Change We Can Not Believe In

bush-stocking-shoesA shoe? The entire world should mark the end of the Bush Error by burning him in effigy on January 20. I know I plan to.

Hang him. Dick Cheney confesses he’s a war criminal.

Confirmed: we’ve been punked. The Wall St. bailout was a scam.

Obituary: Satanic NeoCon Paul Weyrich finally burns in Hell.

Stabbed in the back, by the president-elect. Gays can just forget about hoping in Obama. He’s chosen a notorious anti-gay preacher for the invokation at his inauguration. He’s defending his choice by saying he wants a “spirit of dialogue,” but I don’t see any racists who got invited for that reason. Just take a look at his appointments so far, Republicans and conservative Democrats, nary a liberal to be found. His is clearly going to be a right-wing administration, and the sooner the left wakes up to that, the better.

Republican “government.” SEC knew about Madoff’s $60B fraud, but didn’t do a damned thing about it.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Dec 18 notes,

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