Gazette readers show their stuff

Hurt feelingsThey’re still going at it at the Gazette, readers invective on the Feb 2 Saint Patrick’s Day parade article have kept it among the top commented stories, although you’d hardly recognize the subject.
It’s still plenty hurtful and doesn’t represent the public nor the sentiment of support I get almost daily.

In the golden days of the not long ago World Wide Web, going back to the computer Bulletin Board Services to which you could direct your modem, chat rooms used to be private. Or you could elect to take your chat private, to spare yourself the din of the newcomers, or spare everyone the subtext for which they might have no context. The blog comment format affords no similar filter.

Of course, those were also the days before spam, when computer literacy was buoyed by the fact that only well-intended people knew how to use them, or even had the curiosity to try.

I try to avoid waiting room comment areas because what’s said is so broad, and usually so bombastic as everyone tries to be the center of attention, that it’s easy to feel hurt if you lose sight that these are people in their bathrobes, in their Barca-loungers, covered in cat dander. Not your typical Gazette readers I should hope, but sufficiently uncouth to deter anyone else from even venturing to the keyboard. Hopefully someone in PR can figure out how not to represent our city by a show of our bottom-scratchers.

(If they’re Googling themselves: mercurialrust, davidb, pastor roy, turdman, coloradogirl, duncan, jeep4fun, pornstar, hmmmmm, jwstrue, back2colorado4go, pc12784, just1voice, justhefacts, skiracer, shazam3, erniezippreplat, moonshine, amazed2, rightswatcher, lexiii, 101abn, ruserious, elephant, sportz, welltondiplomat, some1stolemyname, etc)

1 thought on “Gazette readers show their stuff

  1. The people who show their support for liberty, and respect for our rights, are more likely to come right up to us and tell us.

    The bottom-scratchers avoid confronting us for a real reason, they know in their nasty little hearts that they’re WRONG. Like the folks in the red SUV that kept doing Drive By Insults when we had Camp Casey/CS going.

    they: “Hey, you fucking hippies, this ain’t the 70s anymore”
    me: “You’re RIGHT!”

    in the 70s they were still lynching hippies. literally.

    They want to bring back the days when they had absolute impunity and immunity for their crimes, like the St Paddy’s Day Massacre, but there’s a lot more resistance than they counted on or planned for.

    It was an amazing leap of logic, you know, for the person who did the shouting to have figured out that 30 years have passed.

    Probably somebody who isn’t old enough to remember much of the 70s because he wasn’t even in Kindergarten at the time.

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