As if things weren’t bad enough…

From Democracy Now…

Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations

Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal response in times of emergency. The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent thirty-five of the last sixty months in Iraq, but now the unit is training for domestic operations. The unit will soon be under the day-to-day control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. The Army Times reports this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command. The paper says the Army unit may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control. The soldiers are learning to use so-called nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals and crowds.

Unless I’m mistaken, that would be the Third “Brave Rifles” from Ft Carson.

The unit involved in the Murder of Crazy Horse and the Murders at Ludlow in 1914, kind of a rich history of killing Americans.

The whole idea of the Big Pigs forcing the army to be their muscle for them is sickening enough, but if the soldiers go along with it willingly, they’ll be dragging America into the depth of Totalitarian Dictatorship.

Any of you reading this, think about that.

Your Master is about to unleash you against Americans and American Freedom.

You’ll be ordered to kill AMERICANS and you’ll be ordered to do it contrary to the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend against ALL enemies, and, Soldiers, that doesn’t make an Exclusion for the Bush Regime.

Your Commander in Chief made the same oath, when he went into the Air Force National Guard, when he was sworn in as Governor of Texas, and twice now as President of the United States.

His actions and his words show clearly that he doesn’t give a Damn about freedom, American lives, or the Constitution, and that his word is the empty promise of a confirmed Liar, Thief and Murderer.

Your choice now is either to do your Sworn Duty and resist the Unlawful Occupation of America, or be willing servants of a Godless Dictator.

He mouths the name of God with the same contempt that he mouths the name of Freedom or of the Constitution.

Gentlemen and Ladies, I give you in his own words, concerning the Constitution… “Stop waving that in my face. IT’S JUST A GOD-DAMNED PIECE OF PAPER”

He has shown with ordering You to Unlawfully Occupy the nation of Iraq that he cares even less for YOUR lives.

If he says otherwise, remember how he described the Constitution, and how he defiles the name of God Himself.

Remember that when his fathers Appointed So-Called “Justices” installed him in the office of President, that he said “It would be easier if this were a dictatorship… as long as I get to be the dictator”

The Cowards with whom he surrounds himself laughed like it was a joke, he said later that it WAS a Joke,

But it most obviously was not a joke.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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17 Responses to As if things weren’t bad enough…

  1. And, October is Next Week.

  2. Perhap just in time for the anticipated race riots if Obama loses?????

  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    Michael, it is more likely that America will see race riots if Obama wins, not loses. After all only about 36% of Whites plan to cross racial barriers and vote for Obama (per most recent polls) and many of them will not be voting for him simply because he is Black. Remember the race riots we had when that other Black president, William The Jeffersons Clinton was in office? They accused him of trying to rape a nice Jewish princess, as I recall.

  4. Avatar Marie says:

    I have a feeling the troops are being deployed not because of potential race riots, but because of the economic disaster the awaits just over the horizon. The whole system is about to collapse and no one seems to know exactly what consequences of that implosion will be. Perhaps mayhem. Who knows?

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    Michael, is that gallows humor, deer-in-the-headlight making a sick joke to cover the sense of impending doom, or do you seriously have that little respect for those Americans who have dark skin and funny names, African and Middle Eastern names, like, Obama, for instance, or Jonah or John or Mary or Jesus or Michael?

    Or maybe it’s just that, you know, you actually believe that an Army which has just spent 6 years getting Mauled trying to conquer a Pipsqueak nation of fewer people than the Greater Los Angeles area, which was bankrupt, infrastructure shot to hell, (kind of like ours) and no Air Force, and an Army composed of teenaged underfed underpaid low-morale Conscripts…

    Would somehow be successful fighting Americans in America.

    The last time they did that on a really large scale, if memory serves, at one battle there were almost as many Americans slaughtered as there were killed in VietNam…

    Say, did you check out when the effective date is? Rosh Hashannah…

    Like, when the Nazi occupiers of Denmark said the Danish Jews should report to the deportation stations?

    Not that your president would do something on that nature, of course, because he’s a Godly Man, just ask him, he’ll tell you.

