Bush does math the same way he does English…

Like “nukular” or “is our children learning”

Take for instance, the lies told to get us into Iraq errr Iran errrr D) all of the above. The crazy dictator who was poised to attack his neighbors, the threat to world security, the anthrax, smallpox, mousepox, yellow cake Uranium, and of course the 500 metric tonnes of Nerve Gas… 1,102,311.3 pounds… which is substantially more than Zero. zilch nada rien nix bupkis… (I checked the actual conversion on a units calculator).

Now, I never learned the formulae for Algebra or Calculus or even most Geometry. I know that Pie are round and Cornbread are squared.

I can do math intuitively. Most of the time it works.

A trillion dollars is 1 million squared. 1,000,000 x 1,000,000. it’s been pointed out that even a trillion mosquitoes would be hard to lose, misplace, hide…
…and they weigh less than a tenth of a gram.

(Except for the east Texas mosquitoes, the ones you carry an extra shotgun with you in order to provide Anti-aircraft fire against them… big as turkeys, and everybody gets a drumstick…)

But the low estimate is that a Trillion dollars is well, unACCOUNTed for. The money missing from the Republican party’s own trust fund is by their published estimate, $990,000, or 99% of a million.

And of course, having a cool Megabucks walk away without permission, and the Senators on the watchdog accounting agency give the investigators a blatantly forged document that’s allegedly an “internal audit”,
the Great Bunch of Guys who did this are the ones who say the missing funds are just under a mill…

and the regulators and investigators who say that it’s over 3 million, why they’re just lying…

A projected $5 Terabucks surplus has not only been wiped, but now is a $5 trillion deficit.

Bush’s own investments in Carlyle Group, heavily damaged by their predatory lending practices, coupled with quickly laundering the funds by selling the bogus mortgages, They just almost got wiped out but a miracle occurred, they got a bailout.

Not the people who lost their homes, no, they still have to “git out! Now!”…

Now, you don’t hear that very loudly spoken on the news… Just as a Deus ex Machina coincidence, that announcement was made while the Bush-anointed federal prosecutors were handcuffing the “Sheriff of Wall Street”, the most powerful overseer and regulator and, the one most outspoken against the Bush deregulation and the havoc it was known beforehand that it would cause..
Over a prostitution scandal.

That scandal kind of overwhelms the 220 Billion dollars that are being used to bail out a company in which the President of the United States has large holdings.

220 billion just as a coincidence is 8 months of budget for “tax & spend Democrat Liberal” Jimmy Carter.

His entire budget for his entire term of office came to just over a trillion. Which is just under a third of the budget for this year for Bush.

that’s one Very Bad error in basic math the BushMaster made.

More to follow…

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