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A few of the ‘Let’s Help the Vets’ crooks get caught at last!

There is a lot more of this sort of fraud surrounding our US military than just this one charity. In fact, our whole military-industrial complex is built on fraud. Help Hospitalized Veterans, Veterans Charity, Accused Of Squandering Millions.

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Right Wing “lone wolf” murderers

Their Whoremasters like Sarah Palin and the rest of the DumFox crew still refuse to admit that they urge people to KILL (they have to have other people do it because they’re too frightened to murder people themselves). Usually it’s … Continue reading

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Why Rivera refused to take 42 million in “bailout” money.

Because it’s “earmarked” specifically to create jobs from the bottom up, instead of, as his USUAL corporate welfare installments made directly to the “leaders” of the Military Industrial Complex are, to the Richest Citizens and with the wink wink nudge … Continue reading

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Space Symposium grand finale not a dud

COLORADO SPRINGS- According to local sources, this year’s grand finale of the Broadmoor Hotel’s fireworks display, marking the final evening of the National Space Symposium, was not a dud. It simply never came. Observation was complicated by last year’s unusual … Continue reading

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National Space [Weapons] Symposium

REMINDER! The military-industrial complex converges this week on the Broadmoor Conference Center, in the guise of “Space Symposium 2009.” The biggest mercenaries, profiteers, mass-murderers and top brass will gather over cocktails in the late afternoon, after weapons exhibitors have set … Continue reading

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Silly warmongers, space is for kids

Once again the Colorado Springs peace community has the unique opportunity to protest the annual Space Symposium hosted at the Broadmoor. First, the event provides unparalleled access to the upper echelons of the US military industrial for-profit killing machine. And … Continue reading

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Neocons push for Iran war as US National Intelligence Director, Dennis Blair, calls them liars

Iran ‘has no bomb-grade uranium’ says the US NI Director, Dennis Blair, to Congress. Oops…. The Barack Obama Administration sure knows how to talk out of both sides of its mouth at one time! Well which is it? WOMD Lie … Continue reading

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