Howabout an unexpurgated face of war

Forbidden image of a dead US soldierThe US media was not permitted to depict fallen soldiers, in or out of the coffin. Next military censors forbade photos of US wounded. Most recently US soldiers have been under orders to prohibit the press from photographing them at all, to promote the illusion that our Iraqi surrogates alone are handling security. How infuriated our officials must have been to see this photograph in the international press.

Do Americans not want to see their fallen boys? In my recent experience with death, I most certainly wanted to see what happened straight up. Do the families of soldiers really not want to see how their loved one met his/her fate? What utter bullshit! If they don’t I do. Someone should care enough for the poor lost life!

Hopefully the total control our military has been asserting over media images will result in more outright mutiny on the part of international photo journalists.

Not long ago, a sequence of photos which documented the aftermath of an IED led the DoD to forbid all depictions of even wounded soldiers. The picture below shows a victim trying vainly to join his comrades who made it to cover. He didn’t die. But this image most certainly is dispiriting to Americans watching safely from their homes, who are losing their stamina for an ugly war.

Last permitted photo of a wounded US soldier

Before coverage of operations in Iraq were safely controlled by only embedded reporters, freelance photographers were able to record images reminiscent of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. These GIs fell in the assault on Fallujah. Fortunately for the Pentagon, Iraq is now too dangerous for journalist who don’t have American minders.
US casualties in Fallujah

A recent so-called breach of an embed contract yielded images of the aftermath of a suicide-bomb attack. The American photographer incurred heavy criticism for publishing the pictures which his Marine unit had ordered him to erase. But they were published in B&W, which invokes the famous WWII Pacific Theater dead, but it does lessen the realism, doesn’t it? These casualties seem more distant than our losses in Vietnam. And how do you reconcile that the simultaneous photos of the Iraqi casualties were printed adjacent in color? We can handle seeing the red of their blood, but not ours?

Dead US Marines

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  1. Avatar omega red says:

    im also covinced that hes not an american either. not to say that he doesnt want to be, but it really is starting to sound very suspicious. everything that comes out of his mouth screams foreigner. i dont want to come off as some kind of a racist, but his broken english doesnt sync up with the americans that i know who have a hard time with the language. and the way that he always tries to sneak in to each post, how the philippines were liberated from japan…
    bingo!!! i think we nailed it.
    hes not an american. not a real one anyways. one of those fake americans who are in love with fascism, so obvouisly… you all know where im going with this. except for maybe fuck himself. hes always clueless about any of the things that we talk about.

    no apologies, no regrets!(i will not apologize for insulting you for your self imposed stupidity, and i will never regret doing it).
    just thought ide go ahead and explain that to you one more time fuck. youre welcome.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    My niece’s daddy is half Filipino. His mom was American Spanish. meaning, in Texas talk, Indian with a Spanish name. I was wondering, myself, why the Arizona situation doesn’t seem to faze Angel. My niece’s name happens to be Angel as well, which is something truly an American phenomenon because nobody else in the world names a girl child that.

    She got into a fight with the daughter of some dedicated TeaBags a few months ago. Girl had been harassing her and a black child for about three weeks, tossing around the Nigger and Spic shit like it’s something that she thought of all on her own. Angel (my niece) took it for three weeks, which is about 4 weeks longer than I would. Then the TeaBrat told her to “go back to Mexico”. Angel looks muy chola, no doubt about that, but she’s never been to Mexico and doesn’t speak a sentence of Spanish.

    But that’s the kind of crap, you see, that the Minutemen and TeaBags are putting out, and that it’s OUR fault for not “looking mainstream”. Just another node of their war thing. They have to maintain a high level of hatred in order to justify getting essentially children to enlist and go to other countries and kill people for the crime of being “different” and not looking mainstream. Meaning White.

    But that’s the level of hate exhibited in the soldiers. Their Masters know better, they really don’t give two shits, Bush or Cheney or Palin would kill their own kids as quickly as they would somebody Third World, as long as they can make a buck or three off the transaction.

    As highly paid as they are, though, they’re not even at the top of the Corporate Murder Machine. Now, I suppose that the rich bitches might have a point in their hearts where they store all their love for humanity, kept under lock and key of course.

