.
This ex-director of the CIA and now current Chair of The Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) is one of the leading architects of the Iraq War and Occupation, and is perhaps the most prominent advocate for spreading this American-made disaster into Syria and Iran. In short, he advocates, and has advocated for the longest time, a continual regional war to help better loot Middle East oil for American corporations.

The Committee on the Present Danger is a Right Wing neo-con advocacy group made up from major business and political players in the military-industrial complex. Other infamous co-Chairs of the CPD are George Schultz and Joe Lieberman. It has a long record of supporting continuous warfare based supposedly on ideology, but more so on corrupt commercial and political self interest.

There is a lot of money to be made from The War, and the CPD has backed continual warfare since even when the Cold War was first begun 6 decades ago. Today, it wants us to engage in a ‘Holy War’ with the Muslim World to hide away their own military-industrial machine profit making.

Students, your Colorado College by inviting James Woolsey to address you, is encouraging you to accept the Iraq War, a new war with Iran, and the idea that a nuclear war is winnable under the leadership of the American corporate bloc. They are encouraging you to think that the advocacy of torture and terrorism is perfectly acceptable as real guidelines for American foreign policy.

We urge you to reject these ideas and to demonstrate with us against the presence of this war monger on your campus. We urge you to reject a regional extension of the Iraqi War into neighboring countries.

US out of Iraq and Afghanistan!
No War Against Iran!
Stop spreading US terrorism through a phony ‘war on terrorism!
Bring the Troops Home Now!
R. James Woolsey, Get Off This Campus!

3 thoughts on “Stop Them From Beginning a Terrorist War Against Iran!

  1. WHO ARE YOU TONY LOGAN. I am a Colorado College student, I invited Woolsey to speak here at CC because he has the unique ability to bring together diverse segments of the community to have a discussion about solutions to our addiction to oil. REMEMBER: if it were not for oil, we would not be in a war in the Middle East.

    Us students are here trying to eliminate this country’s use of oil from the Middle East so that WE wont have to fight in future wars with that region. If you protest our event, you will threaten our objective and harm us.

    I don’t care if Woolsey has a poor record, which I would argue, the point is that he is here talking about funding the fundamentalist terrorists in the Middle East with our gas purchases. Please pick another place to hold your protest on this man, don’t hurt our cause of ending war. Woolsey is just one speaker. We will be bringing in many “real” environmentalists in the future, no fear.

  2. Let me get this straight, David? You actually believe that having James Woolsey, ex head of the CIA and noted proponent of waging World War 4, here talking about Ethanol at CC serves some sort of antiwar agenda? You got to be kidding us, right?

    Are you one mixed up dude, or what? Woolsey has absolutely no Green agenda at all and your belief that he does is totally bizarre. Feel free to elaborate more on your strange belief system though. I can’t even begin to imagine your thought processes on this one?

    Our addiction to oil, as you put it, alone is not what makes us a militaristic country. It is totally confused people like you who do, Dave. There are so many of you mindless robots for war. ‘Little Eichmann’s’, I believe somebody called them.

    You ought to start worrying more about fundamentalist terrorists in the US instead of those abroad, and then quit allying with those native fundamentally terrorist folk( like Woolsey) and thinking that that this is all somehow antiwar and ecology oriented, as amazingly you seem to be doing?

    If there are even more students as confused as you at Colorado College then it is a sign that we in this country are in big, big trouble as a society. Jesus… God save us in the days ahead.

  3. David, I would like to apologize to you about the tone of my previous comments in reply to you. I was way too harsh and personal perhaps? I was rushed at the time and did not mean to come off that way though.

    I just read the Indy article by reporter Anthony Lane and see that Woolsey is also speaking to the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council at the Broadmoor Hotel Friday at 11:30, too. The gist of the interview was one that absolutely did not challenge James Woolsey on anything, but seemed to be in the vein of having total awe of this guy. So you certainly are not alone in your beliefs and feelings.

    Further, I have spoke to several other Colorado College students and had to encourage them to read up some on who Woolsey is. None seem to really have heard of him before.

    Woolsey is not primarily a Save the Earth sort of guy, I might add. He is much more a Save the Empire man. I think it wrong that the Indy article did not delve at all into his history and his current activities, and did so on their weekly issue where they highlighted the ‘Top Ten underreported news stories of 2007’ item, too!

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