    And that bit where his Grandfather laundered money for the Nazis and his father was involved in a Money Laundering scheme that benefitted, amongst others, the Contra thugs, their allies the Death Squads in El Salvador, the Medellin cocaine “exporters consortium”, Cuba Libre, al Qa’eda, the Taliban, …

    Kind of made our national name stink really bad though…

    Oh, well, what the hell, Bush and North and the Widow Nancy are rich because of it.

    So what if all those actions cost American Lives, it didn’t cost Bush or McCain their lives, so what’s the big deal, right?

    Bush would be an Idiot to declare Martial Law.

    But then, again, he’s an Idiot to begin with.

    If McCain wins, America will suffer much worse by his hand.

    His idea of Foreign Policy is Oderint Dum Metuant…

    Just like Caligula…
    You do realize, don’t you, that Rome was ALSO an Empire based on Pillage Capitalism?

  6. Avatar Daniel says:

    Well, thank God for this thread, because I have been craving a good debate!

    First, let’s start with the obvious. The Third Armored Cavalry Regiment or “Brave Rifles” is no longer a part of the Fort Carson installation. The unit (which I proudly served with for over six years) moved to Fort Hood, Texas in the late summer of 2006. The unit referenced in the article is the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division from Fort Stewart, Georgia.

    Second, the 3d Armored Cavalry (then the 3d U.S. Cavalry) was not responsible for the massacre of the miners at Ludlow in 1914. The 3d U.S. Cavalry was at the time still assigned to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri before being transferred to Fort Sam Houston, Texas in 1917 in anticipation for World War I. The individuals responsible for the murders at Ludlow were from the Colorado National Guard.

    As far as the murder of Crazy Horse, does anyone honestly know who is responsible for that? One version suggests that General George Crook, who was the commander of the “Arizona Territory” during that time, had ordered Crazy Horse arrested and brought to Camp Robinson, Nebraska where he was ultimately killed. Another version suggests that General Phil Sheridan, who commanded the “Army of the Potomac” and the “Cavalry Corps” was the officer who ordered those proceedings. The 3d U.S. Cavalry had fought as an attachment to George Custer’s 7th U.S. Cavalry at the battles of Little Big Horn and Rosebud Creek in 1876. It’s assumed that the 3d U.S. Cavalry returned to Fort Thomas in what is now New Mexico, where they stayed until 1882 when they were ordered to go back to what is now Arizona for the Apache “uprising”. Since the history behind all of this is indistinct at the very best, I couldn’t say whether or not the 3d U.S. Cavalry was or wasn’t involved in Crazy Horse’s death. What I can comment on is that the two officers (LTC Luther Bradley and 1LT Jesse Lee) responsible for the arrest and transport of Crazy Horse on September 4th, 1877 were never on a 3d U.S. Cavalry roster. But I digress….

    I have heard no news that would lead me to believe an active duty Brigade will be deployed within the United States for the primary purpose of being “unleashed on Americans and American freedom”. My estimation is that the Brigade in question will never even leave their home station, unless there is another 9/11 or Katrina-esque disaster, which would have them serving in more of a support role to local relief efforts much like the National Guard. Speaking of the National Guard, I would have to agree that none of this would even be remotely necessary if the National Guard, in its entirety, were stateside where it should be.

    I am not a fortune teller, but I hold strong reservations that any commander with a shred of rational thought would actually follow an order as unlawful as killing peaceful Americans. I am fully cognizant of my enlistment oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”, which is the oath of every service member. That stated, I would not follow, nor would I give my Soldiers an order that places the lives of innocent Americans, peaceful or not, at risk.

    Again, I presume that the active duty units which are “on-call” in the United States will do so with the exclusive purpose of dealing with disaster relief efforts in lieu of the National Guard, whether that involves domestic terrorism or natural disasters.

    Jonah, I loved your reference to Gettysburg, but I sincerely doubt that something of that nature is in our future cards. As aforementioned, I am not a fortune teller. But I feel that there are enough leaders at my level in the military who would simply not allow the United States to be altered into a domestic battlefield, where unlawful orders are followed and good people subsequently suffer. I would certainly not allow it on my end. As always, I wish all of you the best.