    And it’s even possible to imagine that they would rather have the Others submit to them willingly without having to kill them to get that submission. But since people don’t do that, you know, submit willingly, and the Rich Bitches aren’t going to go and confront the “insurgents” and rebels and just plain old cantankerous Non-Obedient ones themselves, they have to wire up the scions of the Poor with something that is fairly easy to control. Hatred. Racist is the easiest of that sort, but they’ll settle for Religious differences as well. Fear has to play a large part of it.

    There’s more Americans panicky and scared of Muslims now than after 9/11, not so much by the vastly under-reported ingenuity of the Arabs and Kurds and Persians and Pashto and Pathan people to defend their homes, and the hinted at fierceness of the resistance.

    But by the constant whipping up of Fear and Hatred in the media, FOX is just the most extreme and easiest to see.

    Which comes right back to the original theme of this posting. Why not actually show the face of what War really is? How is it treason or unpatriotic to show or be shown what they wanted?

    They wanted War, well, that’s what their wishes look like when granted. The Point Angel and Luis and many other tried to make was a non-point. They say that seeing the truth will make Americans less willing to send more Americans into the Meat Grinder. That part is true. Then they try to paint the people who tell the Truth as liars. The people who don’t follow the crowd and don’t echo the howl of their hatred from within the safety of the Mob are supposedly the “cowards”.

    The ones who face that mob, everywhere and every day, risk our lives to actually take a stand for freedom, we’re the ones who are supposedly Anti-American and against Freedom.

    The Orwellian doublespeak would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.

    Angel, Luis, any of those who object to seeing the Dead while pushing for those people to DIE, you’re being cowardly. Too afraid to face up to the consequences of their Hatred Mongering.

    The Richest don’t care one way or another, it’s not their kids going over to kill Other Kids. It’s the kids of those who are told to send their children off to fight for the wealth of the Richest.
    One of the Robber Barons of the late nineteenth century said that he didn’t worry about Unions because he could simply hire half of the workers to kill the other half.

    It’s not very funny, is it, Angel-Luis-whoever else, when you can see what it looks like when half of the workers are hired to kill the other half? It’s even worse to realize that the Robber Barons of today really don’t pay their Killer Workers to do the “job”. They get the scions of the poor and maybe the middle management Bourgeoisie to pay for the Fratricide.

    The Parasite Class not only aren’t going to shed their own blood they’re not even going to shed their money, the money they got for other people dying.

  3. Avatar brokengavel says:

    its extremely unlikely that fuck knows who orwell/eric arthur blair even is. or knows what a robber baron is, or knows what the word bourgeois means. hes already demonstrated that he cant even provide a definition for any of the words that he chooses to use. fuck is all about monkey see, monkey do. as long as that monkey is amerikaan, right? he has no thoughts that are truely his own. dont get me wrong, i like to paraphrase noam chomsky quotes once in a while but…
    it is also seriously doubtful that fuck has ever even heard a word as common as “paraphrase” in his lifetime. even if that werent true, he still wouldnt be able to supply a definition.
    as an anarchist, im a big fan of etymology, but i dont mean to nitpick about grammar, spelling, or concern myself with those who pretentiously throw around big words to seem intelligent, but this fuck is as low brow as you can get when it comes to his own cromagnonian ilk.
    see what i did there? sorry, i have a habit of laughing at my own jokes.
    but seriously, it really isnt that funny. there was a time when i was a young punk in firecamp, where i met this one homie who eventually told me he couldnt read(he was illiterate). we became fast friends. even though i was an impatient young fuck, with a fuck you attitude,(by the way, not trying to toot my own horn, just trying to share an experience) but i taught him to read. i never felt sorry for him , because even amongst all the ridicule and shit he would get from others, he never even blinked an eye about it. was one of the first, and most courageous things i ever witnessed in my young tumoilous life.
    (is that a word, tumoilous? maybe i just should have said rough). anyway, it wasnt fun.
    fuck needs help, no doubt. but the problem is, he doesnt want it. and if ive learned anything im my fairly young life, its that people with serious problems need to work them out themselves. otherwise, they just feel like their being bullied into it. sound familiar fuck?

    sometimes i apologize to myself for having no regrets!

    suck on that omega! lol

  4. Avatar Angel Gomez says:

    Fuck this site i’m out haha too bad nothing is going to change. Grow old fatfucks

  5. Avatar omega red says:

    aaaaahh, poor mamasito… there he goes with those mood swings again. he’ll be back. he just needs to change his tampon.

    but how did he know that brokengavel was an old fatfuck?

    suck on that!

    non s’excuser, non regretter!

