The lesson of Vietnam

As Congress voted today to approve funds for prolonging the bloodbath in Iraq, a vote which included a butt-load of Democrat shits, absolute idiots for shits, fork-tongued, pandering, corrupt asshole shits brought aboard last election selling the hope that they would represent the people and put an end to Bush’s fiddling recital while burning the US constitution over the fires of Holocausts unleashed on millions of Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, Somalis, Colombians, et al, the pretender-alternative party caving to the Necons for absolutely no reason, it occurs to me the lesson learned with Vietnam.

The lesson that Americans learned after being responsible for the deaths of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians is that we got away with it. Shamed, chastized but ultimately let off, we forgave ourselves, forgot the deeds, Lieutenant Calley retired a midwestern jeweler, revelations of the Tiger Patrol’s atrocities obfuscated by miscreant swiftboaters, and Joe Public who went along, waved the flags, those who beat the drum, smiling, ridiculing voices who sought to get us out. What happened to those people. Nothing. They’re back. They’re doing the same thing, again, getting away with murder.

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2 Responses to The lesson of Vietnam

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The lesson learned was that lies are all right. And especially lies to ourselves should be increasingly demanded and engaged in by the Powers That Be.

    An example of that is on page 2 of the Metro section of The Gazette today. There, a group of troops is pictured that had been paraded out to a ‘memorial’ at Fort Carson called THE MOUNTAIN POST GLOBAL WAR ON TERRRORSM FALLEN SOLDIERS MEMORIAL. They all had their heads bowed as they stood in formation with the big ugly plaque in front of them in the shot, with those words on it.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Simply put, there is no ‘global war on terrorism’. Never was and never will be. What there actually is, is a hysteria about terrorism being everywhere in the Muslim World that is used to justify fighting against different groups of Muslims and people of darker skin almost everywhere.

    These soldiers are fighting other peoples based on lies. And these lies and their fighting will cause actual terrorism to become a more common technique used by all sides in the wars to come.

    These soldiers are actually fighting a fight that will spread the use of terrorism as a tactic to increasingly engage in wars now and to come!

    So what was learned in Vietnam by the American Right Wing typified by the Gazette editorial staff, is simply to lie to yourself and core supporters often, and to lie BIG. The American Right Wing believes that the only thing that went wrong in Vietnam, was simply that they did not use enough brute force and lie BIG enough and often enough. They want to replay the Vietnam Era using different victims this time. And they want to be much more brutal in their form of warfare.

    Much horror lies ahead for all of us, because these liars and murderers are going for another round of the Vietnam War. And this time, they plan to ‘win’ it.

  2. Avatar Lane says:

    War simply breeds more war. If you kill a murderer there will be ten murderers to take his place. The fact that the imperialists think they can win the “war on terror” using violence shows that they don’t understand this basic fact. Not until the powers that be understand that a policy of non-violent action in fighting the enemies of drought, famine, poverty, disease, unemployment, etc., is the solution to the attacks that are categorized as “acts of terror”. They just don’t understand that the attacks perpetrated against the strongholds of an imperialist nation are desperate attempts to strike back – to fight the forces that are holding them in their current lives where all these enemies lay waiting at their doors.

    Their anger is understandable, unlike the so-called “anger” of politicians. Their anger… against people who would dare attack US property – buildings, planes, tanks, soldiers – (yes, soldiers are considered property of the US government – I know because I was one myself). Politicians sometimes make displays of anger to appeal to their constituents. Constituents who’s anger is also understandable. Why wouldn’t a person whose labor is considered to be nothing more than another commodity to be bought and sold according what the market will bear be angry?

    The volunteer army is largely becoming an army of young men and women who find that they simply have no other choice than to be a soldier. When faced with economic sonditions that force people in the US to work 60-80 hours per week in order to make enough money to have a life where they can afford a few non-necessities. Something beyond food, shelter, and transportation. Why are so many forced into the military when clearly many of them would rather being doing something else? In the 1930’s the US had job programs that put people to work rebuilding the country’s infrastructure that was allowed to deteriorate over the years when the US was busy spending it’s money on WWI.

    Colorado Springs doesn’t have enough money to fix all the city’s potholes. What is wrong with this picture? Why can we afford billions for a defense budget that protects these potholes? Are these potholes so precious? Come on, let’s relinquish a few missles and fix the potholes.

    Let’s allow other countries to rule themselves. Let’s use our resources to take care of our own population. Oops, is that idea too radical? I guess you can call me a radical then because I believe that government was meant to be of the people, by the people, for the people.

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