  7. Avatar tony says:

    Daniel, have you never heard of the Bonus March where the army attacked WW1 vets in Washington, D.C.?

  8. Avatar Daniel says:

    Absolutely. Certainly not the Military’s/Government’s finest hour, by any means. Please, I am not attempting to justify it, but if it was not for that incident, we would have no formal version of the VA, as we do now.

    I realize that you chose to use this reference due to the 3d U.S. Cavalry’s involvement in the incident, and due to what some would perceive as relevance to the current circumstances with a unit being “on-call” within the United States. But I can’t possibly imagine something of this nature happening again. Number one, as I mentioned before, I feel that there are enough SMART leaders (at the “strategic” level; MY level) currently serving in the military that wouldn’t follow such unreasonable orders; and number two, hot headed, “my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours” commanders are much more of a rarity today than they were in that era. We’re also talking about MacArthur and Patton, who, despite their POSITIVE exploits, were notorious for irrationality. All that aside, it was a great reference Tony. As always, I wish you the best.

  9. Eric Eric says:

    Do you have a sense that military commanders would show reticence to use “non-lethal” force? Perhaps those methods will be sufficient to curb unrest. Even though we’re still talking about using pain to enforce compliance. That’s rule by terror. Not to mention that non-lethal weapons like tasers are proving all too fatal, but that hasn’t deterred police officers from using them.

  10. Avatar Daniel says:

    Eric, I really couldn’t comment on that. Not that I wouldn’t per se, I just can’t. I am no more an expert of human emotional reflex than you are, and wouldn’t even begin to place my foot in my mouth by saying that all military commanders are exceptional people. You and I both know that isn’t the case.

    When we are talking about the use of non-lethal force to curtail civil disorder, we are talking about an area of the law that is governed by civilian law enforcement and local judges. If it were on a U.S. Military installation, it would be the exact opposite. I am no more in favor of hurting others than you are, so that being said, if you don’t give people a reason to be afraid of you, they shouldn’t be. As a leader myself, I would take the actions necessary in order to protect the locals who are uninvolved, as well as my Soldiers. For example, if I am being bombarded with rocks and bottles, I am going to do what is necessary to protect myself. That certainly doesn’t mean that I am going to tackle a protestor, place my knee in his neck, and proceed to tase him repeatedly in the lumbar, which I saw a police officer do during an anti-war protest in the Springs in February 2003. Of course, with regards to civilian law enforcement, we actually share several sentiments regarding this subject matter.

    According to section 4-10 of Army regulation 600-20, Commanders are not authorized to sanction the use of military personnel in support of civilian law enforcement agencies within the continental United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or United States Territories abroad. This is also governed by the “Posse Comitatus Act” of 1878. That stated, I would again have to assume that the purpose of an active duty or National Guard unit being placed “on-call” within the United States would be for the motive of assisting in disaster relief efforts. My guess is that the federal government is scared to death of another 9/11 or Katrina fallout, where we were underprepared to begin with, and lacked the appropriate preliminary resources to deal with the aftermath.

    Eric, these are only my opinions. Again, I can’t say what EVERY commander out there would do under circumstances which involve civil unrest; I can only comment on what I would do. As always, I wish you the best my friend.


  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The US military in both SE Asia and the Middle East has shown itself perfectly capable of doing the most horrendous things to innocent people. Why should anybody think that the troops will do anything other than follow orders of any kind? When told to torture POWs, for instance, they have done just that and with a glee and enthusiasm that is shameful.

  12. Avatar Daniel says:

    I was speculating when you were going to bring that up Tony! For people who have less of an understanding of what’s TRULY going on in the Middle East, it requires little effort to see the irony. However, all opinions aside, you are contrasting domestic unrest within the United States with non-linear, counterinsurgency warfare. The two are VASTLY different, but one similarity is that both revolve around securing and supporting the local populace, commonly referred to as the “center of gravity”. My previous remark of “I feel that there are enough SMART leaders (at the “strategic” level; MY level) currently serving in the military that wouldn’t follow such unreasonable orders” was based on this similarity. By this I mean that commanders who would ultimately be placed in charge of a security operation of this nature within the United States will more than likely have had extensive experience with asymmetric operations, and be able to do things the right way. However, it is a very good point Tony.

