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Russia and China reject the US-Israeli-Western European push for war against Iran and Syria

The propaganda is now flowing full time, all designed to convince the US and European populations that a war against Syria and Iran is a necessary imperialist intervention. BUT IT IS NOT, and Russia and China are blocking the geo-political attack of the US Empire against them, by way of the US fomenting war against Syria and Iran as well. Vladimir Putin's spokesman has said Russia is not considering changing its stance on Syria and that any attempts to apply pressure on Moscow are "hardly appropriate". What is most disgusting is to see that much of the US and European Left is also engaged in a campaign of hatred against the Syrian government of Assad, too, along with the corporate Pentagon fed press. While the guy Assad is hardly any sort of saint, the pathetically tiny US Left which has utterly failed in showing any of its own participation in building an Antiwar Movement against the militarism of their own governments, now is actively mobilizing itself in support of the imperialist campaign for more war and against the Syrian government of Assad! How sad is this? In contrast, there is a section of the US Antiwar Movement that has mobilized its forces against the NATO Summit in Chicago, and by extension against the US plans for war against Iran and Syria. See Thousands march against NATO summit: Stop US and NATO war plans for Syria VIDEO: Brian Becker speaks on US and NATO War Plans for Syria ANSWER represents the activist portion of the US Left, as opposed to the sit around and do mainly nothing section of the armchair ex Troskyist Left Overs, that at one long distant time ago in the past actually were anti-imperialist in their organization and once led the Movement against the Vietnam War way back then. But that was yesterday and today is today. Stand up to the US government and oppose imperialist war against Iran and Syria! Don't just sit around the comp and babble about how bad Assad seems to you. Where were you 'socialists' when it came time to build the antiwar movement? Were you asleep? Luckily the Russian and Chinese governments are not as stupid as the liberal and Socialist Democratic mindset Western Left seems to mainly be.

Capitalism is Organized Crime

From A.N.S.W.E.R.: --Capitalism is a form of organized crime. The U.S. government is greasing the system's wheels to ensure that banks and big corporations get trillions in bailout funds. Meanwhile, millions of workers are losing their jobs and homes. Deep cuts are gutting public education, making health care even less accessible and decimating much-needed social programs. Police brutality and racial profiling are rampant. Working-class people are being hit from all sides. The conference will link the struggles against war and militarism with the fight for economic justice. This conference will be an important opportunity for political activists to meet, analyze, discuss and propose solutions. The conference organizers believe that a radical reorganization of society is necessary to meet the needs of the people rather than to maximize the profits of bankers and corporate executives who have driven society onto the path of endless war and economic suffering. Featured speakers at the April 19th Conference will include: Marcos García, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Brian Becker, Hodari Abdul-Ali, Eugene Puryear, Prof. Zachary Wolfe, Maurice Carney, Muna Coobtee, Frances Villar, James Circello, and Crystal Kim.

DC March on the Pentagon was fueled by a promising alternative energy: youth

WASHINGTON DC- Speakers were still entertaining an impatient crowd, and coffin carriers were mobilizing for the March to the Pentagon, when from the west came the Black Bloc. Bicycle cops in royal blue lycra scrambled to shepherd the group's healthy gallop as they appeared from over the hill to kick the parade to a sudden start. They virtually led the parade over the bridge, until organizers prevailed upon the interlopers to allow the veterans groups to resume the lead, as planned. But it would not be the last initiative from the Anarchists. (Click on image for better quality, wider crop) 1. THE MARCH Black Bloc gallops into lead position, abruptly starting parade. International Socialist Organization pass Lincoln Memorial Peace groups from Vermont to Georgia Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R. West from the Washington Monument Hezbollah crosses Arlington Memorial Bridge Campus Antiwar Network Across the Potomac To the Pentagon Code Pink paraded the parade To military industrial complex in Crystal City 2. INTERRUPTION At a narrowing of the route at the Boeing building, several students blocked the march with a plastic barrier. Raising questions about the gentrified nature and self-policing demeanor of the event organizers and participants. The Black Bloc honored the picket line, thus the Campus Antiwar Network and following groups were brought to a halt. When the Black Bloc decided to move on to next actions, the march resumed. 2b. INTERRUPTION At the first hint of misbehavior, stocky 40-something "videographers" in undercover protest garb were pointing their cameras into the noses of the black-clad participants. 3. MESSAGE VARIETY Why explain? You won't listen. 4. COUNTER PROTEST On the Pentagon lawn, near signs pointing to the "Pentagon Memorial," white folk waited with the usual anti-antiwar slogans. Megaphone versus megaphone. That simple. 5. CONFRONTATION Police in riot gear await march destination at KBR. 6. COLORADANS FOR PEACE (Still more photos to follow...)

