New Year’s Day predictions and the chiselers

When The First rolled in, I studiously avoided making any New Years Predictions. After having predicted that we were weeks away from the US attacking Iran, that we were heading above $3/ gallon gas to $5 a gallon, and that the economy was crashing within days, I decided to temporarily set aside my ‘The End is Here’ sign. Was I right to do so?

Not really. Not only is the US economy crashing but the US economy is helping crash the entire world’s economy. Behind the crash is the rampant corruption of the US military-fed business community. These welfare chiselers are followed closely by insurance chiselers, real estate chiselers, and politician led government chiselers. The rich leading the US are corrupt, and their corruption is now running rampant even into and among the lower classes. With ‘leaders’ like the business community has been allowed to force upon us, we are now swimming in a sea of economic corruption at every level.

Everywhere we go we see people working to provide poor services for us. Restaurants and grocery stores provide us with crap to eat. Hospitals and nursing homes provide us disease instead of health. Military and police make us more insecure, not more secure. Transportation companies build roads not needed, deliver vehicles not needed, and guzzle precious and declining amounts of fuels to drive us around in circles. Our phones ring constantly with unsolicited messages to buy, buy, buy. Our TVs do the same. Our newspapers deliver us mounds of trash to buy, buy, buy, but what???

We are going down, because we are ruled by chiselers. That’s my New Years Prediction.

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