Transit crash used as excuse for taxpayer-paid LA cop fest

Hundreds attend funeral of LAPD officer killed in Metrolink crash And just why is it that cops get paid to go to this funeral and it makes headlines for the cops?

There were at least 24 other people that have died from this case of poorly constructed mass transit lines and the ensuing crash that occurred, so shouldn’t money go to fix these problems and save lives instead of going to salaries for cops at funerals and advertisement for spending money on yet more thugs in uniforms? We need this money for social services and other government budget items, things like safer mass transit systems funding for example and not more funding for yet more uniformed cop thuggery in this country.

The cops get paid oodles of money for no good reason. The recent events at the Democratic and Republican Party conventions are also illustrative of the excessive Let’s Feed The Uniforms mentality that is bankrupting us around the country. How much was spent for that excessive use of thuggery force by the cops? And what was so damn special about the cop that died in this tragic accident that she merits the city paying its officers to do their thing at this ceremony? What about the funeral expenses of the other who have died? What about the medical care of the injured, many of whom lacked insurance and adequate medical coverage because of that?

This country has its priorities totally screwed up, and this cop fest is just one more illustration of that. It’s time to stop glorifying the cops. It’s time to stop having our money stolen away to deed the cops more and more donuts. They are goons for the rich and only ever marginally ever do anything for the working classes. The community needs to police itself and get rid of this excessive funding that now goes to prisons and uniformed thugs.

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