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Barack Obama Administration uses hunger as weapon of war against the people of Yemen

Americans as a mass are so completely outside of the making of any political decisions in their supposed democracy, that they hardly now bat an eye at news about the US/ Pentagon war making in places like Bahrain, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. It’s just background noise to most Americans these days, and people go about their daily lives totally oblivious to what the Pentagon is doing to the peoples of other nations of the world. It’s not like most of us feel that there is anything we can do about it!

This week the US basically declared war on the country of Syria by openly declaring that it was arming the opposition to the government there, and here is news now about how half the people of Yemen are starving, after years of US backed military dictatorship and direct US military operations there in Yemen. Yemen food crisis reaching 'catastrophic proportions'

Does Barack Obama want to change the situation in Yemen for the betterment of the people there? No. Instead all the evidence points to the US and Obama using hunger as a basic weapon of Pentagon warfare… that, and direct terrorism as in US interventionism inside Syria.

‘Eat and do as we say, or die of hunger and watch your kids die first before you, Moms and Dads of Yemen.’

US and allies try to starve Zimbabweans into submission

zimbabweThe United Nations has just cut off funds to 4,000,000 starving Zimbabweans in line with US/ Great Britain made sanctions against that country. UN cuts food rations in Zimbabwe The goal is to starve Zimbabweans into total submission to these 2 imperialist countries. Don’t look for a bunch of Hollywood actresses and college campus teenyboppers to come to Save Zimbabwe from the US and Europe, since it’s off their radar screens to do so.