Defend Denver with a Kalashnikov

Recreate-68 t-shirt DEFEND DENVER
DENVER- I wasn’t sure what this R68 t-shirt meant in advance of the 2008 Denver DNC. Protest organizers were anticipating riot police and a super- weaponized National Guard deployed to secure the city against us peaceful demonstrators. But the AK-47 wasn’t lost on others. It’s the assault rifle used worldwide against imperialism. The only gun honored on a national flag (Mozambique), the Kalashnikov revolutionized la revolucion.

If “DEFEND DENVER” is opaque, the tag line isn’t. Along the bottom of the shirt reads “*smash development, stop snitching, steal their shit.” Fun innocuous hyperbole is all. Please note that all of the DNC protests were nonviolent.

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2 Responses to Defend Denver with a Kalashnikov

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    The shirt looks like a police plant to me? What did they do, run off all of 2 of them? Either that, or it’s some out of the loop, Ultra-Ultra- Leftist’s idea of ‘cute’?

  2. Avatar Stop snitching, start a revolution! says:

    “Please note that all of the DNC protests were nonviolent.”

    That was the problem if we had an AK bloc (or any assault rifles) we wouldn’t be in the shitty situation people got in being arrested or assaulted. I would have rather died on my feet fighting the republicrats than on my knees in their chains. If we hadn’t been non violent we would have actually made some real hope and change but instead we stayed lame americans and didn’t rise the fuck up!

    I like the shirts I think they are totally hipster but also bad ass as well. A fitting tribute too Kalashinkov and his Avomat rifle.

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