Was Sarah Palin’s baby Trig conceived in someone’s Trigonometry Class?

Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol PalinThe Palin children were named apparently after where they were conceived: oldest son TRACK (Field), daughter BRISTOL (Bay), daughter WILLOW (Tree), daughter PIPER (Cub), and baby TRIG (-onometry Class?).
Would it matter if Bristol Palin gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin while sitting out school with mononucleosis? Would it matter if the 16-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave her mother the Down Syndrome child to raise as her own? No.

It does matter that the otherwise grandmother is an outspoken opponent of birth control and abortion and would like to overturn Roe vs. Wade. It does matter that John McCain’s new running mate presents herself as a holier-than-thou religious zealot and is accumulating a trail of lies. It may matter that Palin’s doctor is an expert on child sexual abuse. Who’s the mother? Who’s the father?

Special note: this is not about the daughter, it’s about the grandmother.

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16 Responses to Was Sarah Palin’s baby Trig conceived in someone’s Trigonometry Class?

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    OK, OK! Enough of bashing Sarah Palin around. Personally I find Joe Biden to be every bit as nauseating a selection as she is if not even quite a bit more.

    It kind of turns my stomach to see all the usual Democratic Party voting buffoons bashing her around and acting as if their guy (another person without much of any ‘experience’) made some sort of brilliant choice of his own with his VP pick. Biden for Veep gives me the creeps!

    And it should give all the Democrats reason to think a little bit about how stupid it is to choose one of these pairs over the other, since the four of them are a real team of clowns. What a stupid nation we are when this is our ‘choice’ and we accept it like a barn yard full of dumb cattle. Uh… make that sheep.

  2. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    There is not nearly enough bashing of Sarah Palin, and Biden is far superior.

    But, this particular post is, of course, based upon speculation about something that is clearly not true. Trig is a babe in arms, and Bristol is a very obvious five months pregnant. There are myriad good reasons to bash Palin, but paternity fraud is not one of them.

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    Heehee Tony!

    Yah. It’s SO hard not to drown in American politics while believing such politics are drowning representation of others and world. I’ll be glad when Bush and this election are “over”!! (and still remain disappointed that no one impeached).

    Currently – arguing the police are mistrained only seems to have one possible outcome – increases in their wages. Ok I guess but… not a goal of my own unless we cut the weaponry – everywhere – and return to supporting education & human rights. Dream on. And thanks to those that do.

    Here’s a topic that’s coming to date – real soon!!! – yet seems dismissed amidst the controversy of puppet politics…

    The Hadron Collider

    …is about to be “switched on”.

    Happy nuclear particle smashing. I hear one of the neutrinos has appeared on Jerry Springer. Another is classified as a dissonent simply for being non sequitur about learning the varied adjectives for mud.

    Whatever it takes – I hope someone is tuning in on this event and the potential implications therein.

    The first high energy nuclear collision tests start in October.

    No big barks (yet), but it certainly merits a few watch dogs, or at least a mention squeezed in somewhere outside of the obvious “headlines of today”.

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    It seems the ABSTINENCE ONLY party has become the MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER IS
    PREGNANT party. We saw that coming.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Oh Willeke,
    if your discerning eye for maternity can tell daughter Palin is “obviously five months pregnant,” what is your prognosis of a state governor being pregnant for seven months without anyone taking notice, are boarding an airliner while ALREADY IN LABOR without anyone knowing?

  6. Avatar Morph says:

    Why did photos of Sarah Palin get removed from the government website within a few hours of her VP announcement? Sounds like a typical rightwing cover-up to me. I personally don’t care who bore the child, because that’s an individual’s private and personal business, whether married or not. I just despise liars and hypocrites in positions of power, like my government.

  7. Avatar SayWhat? says:

    “The Palin children were named apparently after where they were conceived: oldest son TRACK (Field), daughter BRISTOL (Bay), daughter WILLOW (Tree)….”

    Whoah! Stop right there.

    Sarah Palin’s daughter was conceived in a TREE???
    I could care less about the trigonometry class angle. Id like to know how Sarah and Todd managed to do the wild thing in a tree — much less a willow tree!!!!

  8. Eric Eric says:

    It takes less imagination than that
    UNDER a tree, BY the bay, ON the track
    IN probably only applies to Trig Class

  9. Jacquelyn Jacquelyn says:

    Your liberal intolerant tolerance is so inspiring.


    I’m off to take a drive in my SUV for the hell of it. And while I’m at it, I’ll be sure to leave all the lights on.


    p.s. what really bothers you, Palin or the fact that you can’t make Palin go away? Problem, a ton of people love her. Get a grip. She ain’t going away. 😀

  10. Avatar retards says:

    So I came over here from your article about Neda, and this is just fucking hilarious. I’m not fan of stupid theocrats, but the ridiculousness of this article just helps prove how fucking out there you socialist turds really are. This is just plain schlock.

    Thanks for giving me a 1st hand look into your feeble socialist minds.

  11. Avatar copy cat says:

    Tony! Finally something we both agree on! I hated both candidates, and their running mates.


  12. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Palin isn’t going away, and the Left are loving it!

    Every time she opens her mouth the Right Wing cringes. Not because her brand of Hatred is not actually a plank of their platform…

    But because she’s so stupid she makes it Obvious that her brand of Hatred is the Essence of the Republican Party.

    “retards” and Jaquelyn,. you two ought to get together, have lots of really stupid Republican piglets together…

    It’s the only chance your party has…

  13. Avatar copy cat says:

    Jonah, that must be the type of spewer (is that a word?) you thought i was going to be. I am happy to disappoint you. I have little patience for people on either side that just throws insults like that.


  14. Avatar doc says:

    Wow, all of you are incredibly entertaining, I thank you for a good laugh this morning. Keep up the banter while others go out and try to make a difference in ways other than “bashing”. At least it keeps you out of the way of progress!

  15. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Palin said “don’t sit down or shut up” while having the publicly funded Big Government PIGS violently remove people from her royal presence. For talking back to her.

    Like her friend Rand Paul sicking his Brownshirts on Lauren Valle for the same “offense”. The TeaBag sure do love them some organized violence, but only when the coward punks can get somebody surrounded and thus have no physical risk to themselves.
    Now the Pig-loving Bitch is fabricating Death Threats against Bristol. The way the TeaParty Methamphetamine Militia stalk Democrats.
    I think she would love it if one of her kids gets killed, so she can make political capital, but most of all money, off of it.

    Glad you’re simple minded enough to be entertained by that.

  16. Avatar bunderwoood says:

    OMG I LOVE SARAH PALIN!!! I LOVE HER SHOW Sarah Palins Alaska. Shes a great down to earth mother and grandmother and i think its great she doesnt make her kids live in hollywood and throw them into the spotlight. Personally im a democrat but just because you have a different political view doesnt mean you have to bash the other party.

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