DNC disruption provided by FOX NEWS

Fox bulldogDENVER- Sunday DNC Antiwar Rally. Predictably enough, the only disorder at the DNC protests was instigated by Fox News knave Griff Jenkins. At Recreate 68’s kickoff rally on Sunday, ambush reporter Jenkins tried to rush the stage and force an interview of Ward Churchill. AIM security intervened, but the camera skirmish created an inordinate distraction for the speaker at the podium and the audience trying to listen.

The diminutive Fox dick started shouting about HIS FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, which I believe illuminated his own understanding of the “journalism” role Fox serves. He doesn’t report, he decides. This thug’s media clout gave him the delusion he could speak over our right to assemble and attend to our speakers. His self-importance was laughable, and the crowd was not convinced. It started chanting FUCK FOX, FUCK FOX. Which of course Fox News reported as an anti-Fox riot. This was repeated later when Jenkins tried to interview marchers along the parade route.

Ward Churchill

In fact the only confrontations to come of the DNC demonstrations involved Fox’s Jenkins, Michelle Malkin, and inexplicably as far as I can undersand, Alex Jones from Prison Planet.

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5 Responses to DNC disruption provided by FOX NEWS

  1. But, geez, Ward Churchill! What a loser: a man with absolutely no credibility after his exposure as fake Indian, plagiarist in print and in art, and an intellectual thug. Whose bright idea was it to put him on a stage in public?

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    That would be his ALLEGED exposure as not being documented as Full Blood Native, which a lot of Natives experience.

    Also the “plagiarism” which wasn’t proven, and the charge that there wasn’t enough evidence that all the Natives who died of Smallpox actually died of Smallpox and not the equally lethal disease Measles.

    Kind of Generic Right Wing Bullshit you’re slinging there.

    Sounds like the bullshit I get from a certain Right Wing site that claims The Whites Were Always Right and that Ward Churchill should be on Death Row for teaching otherwise.

    Jonah speaks only for Jonah.

    Who exactly do you claim to represent?

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    Too bad about your asshole heroes at Fox getting dismissed so bluntly.

    That’s what happens when you don’t own the studio or control the power to the microphones.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Phil, I kind of think that you might be the real loser here, not Ward Churchill. The guy was fired not because he was a ‘fake Indian’ but because he told the truth about America’s ‘little Eichmanns’. Maybe that sort of skipped past you perhaps?

    Maybe you are not that big a supporter of having free speech rights in our country? Is that the case? You think that people should be fired from their jobs for saying what they might believe in? Especially liberal professor types?

  5. Avatar Jonah says:

    …Or perhaps not be allowed to speak in public.

    Shades of our little incident last year at a St Patrick’s Parade which got co-opted by the same people who supported firing Churchill for criticizing the Little Eichmanns, as Tony mentioned.

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