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FLDS folk evicted on religious grounds

Is Eldorado worse than Waco? Well… No one has yet been burned alive, or shot in the back trying to escape the flames, but neither can the Feds claim Eldorado has been an operational error. The implications of what’s transpiring at the YFZ Ranch are worse. In Eldorado Texas, members of the FLDS church are being removed from where they live under the pretext of a social services complaint, if even that turns out not to be fabrication. Are they being evicted? Taken into custody? Taken into detention? What should the American public think of seeing several hundred people, distinguished by belonging to a non-mainstream religious group, being TRANSPORTED against their wishes, away?

Church of Latter Day Saints down 200

White girls await transport to new belief system
Rival American Christian fringe denominations compete fiercely for their flocks.
The First Baptist Church of Eldorado Texas scored big this weekend when authorities raided the Fundamental Church of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and the Baptists were able to score 200 of the underage Mormon girls. Said a bystander of the rescued girls: “They’re singing songs. So happy and sweet and precious. It’s heart-breaking.”