Police Chief Richard ‘Liars’ Myers

In the last week I have had 3 opportunities to see the new Colorado Springs police chief, Richard Myers, do his job as public relations head of the law enforcement division of the Springs City Government. Because of what I have seen of him in a little less than one week, I feel that Myers is totally deserving of having ‘Liars’ Myers become his new nickname.

Having testified at a city council meeting post the police attack on the peace contingent attending the city promoted St Patrick’s Day Parade, I received an invitation to attend a meeting held last week with Lionel Rivera, the mayor of our city, and other top officials of city government including the police chief, Myers, himself. This came about because I had stated at a city council meeting that I felt that the personal security of me and my family was endangered by the actions taken by the police at the St Pat’s Day Parade.

These police are employees of city government and receive their direction from city government, therefore I had informed the municipal government of Colorado Springs in my testimony, that I held them personally responsible for the uncalled on police assault on our peaceful group, and I asked them to take personal responsibility for what had happened. The assaulting actions of the police had threatened me and my family with physical harm and/ or unlawful arrest during that parade, and their behavior needed to be changed in the future for me and others to feel in any way safe.

At this meeting, Chief Richard Myers and others of the city government attending, had assured us of the pro-peace community, that the police and city government were only concerned that ALL citizens would have their safety assured (even us), and asked us to help work with them to help bring that about in the future. They made great effort to assure of us of their supposed sincere concern that we, too, be kept safe from assault by those who might disagree with us. They assured us that the altercation had been an embarrassment to the city, and that they had a desire to work together with us instead of against us in the future.

I must say, that this appeared to us as pretense on their part, since we had not been in the least endangered by anybody other than the police themselves at the parade. They ambushed us there, and seven of us continued to have our security endangered, since the city and the police insisted on pressing criminal charges on these seven of our friends, even though it was the police’s own use of uncalled force that was at issue. Never the less, we agreed with them to work together to stop this abuse of police force from further becoming an even more hardened pattern of local law enforcement in the future.

Some few hours later I then attended a projected forum held at a nursing home, that was to have been a part of conciliation court ordered as settlement for a previous attack by the police on a group of peaceful protesters at Palmer Park way back in the year 2003. The court had ruled against the city of Colorado Springs, where the police had tear gassed and assaulted people in an unlawful manner while protesting the beginning of the Iraqi War. The court had ordered that the police and the citizen plaintiffs against the police assault of 2003, hold a joint forum together in order that the police could help absolve themselves of their guilt in this uncalled for police attack on peacefully mobilized citizens, and extend a discussion to help assure that nothing similar would once again occur. Of course, it already had.

What happened at this planned court settlement forum, is that when the plaintiffs showed up to attend this event (most arriving from Boulder), the city of Colorado Springs and their police had taken it upon themselves to give themselves the power to have the final word in how this event would be condensed and edited for a later official release to the public. The plaintiffs said that this was contrary to what was agreed on previously through the court, and that they would not participate with a farce. Attendees from the local peace community then walked out, too, when the police and city encouraged us to take the plaintiffs place on the panel assembled for this forum. Talk about dishonesty here!

Actually only one fool answered the police/ city call to participate on the supposed peace community panel for this forum. The forum did not actually much get off at this point, and was terminated within minutes. Nobody from the peace community wanted to be tagged as scabbing on the plaintiffs who had been victims of the police back then.

Move to just three days later. The mayor and his police chief, Richard ‘Liars’ Myers, together had put on the tail end of the city government meeting agenda the official telling of the tales by the police ‘investigation’ of itself. They had not informed us of that, and had planned to pretty much be alone with the press to try and convict ( in the press) the Seven pro-peace folk facing criminal charges.

What makes this so reprehensible, is that they had spent, and would spend also with this report, much time accusing the St Pat’s Day Parade peace participants of having engaged in dishonesty and trickery. Further, they had repeatedly told us in our private meeting the week before supposedly aimed towards obtaining community-city government-police reconciliation, that none amongst themselves could comment on events relating to the St Pat’s Day Parade arrests. So what happens now?

Here, at the city council meeting where nobody from amongst us could counter until the day after, the new police chief, Richard ‘Liars’ Myers gave about 20 minutes of detail by detail comments before the public about the arrests. His account was so full of lies and distortions, that it would be impossible to even begin to detail them here.

Suffice it to say, that after pretending several days earlier to be holding a discussion with us where he and other police present told all of us that they could not comment or respond due to it somehow being counter to due legal process if they did so , that ‘Liars’ Myers then went ahead and did just that, and nobody in the city council saw fit to tell him that this was wrong and dishonest after having pretended that this was against police rules and regulations to enter comment about matters being currently discussed in court.

This is total sabotage of any effort to build public trust in the police. This is a new police chief whose only comments before the city council were lies, distortions, and denial of any police responsibility for their excess at the St Pat’s Day Parade. Instead of admitting that the police had used force when it was absolutely not necessary, he pointed the finger at the pro-peace participants who were roughed up and criminally charged. True, he did also point a finger, for a sec, at the official organizer of the event, John O’Donnell. This was supposed to impress the public as being even handed, it is supposed. Myers said that O’Donnell could have responded differently, which is as comical an understatement as any I have ever heard.