    As I have stated in previous posts; I strongly feel that the primary role of an “on-call” unit within the United States will be for disaster relief efforts. Again, I can’t comment on what every commander/leader would do under these hypothetical circumstances, I can only comment on what I feel I would do. As always, I wish you the best.


  13. Avatar jonah says:

    It’s not a contrast, it’s a continuation of a theme.

    George Bush declared war on Everybody who doesn’t comply with his ‘leadership” with his “if you’re not with us you’re against us”.speech.

    and in the same speech said “WE” will hunt them down and destroy them…

    …even in America.

    Some of us responding, Daniel, myself included, have been on the receiving end of aggression by Government forces.

    The notion that they will be kinder if under direct military control, which is a possibility AND a probability, or if they’re merely being reinforced by the Army.

    We had an incident at the St Patricks day parade last year where we were assaulted by the police, unlawfully, and some of the crowd cheered it on. None of the uniformed Military Personnel so much as stood up to the cowards hiding in their midsts with a stern tsk-tsk’ing..


    How would we see it other than if the Army, with its demonstrated penchant for Torture, Guantanamo and Khandahar and Abu Ghraib leap to mind…

    Would either refrain from joining the unlawful assaults or actually put a stop to such actions when, not IF, the assaults happen.

    From my experiences, both in and out of the military, I don’t believe that they would.

    If they refuse to obey orders, lay down their arms rather than fire on Americans, that could be considered mutiny.

    That’s still a death penalty offense.

    It will take a great deal of courage to face that decision.

    It will take more to do what’s right.

    We’ve also been treated to some of the training regimen for these “crisis control” troops.

    Things like being trained to ignore appeals to decency, to patriotism, to common law.

    To ignore when somebody says “How can you do this to Americans?”

    The troops who fired on the miners at Ludlow, were Americans, killing Americans.

    The troops who were used as Shock Troops against American Union Members engaged in Lawful Strikes, sometimes firing on the workers directly, sometimes merely backing up the local “authorities” appointed by the Mine or Mill owners, as they beat down or killed the workers… either by specific action or Complicit Inaction did assault those Fellow Americans.

    It’s not a new thing but it’s not “ancient history” either.

    It’s ongoing.

    Giving more police powers to the Pentagon will make it worse, IF the American soldiers comply with it.

    as to what happened to Crazy Horse, you’re right, the Army has obfuscated who was responsible.

    The fact of WHAT happened is unmistakable. He was bayoneted in the kidney while shackled.

    Stabbed… in… The… Back…

    This is behavior typical of Police, the ones you’ll be backing up under this directive.

    There was one time the Army, not the generals or the 18th century version of the Pentagon, but the Soldiers themselves, refused the order to fire on Americans…

    That was on the issue of the Bill of Rights.

    That viewpoint gets lost in the rhetoric from time to time.

    Most of the time in fact.

    I realize, Daniel, you’re not allowed to think independently. I took Basic Training and Tech School as well.

    That was a constant theme hit upon every time every time every time.

    If somebody made the mistake of saying “I Think”… what’s the Training Instructors automatic reaction?

  14. Avatar Daniel says:


    You “realize that I’m not allowed to think independently”? Please don’t insult me with comments such as this. I exercise independent thought on a daily basis, and do so specifically when I converse with all of you in this forum.

    As far as George Bush’s speech, you know as well as I do that it was a remark to foreign nations who did not initially stand with the Bush administration in the Global War on Terror. It doesn’t excuse it, by any means, but to consider that Bush was declaring “war” on Americans who disagree with his policy is a bit unreasonable.

