Decreasing inventory Pentagon style

Super clearance sale! All bombs must be dropped by the end of this weekend! We are facing the arrival of new inventory and the old bombs must go! We got Al-Qaida this time!

US drops 20 tons of bombs in 10 minutes! Citrus growers suffer! Women and children die! Orange crop political weather damaged! Juice sales off in next quarter…

Now you see it, now you don’t with ‘Operation Phantom Phoenix’, a name thought of indubitably by Little Eichmanns, Inc., a subdivision of the US Armed Forces.

Isn’t this all very sick? This is the pride of the US nation, its military in action. We are now ready for new production of ‘smart bombs’…duh.

2 thoughts on “Decreasing inventory Pentagon style

  1. Good day, Tony

    Did you ever serve in the military? No!, ah then that is
    why you are down on it. You, example American, please
    say it is not so. A commie? Sad, in all your jobs you
    learned not a thing.

    see you,


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