The American dyslexia for economics

The interest rate for banks is down to zero. B of A and Citibank are still charging 39%. What again does economic news have to do with me?
The biggest news on the economy was BREAKING NEWS a week ago: the US economy is in a recession, and has been for over a year. Can news a year old still be news? What news exactly are we getting from the experts, economists and other mesmerists paraded on the television every evening?

We consult them on a minute by minute basis, actually, on 24/7 cable news stations, for every hint of a whiff of where the weather vane might indicate the US economy is blowing. If the stock market doesn’t hang on their every diagnosis, it reacts to what unelected, self-made officials say. Now we’re led to understand all that spinning can flip-flop for a year-old contradictory study.

And who’s going to let America know when we’ve hit a full-on depression? Will we be told it before the decade is enshrined post-facto in a Time-Life retrospective? Are those in charge so cynical that they count on the public knowing the truth in spite of their lies, because it’s we who endure the effects in real time anyway? The media can lie about unemployment figures too –what could it possibly matter to the unemployed?

It’s not only ADD. Americans understand why too-sobering statistics are kept from us, lest a post-mortem induce pre. We are the great engine of consumerism, running on pure flattery. I think it’s the same self-defeating fatalism which fuels the life insurance scam. We bet against ourselves. We buy self-help books. We are eternally sick.

But does the economy really work so? Would an autopsy be self-fulfilling? Can an economy go sour due to one bad-apple-attitude, or would it be because of the lost jobs?

I’m guessing this is where the University of Chicago meets Euripides, or if it prefers, palmistry. There’s a global comeuppance in your future, you small fraction of Earth’s population who have expended the lion’s share of its resources. That’s what will introduce the American quality of life to harsh earthbound reality.

Keeping American consumers in debt is less a magician’s act of driving the economy, than it is a swindler’s function of distracting the poor dupe until he’s lost his shirt.

But this swindler is not planning to catch the next bus out of town.

This banking scam isn’t over until the shirtless victim is thrown out the saloon door and into the street, where’s he’s got no redress but to face line after line of well armed riot police.

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3 Responses to The American dyslexia for economics

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    I know how to use a hoe and a shovel, and how to plant a potato.

    Pretty simple actually, and the work is of the type that doesn’t break you, it makes you.

    As opposed to standing in a Chicken Dis-Assembly line cutting off the left drumstick until Carpal Tunnel sets in and your hands are shaped eternally to fit the drumstick and the knife, and your life is so brought into the rhythm of the line that even after you “retire” you’ll still be taking your pee-break on the schedule set by “the line” and you’ll be slicing chicken in your dreams until you one day lay down for the Long Dirt Nap.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Maybe it’s a good thing that I no longer have any chance at Credit to begin with.

    Strange that the cards are called Credit when they mean Debit, and Debit when they mean Credit.

    And you use the Debit on the “credit” card to build more Credit which is actually Debit but if you use the “debit” card to only pay what you actually have, that counts for nothing as “Credit”.

    Perhaps that’s the Doublespeak that’s at the heart of the Dyslexia…

    They’ve been told for so long that Black is actually Right and Left is actually Up that there’s no way short of sudden impoverishment to teach them the True Meanings of these terms.

  3. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    I agree, the free money for banks who charge 20-40% interest is criminal, and the media won’t even mention it.

    We are at the end of America as it has been known, I shudder to think what will replace it.

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