Blue Angels or Bloody Devils?

Young Iraqi victim of US air attacksYear after year, the Pentagon organizes displays of its expensive toys for the supposed benefit of the more moronic of us Americans out there. The so-called Blue Angels are the better known of these militaristic propaganda displays. Here locally we have the Pentagon organizing the ‘In Their Honor’ air show, which is the military patting itself on the back with your tax dollars paying for the charade.

What is it with the neighbors that go to these shows? What do they get out of watching these expensive toys for the uniforms? Noise is one thing, but do they really feel pride in the stupid spectacle of watching aircraft made for killing people flying overhead? What an utterly wasted and stupid mindset!

These ‘Blue Angels’ are made to kill people with and should better be labeled ‘Bloody Devils’. Stop cheering them on when the government pulls these toys out. Watching this stuff is watching worse nonsense than the stupidest show the ex Soviet Union ever pulled off.

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