High Hopes for Hurricane Gustav

In 2005, I was skeptical of the imminent threat posed by Katrina. TV forecasters are always hyping the worst. But if Hurricane Gustav does blow to fruition: Please Gustav, spare the people of Cuba, spare the black and the poor of New Orleans. But otherwise, GO GO GODZILLA!

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, TV images seen the world over left fellow developed countries amazed that the USA couldn’t look after itself. How could a natural disaster cause such carnage in a supposedly technologically advanced nation? Our government officials looked like fools, both for being ill prepared and for their ineffectual scramble to bring aid. Americans have learned that little was done to prepare for a Katrina. We’ve now seen that rebuilding has less to do with restoring the victims’ homes than providing a huge land grab for land developers.

Let it happen again. Rain upon the resorts and casinos, batter the rich neighborhoods who wouldn’t let Katrina’s afflicted cross their bridge to safety. Let Gustav make a mucky swamp of Nouveau-riche Orleans. Let Bush and his “Good Job” Three Stooges take the spotlight again. Consider it a rerun for those whose Katrina memories have lapsed. Let all Americans soak up what a clown car sideshow Bush & Co has been.

We hear that the GOP is considering postponing their convention in Minneapolis St Paul so that they’re not seen waving flags while poor black Americas are floating on flood waters. If the RNC is rescheduled, I’m making plans to get there just to laugh at the heartless white fatties and their ignorant fans.

1 thought on “High Hopes for Hurricane Gustav

  1. The Republicans should be concerned about Gustav because they have failed to construct adequate levees in the New Orleans are even though it is 3 years after Katrina. They have botched this just like they have botched their occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and if Gustav floods New Orleans again it is going to be very, very embarrassing to them, and it will lose McCain the election.

    One interesting thing is that news reports have Dick Cheney being in Louisiana next week and also doing a tour of Georgia, Ukraine, and other US client states surrounding Russia. I’m not sure how he can be doing so much ‘humanitarian work’ at one, both, and the same time? What an athletic dude he is! So which Big Wind will be where and doing what this week? God only knows!

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