Moneychangers in the temple

It’s official, the New Life Church Killer Matthew Murray died by a self-inflicted wound. Perhaps this will take the heat off volunteer church security guard and disgraced-cop Jeanne Assam who may have fired on Murray from a concealed position and kept firing on him as she advanced according to her police training. What does this latest distinction mean? This is what it suggests to me:
Troubled-teen Matthew Murray, according to his own website postings, may be America’s first suicide bomber, using smoke and assault rifle to penetrate and injure a temple of American militant fundamentalism.

This is American sectarian violence, perpetrated by a former adherent rebelling against the oppressive reach of American smiley-face religio-capitalism, church of prosperity Fundamentalism. The same corporate spiritualism that drives our war machine, the rotten heart of Pax Americana, the misplaced sense that American vacant-headed fundamentalist values must police the world, and dominate, or at least prosper from the bulk of its resources. Murray believed this kind of Christianity was at the core of the world’s problems, and church leaders like New Life founder Ted Haggard as much as brag about it.

Matthew Murray was the product of too-far-isolated fundie parents, who terrorized their children with fire and brimstone nightmares. His ostracism justifies public education, where home-schooling entrusted to zealots yields intelligent but incompatible offspring.

3 thoughts on “Moneychangers in the temple

  1. Take the heat off Jeanne Assam? No. The fact that Matthew died from a self-inflicted wound will detract from her hero-&-instrument-of-the-wondrous-Lord status and reveal the embarrassing truth that God ain’t such a good shot after all.

  2. Marie (and Eric)

    Do yourself the favor of getting the complete facts before deciding to detract from the heroic deeds of people. This is an unabridged statement from the coroners office:

    “The death of Matthew Murray has been ruled a suicide. It should be noted that he was struck multiple times by the security officer, which put him down. He then fired a single round killing himself,” the coroner’s office said in a statement.

    Considering the killer was wearing body armor I would say that God was quite a good shot! Technically, it could be ruled a suicide, but no one in their right mind can conclude the deranged killer, who was driven by great hatred, would have shot himself if he had not been forcefully confronted and shot by Jeanne Assam several times. Unquestionably he would have gone on to kill many more innocent people if not for Jeanne Assam.

  3. How would that take away from the fact that New Life raised their own Home-grown Home-schooled Nemesis?

    Although “pastor” Ted seems to have done more damage to the church, and, amazingly not by his smug Hate-Speech against “Everyone Who Is Not Us”.

    And by that, I mean ALL church, not just New Life.

    As for young Matthew, there’s a Pig saying, it’s really hard to subpoena dead people.

    To which I’ll add, any psychoanalysis on his final actions or himself is going to be tainted by his relationship with the Church counselors who are the ones doing the Psyche Assessment, post-mortem.

    And that he won’t be around to speak about it one way or another.

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