    As we have completely beaten this to death at this point, I will only restate my opinion once more. Again, the U.S. Military is NOT AUTHORIZED to perform the duties of civilian law enforcement agencies, or even SUPPORT their operations according to Army Regulation 600-20. If congress did pass a bill authorizing the Military to support civilian law enforcement agencies, it would more than likely be for them to serve in a support capacity (i.e. security of local infrastructure, medical treatment, etc). If an “on-call” unit within the United States even LEAVES their home station, I estimate that it would be in support of disaster relief efforts. However, until it actually happens, all of this (on BOTH of our side) is purely hypothetical. As always my friend, I wish you the best.


  15. Avatar jonah says:

    Read his executive orders including the one from June 17th of last year.

    They are very broadly worded and, yes indeed, he has given himself an inordinate amount of power.

    We’ve got the links here on this site, Links Directly To The White House Web Pages.

    About how he can unilaterally seize anybody’s assets anywhere in the world without trial or proof of guilt or even evidence of Guilt.

    Same with the Patriot Act, it gives the power to seize not only the assets but also the person of anybody accused IN SECRET of Terrorism or even being suspected of Terrorism.

    And, if you want more, how about the Khandahar Express?

    When a couple THOUSAND more live prisoners were loaded onto the container cars than got off alive at Khandahar?

    The Pentagon first said that some of the prisoners had been released along the way, On A Train That Never Stopped.

    Then they admitted that a lot of prisoners had died in transit, BUT they were mortally wounded and would have died anyway…

    Why would your Army put mortally wounded men in the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Death Camp Boxcars? Were the screams of dying men supposed to soften the prisoners up, for their eventual torture in Khandahar?

    Is it strictly hypothetical that Mr Bush gave blanket immunity to Coalition Forces for war crimes, In Advance?

    Think for yourself, Daniel, what other reason could there be for that, than Mr Bush intended to order you to actually commit war crimes?

    You can defy the training, and the reinforcement of it. It takes a lot of effort but it can be done, and really, it has to be done.

    The alternative is Madness, plainly put.

    Do you realize, my landlady was trying to get her VA survivors benefits, and, this summer she actually did. Finally.

    Her husband died nearly 12 years ago, of Agent Orange.

    One step she had to take was to get a Dependent’s ID card.

    The VA gave her some paperwork, and told her to take that, her marriage license, her husbands death certificate, birth certificates, service records,

    Take them to the nearest Military Installation. Which happened to be Peterson, because that’s the one with bus service more than twice a day.

    Her husband had been stationed there too..

    The guards at the gate who allowed her to take her paperwork to the Admin building , weren’t Air Force SPs.

    Nor were the ones who threatened to have her arrested for following the instructions given to her.

    That’s what it’s coming to, Daniel. Right HERE in Colorado Springs.

    At the time she thought she had a recurrence of her lymphatic sarcoma.

    It wasn’t.

    It’s a nasty little thing called the Baghdad Boil.

    Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

    Untreated it will even kill a healthy young soldier.

    It kind of escaped from the military hospitals round about.

    So she’s trying to get her rightful benefits, eh? A Viet-Nam war widow, disabled and gravely ill, and the freaks on the base threatened her like that.

    It’s not speculation or paranoia, friend.

    We already are experienced in the type of contempt for civilian rights is devolving to, the type but not the full force level it can climb to, on the orders of Bush or whoever succeeds him as POTUS.

    And the fact that there is no ceiling or actual limitations specified in those orders, …

    Mr Bush has already had more than 4,000 of you killed, for his profit.

    It sickens anybody with a working set of intestines to see a bastard like that making money off people dying, and then claiming he loves and respects you guys.

    If he does that to the ones he claims to support, how much more respect do you really believe he’ll show to anybody who he doesn’t?

    Prepare for the eventuality of those orders being given.
    I know I am.

    IF it turns out to be nothing, then you and I have lost nothing by being ready.

    Given the track record, though, I doubt it will turn out to be nothing.

  16. Avatar Daniel says:

    Well, it was actually JULY 17th, and yes, I have read it. I agree with your interpretation of it being “broad”. However, I am of the opinion that it refers more to individuals who aid and abet known threat organizations within Iraq, or who would commit violent acts (as it states in the order) which threaten the political development and infrastructural rebuilding that we are inherently responsible for. Why would this include peaceful, anti-war protestors such as you, when it vividly identifies those in question to commit “violent” acts? I mean, you gentlemen aren’t violent, are you? Please, this is not a criticism, and I am certainly NOT shielding “dubya”.

