United Nations pushes for more drug war militarism

The US has really taken over the United Nations, and as a result, the United Nations is pushing militarism world wide. One most recent example of that, is the effort of the UN to push for the criminalization of coca leaf chewing. This falls right in line with US government efforts to use their so-called ‘Drug War’ to push off yet more militarization of Latin America, the US recipe for helping make Latin America more totalitarian and its current recipe for justifying US military interventionism throughout the region.

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  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Oh good lord. I think the UN should be tackling bigger issues than the munching of coca leaves by the Andean population. I chewed plenty of coca leaves when I was in Peru. They are supposed to promote clarity of mind and positive outlook. Loren and I were also presented with coca tea immediately upon arriving at the hotel, to soothe our stomachs (after airplane food, I suppose) and help us to adjust to the altitude. I can assure you that coca leaves had almost no discernable impact on either of us. Certainly as compared to a cigarette, or even a cup of coffee.

    It takes 300 grams of dried and processed coca leaves to make a single gram of cocaine. Even if a coca muncher had leaves enough, he would also need kerosene, methyl alcohol, sulfuric acid, potassium permanganate, benzole, and sodium carbonate, to come up with a gram of dama blanca, hooter, candy caine, Peruvian flake, Aunt Nora, weasel dust, Billie hoke, Bolivian marching powder, California cornflakes, frisky powder, Inca message, pearl, powder diamonds, schmeck, white mosquito, zip — whatever you like to call cocaine.

    I’m half expecting the DEA to show up at my door when my poppies bloom.

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