Take Caution…

We have been blessed, so to speak, with a person identifying himself as a soldier commenting on our posts concerning the St Patrick’s Day Massacre. Everybody is welcome to comment, as long as they don’t threaten, or like you know, break laws in the hope of getting everybody else busted.
That’s one version of what is called in the French language Agents Provocateurs,

And I seriously don’t give a fat rat’s ass about people who have difficulties with the French Language, nation or people. “Enfants du France….”

Another version is (not that i could make accusations, as there is no proof.) would be for somebody from the Military Police, the CSPD, the District Attorney’s office for the 4th District, the Provost Marshall from Ft Carson or whoever, to come and make statements like us being misleading or flat out deceptive in our application for a permit at the parade.

They would not be above such actions, it is called a “fishing expedition” and while they wouldn’t be allowed, at least by a righteous judge and a good attorney, to do something like that in the courtroom, they would, will and do go on such “expeditions” BEFORE the case is filed or before the formal hearings begin.

This would lend whole new depth to the term “trolling” a forum or in this case a weblog.

Making no accusations, but you guys who do this, please realize that it is suspicious behavior. Eric has already announced, as has the ACLU, that this will be challenged in court.

People who post and say, “Man, you sure pulled one over on the pigs with that, right on dude” sound for all the world like somebody from the Other Side trying to get us to agree with it, in order to cast doubt on our actions in court.

If we were truly out to destabilize OUR country, trying to overthrow our nation, whatever… or were seriously into legitimate yet unlawful armed resistance, like for instance the Provos, such suspicions would be an invitation to Incisive Revolutionary Actions. The other, other IRA.

Since we are not, since our presence in the parade was indeed peaceful, legal, and within the bounds of morality and decency added on, that would leave no LEGITIMATE reason for people to attempt to makes us appear to contradict ourselves, entrap us or any other such naughty things.

However, the Police do have a long and rich history of such actions, and I would therefore encourage you all not to make statements or questions that call doubt onto The Truth.

The truth is, we had a permit to be in the parade.
We did not attempt to force a confrontation with anybody.
We did NOTHING illegal, immoral or questionable.
Our motives were, as always, to promote peace through EDUCATION.
This is always the policy of the peace movement.

Please refrain from making statements, or asking questions, even innocently, to the contrary. Once again, it would only make us look at you with suspicion. The CSPD has already assaulted us illegally. This is a part of a long pattern of such abuses against dissidents and dissent in America and Colorado Springs specifically.

We don’t pick fights with the police, they could kill us and at least some of the vocal asswipes who think they run our country would cheer them on or say it was OUR fault.

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  1. For those who speak no Irish, Provos = the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

    They are a militia in British Occupied Northern Ireland, and since the Brits are more willing to protect their supposed hegemony over Belfast and Londonderry than to actually provide police services to Catholic neighborhoods and districts, the Provos have stepped up to “illegally” do what the Occupation Forces have refused to do.

  2. A call to be sensible is very sensible Jonah. I’ve often described my desire to write here and “raison d’ete” as “rodeo clown”. When I first found Not My Tribe, some contributors comments did strike me as being “close to the edge”. And so I spammed them with nonsense as I personally care for one. Now many.

    The reply to my questions was “context context context”. And I felt a little better.

    Regards to America, globe, and to Not My Tribe. Hold the line. Dont draw it to point nor to obscurity.

    While Freedom of Speech is a fun explore, I hope no one exploits context from purpose or for other purpose (worse yet). Peace and justice are hoped for recent events and more so, for reason of future. War is seemingly the anti-thesis of being human.

    Sometimes, it is indeed, difficult to be reasonable when passionate belief becomes emotional. But no one – neither Left, Right nor down the middle wants violence, criminal activity, nor portrayals of decadence and despot personality.

    I’m glad Tony and others keep the ball rolling with posts. I’ve withdrawn some upcoming posts after considering prior inside characterizations that pacifism is mamby-pamby.

    Perhaps it is. I wont argue it. That is counter to the very point.

    Likewise, at least today, I’ve noted a hush has fallen over the commentors.

    In the background I hear Lennon singing “Give Peace A Chance” and hope for Yoko’s sake and more, that no one gets shot this time.

    No one.

    Until next time and as still this time: Peace.

  3. This is a good time to plug a film by pioneer American filmmaker D.W. Griffith. The name of the film is “Intolerance”.

    Part of its beauty… it’s a silent film.

  4. Please, oh please, 13th….publish every one of those posts! I, too, have a circular cyber file full of my thoughts….I need an ally!

  5. Mostly it’s a reminder that there is a court case involved, at least 7 individual misdemeanor counts, pending shortly.

    Also civil cases being filed on behalf of The St Paddy’s 7, the entire peace and justice community, especially everybody who was in the parade, even the ones who weren’t immediately victimized.

    Some of the people who posted, it’s a toss-up, maybe they are just pissed off “Patriots” who think we did wrong by marching in the parade (but only for a block and a half), some of them who think we planned the entire scenario and like the idea, wanting to congratulate us for something beyond what we actually did.

    Or maybe they could be collecting unofficial statements that contract the already official statements.

    They were the ones I warned more than the regular contributors.

    because, you see, we are on some very troubled ground. Our rights and freedoms are unmistakable, the legal ground is solid. It’s not that the Law is on our side, we never broke the law so we are on the side of the law.

    The problem is some of those who are sworn to uphold the law have decided that the law only applies when and to whom they decide.

    And they have in the past actually killed people who dared to hold or express dissenting viewpoints.

    Given that, I don’t think it would be alarmist to state that they would find it morally acceptable, to themselves, to rig court proceedings against us, and against anybody who would dare to dissent in the future.

    People who post leading or antagonist viewpoints should recognize that fact, or at least acknowledge that it is a concern, and avoid “entrapment dialog” if for no other reason than good manners.

  6. I suggested simple enough solution Jonah, but like you said, the jury is out. Why aren’t you? This grouped military drill tool is becoming deep bore. So pardon me if I break rank one last time….

    Here’s my favorite S & M joke…

    Q. Why do you hang around that guy?
    A. Beats me.

    And a very quick make-up note to Lady Liberty in form of laughing at myself…

    Q. What do you call an artist without a girlfriend?
    A. Homeless

    Best wishes to all trials and tribulations, but Jonah, the above write of yours is the best worst joke yet.

    I’m here to stop Bush. No less. No more. Take a rest for your own sake… you are foolish to continue this topic in open forum.

    If the legal ground is solid, you have nothing to fear, except what you are doing now. Stand down-wind up. Find a new topic.

    I trust Eric’s intent as innocent as probably was others. I won’t go into detail at this time. Like you say “bad manners”.

    What fork is best to use at the scene of a car crash? (The outer one of course. Some things never change.)

    French provocateur? Such culture! Here’s my French kiss-off. Watch your own tongue.

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