He whined about 35 cops on duty that day as not being enough. Oh brother! They could have policed that event with 3 police, and not 35 and the results would have been much, much better. What a self serving pile of nonsense we heard.

The most interesting part of the session was when several council members tried to figure out just who in the city was in charge of issuing the permit to John O’Donnell, supposed private organizer of this event, to hold the parade through downtown streets? The answer? Why the city police themselves. Go figure? It turns out that the city government of Colorado Springs is hiding behind their police who are hiding behind John O’Donnell, the contracted out organizer for the city, who then turns out to be directed by the city and city government regulations themselves! And then this circle of irresponsibility points their joint index finger at the private citizenry for being supposedly deceptive! It kind of takes the cake.

The city government of Colorado Springs is responsible to hold their police in check. They will not be able to do it hiding behind the phony smiles and lies of Police Chief Richard ‘Liars’ Myers. They should release to the public the official police transcripts of communications between them and parade organizers. There the truth stands, and it is not like the official smoke screen version at all. Meanwhile, there is little reason to pretend to work together with Police Chief ‘Liars’ Myers. He lost our confidence in him being an honest player in a little less than a week.

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7 Responses to Police Chief Richard ‘Liars’ Myers

  1. Avatar MC says:

    Hey Tony,
    You write:
    Actually only one fool answered the police/ city call to participate on the supposed peace community panel for this forum. The forum did not actually much get off at this point, and was terminated within minutes. Nobody from the peace community wanted to be tagged as scabbing on the plaintiffs who had been victims of the police back then.
    Why are you calling this guy a fool, and why do you say the forum was terminated within minutes? It lasted the entire scheduled time of almost an hour. Where did you get your info?

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    We were urged to file reports with the Internal Affairs Division.

    only there weren’t any forms available. The only anybody who filed such a report could do so was behind a series of locked security doors.

    Without an attorney present.

    It is my oft stated belief that the Internal Affairs Division exists only to make sure no charges against any officers “stick”.

    Very much like when the police in Bossier City/Shreveport, La, shot a man in the back 8 times and it was ruled a “sucicde”.

    If a PIG orders you to do something you are supposed to drop to your knees anf grovel before his Mighty Pigness, otherwise, they can shoot you and call it “suicide”.

    Need more Coffee before continuing…

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    MC, I got my info there mainly there at the forum. Most all of us walked out in support of the plaintiffs. True the forum went on, but it went on with over half of the audience positioning ourselves outside of the event. We did this after the plaintiffs scheduled as panelists, themselves walked out after explaining to us why they were doing so.

    If we had all stayed inside listening to the police and city government reps, it is very likely that this forum would have gone on for several hours. As it was it seemed like the police/city government abbreviated forum ended after no more than 30 minutes. I can’t be totally sure the exact mionutes as I didn’t wear a watch, but I noted how quickly it ended since I was outside still talking with those who had walked out as I had done.

    I also learned later that a person had been considered by the city as possible forum participant for the pro-peace side, but she had angered them on the phone and they then told her she would not be right for such an event. Who were they to decide who would represent the plaintiffs and pro-peace opinion? This seems totally in line witht he plaintiffs chargin the city government and the city police with acting in bad faith with them.

    When the plainitffs did walk out, the city and police asked for others willing to take their place. Only one person took it upon themselves to act on police command to congregate for their planned and deconstituted activity at that point. I call that foolish to have complied witht the city rep’s request, and then acting as replacement for the ‘peace’ side.

    I think that it was integral to allowing the city and police to act as if this forum actually came off as planned, even though it most certainly did not. All of us pro-peace should have 100% walked out together. The ‘fool’ acted alone but got represented as being with the pro-peace participants and acting on the behalf of the cause both the plaintiffs and pro-peace people share together.

  4. Avatar Erte Muse says:

    Is anyone seriously shocked by the behavior of the police or the chief? This seems to be the modus operandi for all of those in a position of power–whether it be a business, the police department, a school district, or a politician. 99% of those “in charge” evade inquiry into their actions, hire high-powered attorneys to defend them in order to avoid any real consequences, and in general, do not accept responsibility for their actions. It’s the American way! (Brought to you by attorneys, politicians, and corporate America.)

  5. Avatar lovewar says:

    First of all my daughter who is in kindergarten writes better than you. This article sounds like it was composed in a class full of retards. Next get your facts correct before writing an article full of fallacies. Finally, about Dick Myers you are right he is a liar and a hypocrite. Neither he or his staff is liked at the police department because of their poor leadership qualities. The cops didn’t do anything wrond out there, the peace protesters do not have a right to block a parade, so when you want to question something read up on your constitutional rigths.

  6. Avatar biteme says:

    although i totally disagree with your diatribe against the police department as a whole, i do agree and wholeheartedly support your premise that Chief Dick is a liar and an incompetent leader, if one at all. He has lied and misled us from the beginning. Ask any STREET cop what they think of him and if they are honest, they will tell you they have no faith in him or the majority of the staff officers under him.

  7. Avatar tony logan says:

    Lovewar, the parade was not blocked. What kind of fool would call themselves Lovewar anyway?

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