Egypt thwarts Israeli starvation of Gaza

Egypt thwarts Israel’s efforts to starve their Palestinian captives in Gaza. Masked gunmen in Palestine were responsible for tearing down part of the metal barrier separating Egypt from Gaza in the town of Rafah, but now Egyptian leader Mubarak has announced his intention to allow residents of Gaza to resupply themselves in Egypt with the food and necessities being deprived them by the Israeli blockade.
Palestinians breach the wall into Egypt in defiance of Israeli blockade. Today we are all Palestinians.

“Masked gunmen?” That certainly paints the usual negative picture. Is it fair to label either Hamas or Fatah as [lawless] gunslingers? All warring participants in Palestine and Iraq are masked. Israeli soldiers, Iraqi trainees collaborating with the Americans, even many of the Americans have their faces concealed. Needless to say every combatant is armed with guns. How descriptive is it then to identify Palestinian upstarts in such terms? The Palestinians who dared break down the barrier in Gaza have to obscure their identities to prevent subsequent retaliatory Israeli air-strikes on their particular homes and families. They do it also to avoid arrest and indefinite incarceration in Israeli prisons. Even boys conceal their faces with scarves or kaffiyeh when they throw stones at the Israeli tanks.

If the armed Palestinians had fired on Egyptian border guards, perhaps there might have been cause to call them gunmen. Otherwise the description seems just as biased as another side saying Palestinian saboteurs interrupt Israel’s smooth running genocidal solution in Gaza.

5 thoughts on “Egypt thwarts Israeli starvation of Gaza

  1. Is it inappropriateto label Hamas as lawless gunslingers? LOL, um, YEAH. Hamas are the true occupiers of Gaza.

  2. David, Hamas is the elected goverment, not self appointed, it was not a coup. Would it be better for the Arabs to accept an appointed administration by US/Israel like the Nazis appointed Jews to administer the Jewish populations…only for them to provide the Jews as fuel for the fire (literally) and then to end up in the furnace along with the rest of the Jews? How stupid do you think are Arabs?

  3. “Egypt thwarts Israeli starvation of Gaza”

    You have such journalistic integrity—“Israeli starvation of Gaza.” You conveniently failed to reference that the UN is halting humanitarian aid from entering Gaza, which Israel had opened the borders to allow in, because Hamas has been stealing it. Also, the 400 vegetable greenhouses in Gaza that Israel had left the Palestinians after they pulled out of Gaza were looted and destroyed.

  4. Mitch, you’re on this site 24 hours a day! This obsession you have with defending Israeli government policies is making you sick in the mind. Have you thought about possibly going to a shrink instead of cruising our site so thoroughly?

    We just can’t give you all the talk therapy that you so need badly about your obsession because we have other things on our mind other than Israel and its hatreds. Israel, Israel, Israel…. you Zionists are making us even sicker of the place than we ever were before! Your hatred of the Arab population is just so sick! You need an anger control class or something? It’s like you think that they stole the land from the Jewish population? You’d never hate the Germans anywhere near as much as you hate the Arabs!

  5. It should be noted that Hamas had been stealing humanitarian assistance intended for Gaza’s residents. Hamas has since returned the stolen assistance, and UNRWA is again distributing humanitarian aid.

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