    (pardon mon français, n’est pas très bien).

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    c’est mellier qui je parle et ecrit.

  7. Avatar omega red says:

    je’ne sais pas… pardon moi, mais regarder, c’est “meilleur” non?

    let me stop now before i embarrass myself any further. who am i to correct somebody else? je suis debutant, et novice.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    See, I told you… you do it better than me. But, only so far. See that big Indian on a bicycle in your rear view mirror? That’s me fixin’ to pass…. Heeeeeehaawwww!

  9. Avatar omega red says:

    im real good at pronunciation(with pert-near any language), but when it comes to writing… thats where i can relate to yours brother jonah. ive been studying(independently)on and off for some years now. ide love to stay out there(france), live amongst the natives for awhile to get a better command of the more proper french.
    other than that, the only other exposure i have to the language is at our local rink where i can talk to a few of the native montreal boys on my amateur adult roller hockey team RED FURY.
    i recall reading a post of yours where you say you know several, or a few different languages. what others do you speak, or are at least decent at? i took german in high school, and studied a bit more after, but that was many years ago. ive lost most of it. i can read and pronounce russian pretty good, so im told, anyway. once youve mastered the alphabet it gets much easier. couldnt even guess what most of it means, but hopefully i’ll be able to find the time to work on that one as well.

  10. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I speak a little bit of Deutsch, in fact that’s my biggest phrase “Ich ni spreche auch nur ein kleine deutcsh, bitte, sprechen ein kleine Englisch?” or “Amerikanisch” probably better. One German lady I met here in the Springs say I’m being a lot more polite than she used to get from the GIs back in the late 40s early 50s. If I practice my French I can pass for actually knowing a lot more of the language than I actually do. Spanish I used to speak daily but I’d also have to switch back to English.

    I can say “hello” and “thank you” in Korean because I took Tae Kwon Do trying to improve my balance and coordination, before my ankle got really bad.
    For pronunciation I have a couple of mental anomalies, one is Eidetic Recall and the other is Mimetic Recall. Actually most people have that, but they have different layers of their own mental strengths which they use more often. Me, I live in Eidetic.

    I DO have what’s the start of a clue about how to put together a small program that would function like Rosetta Stone only in Linux. I’ve got a screenreader, designed for blind users, called Orca, which is a windowing-environment patch for the command line espeak. Since it’s Linux it’s Open Source, meaning I can put the components together. Autoscroll is another one, I can probably put together the nouns for any given language using pictures, a command line that says ‘
    goto [name of first picture]
    espeak [name_english name_deutsch] pause=1000
    ##length of pause measured in milliseconds

    I’d have to work it into a loop. That would work for the nouns.

    Conjugating the verbs, adverbs and adjectives on the fly is more a matter of practice practice practice than anything else.
    I know on the Rosetta Stone demo that they play on their TV commercial they have a series of four pictures, one of which is a horse jumping, then the narrator says “el caballo salta”. and you pick out which picture it is.

    Basically I’d have to jam together a bunch of existing programs.
    the espeak program jams together festival and festvox, one is a text-to-speech and the other is speech-to-text.

    BUT THEN, you have to be around and converse with people who also speak the language. Which in America there’s people who do speak the languages, but the Rednecks make them feel very very unwelcome especially with the speaking of their own language.

    Also they’re trying to learn English, the same way you’d be trying to learn French if you were in one of the many countries where it’s the first language or the many more where it’s the Business Language. The Rednecks say differently, and adopt a very haughty attitude about it. Which, considering their command of the English language isn’t anything big whoop-di-diddly-doo to begin with, they really have no actual moral high ground on it. Not that I blame them for not speaking or writing English correctly, it’s the one language that has the largest vocabulary and a grammar and syntax combination that’s for all practical purposes, completely without structure.

