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Save Darfur was an Oil Play

I remember when you couldn’t throw a stick without hitting someone who didn’t want to SAVE DARFUR. And boy did they need hitting with a stick. All those high school and college students activated by OBAMA 08 lined up to … Continue reading

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So Jon Stewart decides when an act of malice is too egregious to joke about? It’s called pandering, people.

Jon Stewart’s monologue last night was a moving response to the racist murders committed in Charleston on Wednesday. Dylann Storm Roof’s shooting of nine African Americans was hate crime and racism pure and simple. I cheered along as Stewart declared … Continue reading

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Je Suis a Goddamn Neoliberal Meme… Je Suis Charlie, Neda, Kony, Save Dafur

A million people mobilized in Paris, including 40 WORLD LEADERS!? How long have their limousines been queued? I usually brag that our corporate foes can’t manufacture consent in the streets, except when they do. I AM NEDA, KONY 2012, SAVE … Continue reading

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TEDx comes to Dumbville, or, Colorado Springs reads Horton Hears a How

COLO. SPRINGS- TED-TalksTM likes to say it offers “a spa for your brain” and when I saw that an X-variant was coming to Colorado Springs (“TEDx”s are unaffiliated affiliates. Yeah, uh-oh.) I wondered if a spa might only be as … Continue reading

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Is Haiti America’s Gaza?

As the US military descends to throttle Gaza’s -excuse me- Haiti’s points of entry, as it prepares detention facilities at Guantanamo to intercept and repatriate the expected rush of Haitian refugees, as the US protects its business interests in the … Continue reading

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Top 10 secret armies of the CIA

Found this on the web, will try to retrace provenance, worth a read: The United States have a well known history of providing military support to countries in need. But from time to time, the US Government has provided secret … Continue reading

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CC newspaper can misreport like a pro

While I’m picking on Colorado College, have a look at what passes for journalism the Catalyst: The McCain/Palin RNC speeches had already been exposed for lies by the time the two visited Colorado Springs. But the candidates repeat their earmarks/reform … Continue reading

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Anarchism as applied to washing dishes

WASH YOUR OWN DISHES via CrimethInc CAPITALISM You wash the dishes, the ones who own them profit.   ANARCHISM We all share in the dishwashing. DEMOCRACY Even as a dishwasher, you deserve a say in which politician is best suited … Continue reading

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