Veterans say no to war and occupation

Washington DC- Veterans working with the ANSWER Coalition scaled the Veterans Administration building on Thursday and dropped a banner protesting the continued wars and occupation. The action launches this weekend's MARCH ON THE PENTAGON, marking the 6th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, proclaiming OCCUPATION IS A CRIME.

Coloradans For Peace join ANSWER in DC

UPDATE MARCH 21 MARCH ON PENTAGON: Students & Communities Mobilize to March on the Pentagon and the Corporate War Profiteers Students and community organizations from across the country are mobilizing to be in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, March 21 to make their voices heard in the March on the Pentagon and the Corporate War Profiteers. The website now lists 64 departure locations in 20 states, many of them leaving from college campuses, including: University of Iowa, Georgia State University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Central Connecticut State University-New Britain, University of Connecticut-Storrs, Berkshire Community College, and more! Visit the PentagonMarch Transportation Page to find the departure location nearest you, or to sign-up to list your campus's or city's travel plans! Read more about the exciting plans for March 21st: The March on the Pentagon on Saturday, March 21 is shaping up to be a dramatic and highly significant demonstration. Many thousands of people are coming to Washington, D.C. to make their voices heard. March 21 will culminate in a dramatic direct action where hundreds of coffins—representing the multinational victims of militarism, Empire and corporate greed—will be carried and delivered to the headquarters of the Corporate War Profiteers and Merchants of Death. From the Pentagon, we will march to the nearby giant corporate offices of Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, General Dynamics and KBR (the former subsidiary of Halliburton). The march will start close to the State Department in Washington, D.C. (assemble at 12 noon at 23rd St. and Constitution Ave. NW). Please make an urgently needed donation today by clicking this link to donate online through our secure server, where you can also find information on how to donate by check. All out for March 21! Jobs Not War! Schools Not War! Occupation is a Crime!

Defend Palestinians from Israeli terror

A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is calling for a national day of action, TUESDAY December 30, to protest Israel's sudden open-ended aggression against the non-Jews of Occupied Palestine. Israeli soldiers are being mobilized for an invasion of the Gaza Strip, the inhabitants of which have already been softened under a brutal extended embargo. Sound familiar? COLORADO SPRINGS: meet in Acacia Park downtown, corner of Nevada Ave and Bijou St, TUESDAY 4:30PM-5:30PM. Sunset is 4:46pm. Bring posters, candles, flashlights, and your voice. Contact us with banner slogan ideas. Did the aerial assault on Gaza remind you of Shock and Awe? Now Israeli spokesmen are stating that this engagement will extend "to the bitter end," and that Palestinians and onlookers can expect the violence to get worse before it can get better. From CSAction Lewis Links: Dem Now interviews doctors, activists, reporters, and MPs on Gaza massacre Raw video of school children after missile attack (warning: dead children) Thousands march around the world against Zionist assault on Gaza Zionists detained and expelled UN human rights observer Richard Falk, last week to hide massacre UN Human Rights monitor accuses Israel of massive violations of international humanitarian law Photo of entire family of little girls murdered by Zionists 3 of main hospitals bombed by Zionists as Gaza runs out of medicine Israel bombed several buildings of Islamic University in Gaza Sunday Photo of injured girl being evacuated Photo of dead boy being carried to morgue 18 photos of Gaza attack 35 photos and 2 videos of massacre