Torturers not Liable, says judge

The judge called it lamentable, but said he had no authority to oversee military actions oversees, not quite in those words.

He said allowing foreign nationals to sue American military personnel, (although Rumsfeld was appointed to a quasi-military rank, Sec. of Defense) would undermine their ability to make decisions and take actions considered necessary, and pointed out that under such a precedent, Osama Bin Hidin’ could sue because two US presidents had threatened to have him killed.

Imperialism strikes again.

Remember when Jessica Lynch was captured? How dare those Iraqis capture an American who is LIBERATING them!! Bush and Rumsfeld both ORDERED the Iraqis to abide by the Geneva Convention, while constantly stating that US personnel didn’t have to abide by any such laws.

And that US military were above prosecution for war crimes.

Apparently the criminals are above being punished in United States courts as well.

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