Waste Management Inc.

We’ve all seen those garbage trucks going around in circles, with big signs painted on them that say that their landfills (dumps) are pristine centers for wildlife! Such an ethical and ecologically concerned company is Waste Management! This below is what the CEO of this fine company pulls down in salary with his BS about ‘Keeping America Beautiful’ and other such Waste Management Inc. PR.

David P. Steiner
Chief Executive Officer
Waste Management Inc.

The proxy statement for Waste Management Inc. uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.

In 2006, David P. Steiner raked in $5,601,287 in total compensation according to the SEC. However, according to the AFL-CIO’s calculation method*, he raked in $6,541,198 in total 2006 compensation.

With all the pro Green rhetoric coming out about subjects like the supposed Fort Carson ‘sustainability’ projects, etc., it pays to keep a sceptical eye on these corporate Green cons. Interestingly, Waste Management Inc. supposedly promotes the FreeCycle Movement. You can see how effective that is by judging how little actually gets recycled here in Colorado Springs where those Waste Management garbage trucks roam the streets boasting of how ‘Green’ they are.

If they are so Green, then why haven’t they used their influence to get the Colorado Springs City Council to come up with a real recycling program? Worth mentioning, too, is that their HQ is Houston, Texas, which is hardly the pristine center of environmentalism. In fact, that city is a toxic dump.

Oh, and if you want to go out to one of those ‘wildlife refuges’ built by Waste Management Inc’s fine endeavours?… then check out this one in California. Wetlands Landfill Expansion

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