80906 Parade of Homes of Assholes

McCain doesnt know Shiite from shinolaCOLORADO SPRINGS- Is it my imagination, or are the McCain/Palin yard signs receding? This year has meant such a depressing drive through our neighborhood, to see all the “Families for McCain,” even “Women for McCain” signs. Today we thought we’d record just how many there were, and lo, they appear to be on the wane. Sure, signs for local Republican contenders remain, thus the selfish/conservative residences are still marked, but their homeowners may now be shying away from being full-on bullish for their dwarf geezer and his bespectacled Gold Rush tart.

Still, let’s list the addresses of those Colorado Springs 80906 neighbors who steadfastly endorse the McCain/Palin ticket. Smile, you’re on Candid “dumbshits-only” Camera. This time your arrogant determination to show your ignorant boot-heel clicking is for keeps.

These signs are like BBB badges, but say the obverse. I’ll bet these households are the same as in 2004, when they were the Bastards who Backed Bush.

We thought about offering OPT-OUT coupons, for those who didn’t want their addresses on a Dumbshit List. But it would have been disingenuous of us. The election results are going to be permanent. Which side you cheered tells plenty about you, and it will be good to remember.

4 thoughts on “80906 Parade of Homes of Assholes

  1. When you make up and publish your “blacklist” (or might that be “whitelist”), be sure to get my name and address correct (you can get these from the El Paso Tax Assessor website).

    And be sure to put me on the firearms list also….too bad I can’t convert my pre-ban TEC-9 to full auto until after I complete my Class III certification with the Dragon Man.

  2. I’m dreaming of the day when this country hunts down and prosecutes all of Bush’s supporters, the way Germany did Hitlers.

  3. You’re right, Michael. I don’t get the idea behind Eric’s private (well not so private now) and personal blacklist here. IMO, he might have gotten the idea for such a list like this from Glenn Beck or David Horowitz? What do you think?

  4. I think it was more likely from Joe McCarthy. Oh well, he probably won’t let us placard-displayers buy any more copies of “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” (but eBay may still have some). That is somewhat better than the Stalinesque purge that Thomas promises. I’d best go to WalMart and stock up on 9 mm hollow points.

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