A Modern Marvel.

So the show that was just on, Modern Marvels, this evenings episode was Fast Food…

basically an hour long commercial for McDonalds praising them for all the wondrous Gifts of the Kroc Magi.

Yeah, whatever, but then there were a couple of really offensive commercials, of the official kind, breaking up the Love Fest for Sloth, Gluttony and Avarice…

One of them a nervous investor talking to his investment counselor, being told to not worry about the Rapid Death Spiral of The Global Economy, don’t panic, just keep investing, we’re the professional and we’ll get you through it Just Like Our Wall Street Professionalism Got America through into The Mess in the first damn place…

And the other was a Video Game much like the one you can find on the Army’s recruiting website or is it the Navy’s doesn’t matter, the one where your fantasy onscreen character is an Elite Forces Person going around blowing people away…. to suck young dumbasses into joining the “service”….

This one is most offensive, though, the game is a role-playing version of The Civil War.

That would be the AMERICAN Civil War, which lasted about a lot less than half the time the English Civil War did yet still managed to slaughter almost as many people.

So, you can drive to Mickey Dees, cause you’re too damn lazy to walk, you can buy enough grease to give a Blue Whale a massive coronary, drag it home, plop down on the couch and enjoy a few hours of slurping down the Fake Food and Graphically Fantasizing Killing Americans.

How’s THAT for Patriotism?

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