    I am not at all familiar with the “Kandahar Express”. I have “Googled” it to no conclusion. If you could, please let me know where I can read more about this incident.

    Who were the guards who accosted and threatened your land-lady? You mentioned that they weren’t SP’s. Last I remembered Peterson AFB security was managed by a group called AKAL Security, which is a civilian contractor. Also, how did your landlady contract Leishmaniasis? This disease is contracted by the bite of a female sand-flea, in a hot or tropical climate, and is not airborne (Please, I am not patronizing you; I know that you already know this). So how did it exactly “escape” from the military hospitals? I am genuinely curious.

    I had said in a previous post (not this thread) that I firmly believe that someone within the administration is getting outlandishly wealthy out of this mess, but I wouldn’t necessarily declare that it sickens me. My old man used to say (and still does) that there are “two kinds of people in the world; bad people and people with good intentions”. If he is getting wealthy on the deaths of my countrymen, then all I can hope is that it catches him, or whomever, at some point. I will continue, as you will I imagine, to attempt to make the best out of a terrible situation. Even though we are expecting different conclusions, I absolutely concur with you my friend; let’s both be prepared. Take care of yourself Jonah. As always, it is a sincere pleasure to speak with you.


  17. Avatar jonah says:

    Apparently, it’s gotten out of the Military hospitals (the Boil) so there might be a local vector, a local bug.

    Took us completely by surprise.

    There’s also a mutated Staphylococcus MRSA that as of a few months ago the staph bacterium itself can invade even through healthy unbroken skin.

    As for the link to the Terror angle, there were people charged with not only local and state ordinances at St Paul, the charge of “Terrorism” got added in.

    For protests.

    There’s one little phrase in the July 17th order, though, not only people who actually are engaged actively, but anybody who supports them, AND they in turn are charged with the same thing, so that basically, it would be ad infinitum.

    The links could be so tenuous that somebody eating at a soup kitchen and be a hundred or a thousand links down the chain, could be on the blacklist, and then what? The soup kitchen itself could be added to the blacklist, (the local one is run by the Catholic Church) and from there the Diocese, maybe even go as far as the Pope.

    and that clause is specific. The only vague part of it is how far it can go, and that would depend entirely on the whim of one man.

    The Khandahar train was in spring of ’02.

    Check Reuters, not that they’re a really independent news agency, but at further removed from U.S. control than AP.

    AP also covered the story.

    The company that Cheney “used to run” and has supposedly divested from…

    Ali Burton, the Thief of Baghdad, I’m sure you’ve heard them referenced in that light…

    Are moving Corporate Headquarters to Dubai and are changing their incorporation to UAE.

    They also own one of the oil companies that’s getting the contracts to extract oil in Iraq.

    Tidewater is the name of it.

    McCain, at the very end of the debate the other night, openly admitted that the reason for U.S. support of Georgia, is about the oil. Not like it was a secret anyway, but the ties are there.

    Not Democracy, not Freedom, or the Rights of Sovereignty, they get swept away by the whole Extraction of Resources (control thereof).

    Kind of like “How did OUR oil get under THEIR ground?” and the question is vast, and deeply rooted.

    Not that Georgia actually has oil fields. They do, however, have control of a pipeline.

    Much like the pipelines proposed in Afghanistan.

    It keeps coming back to money, and it helps make the case, that a group called the Project for the New American Century, whose members include the Bush family, and so far, every member of GWs cabinets,

    But they’ve been publishing their plans for absolute Global Hegemony, on the notion that their economic structure is so vastly superior that they have not just a Right, but a duty to God, to run the world.

    Sounds a lot like al Qa’eda.

    Only al Qa’eda directly involve themselves in violence, these we have are a Special Breed of Bird, …ChickenHawks…

    Their lower-case “g” god is their money. They even call it The Almighty.

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