    The Bushwacker when he was Governor of Texas pushed the “hooked on phonics” program as part of the Public School curriculum. Which is one way to learn SOME English reading and writing rules, but it falls apart really quickly.

    His brother represents the textbook publishers who own the license on it. His OTHER brother was governor of Florida which has a similar political structure to Texas, as in, the Governor sets the curriculum state-wide. And, buying the books.

    Which is way too much money available and just laying around waiting for that herd of Congenital Thieves to pick up.

    I’ve got one project, since I’ve got the Tsalagi (cherokee) syllabary, the “alphabet”, unlike the various Latin alphabet combinations they’re not letters but whole syllables each represented by one character.

    It was written by a teacher, lawyer and newspaper editor named Sikawi, spelled sometimes Sequoia, and he has a tree named after him. At the time 90% of Cherokee people spoke the language, now it’s exactly reversed, 10% speak it.

    It’s been under some at times brutal assaults from the English Only crowd. They say they’re not Racists but I know better, their attacks on every level of the American Indian languages proves that and does it precisely.

    They’d even hit kids in school for speaking their native language, same way they did the “mex” kids in Texas when I first started school, and now the English Only assmunches want to go right back to that. But not in a Racist manner, mind you.

    They say it’s to make America more uniform therefore more united. On the other hand, they get really nervous about the E.U. which doesn’t have an Official Single Language because they’re becoming more united AND kick our collective Arse in the business world. And they’re also scared spitless about India which has more languages than the average American can count, again kicking our Collective Arse financially
    It’s perhaps not fair to just poke at Americans on that “more than the average can count” it’s the reason a centipede is called a centipede and a millipede a millipede. They don’t have a hundred or thousand legs, but most people stop counting after 32.

    But my first project for Tsalagi is to get the correct syntax and write out “This is America, speak Tsalagi” and get an audio of it being pronounced in Tsalagi and sell it as a tee-shirt and bumper sticker slogan.

    Neat thing about Sequoia’s Syllabary is that it actually can be used to write any of the American Indian languages, and it’s a HUGE tool in keeping at least some of the languages and cultures alive. The English-Only Manifest Destiny crowd assume that because they’ve (temporarily) Conquered us militarily, they get to dismantle our cultures.

    I’ve even gotten just in the past 3 years comments from Right Wingnuts to the effect that Blacks and Hispanics and American Indians don’t have as much of a chance at success because we don’t “look white” and somehow, that’s our fault and it isn’t racist in any way. They even want to impose dress codes on Americans. It’s crazy-scary how the idea of National Uniforms comes up as a component of so-called “libertarian” thinkers, Workers should be easily identified by their clothing. Thus making it easier for the Masters to see which ones are “worth talking to and which ones are just single-task drones whose opinions don’t matter anyway”. But not as a Corporate Slavery thing, you understand, any more than English Mainstream-christian Only would have Racist connotations.

    Or in the case of the original post, how the Glorious Mandate for the English Race to go forth and bring the World into their sphere of influence, because the English Culture is ever so much better than anybody else…

    How it leads to backlash, like people resisting their Glorious Liberation, and English and American soldiers getting killed by those Ungrateful Peasants who don’t see that Corporate Slavery is actually “freedom” and economic bondage is actually “opportunity”. Black is white Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace.
    And in other news, Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

  11. Avatar omega red says:

    ive always been fascinated by other languages, and how others communicate, even as a small child. i shouldve paid more attention to my mother when she spoke spanish to us and others growing up. ide probably be having a bit of a smoother time learning the other latin and romance languages i study today. i chose german in high school beacause it was(at least to me)the easiest, and closest to english that you can get. lazy teen always trying to find the easy way out.

    its amazing what a diverse crowd, and how many people from all over the world i have in my life now because of my obssession with hockey. which is weird all by itself, because ive always absolutely HATED sports growing up, with the exception of futbol/soccer. as a welfare family i was dragged around from park to park and forced to join all these baseball and football teams because my dad and older brother were into it(im the youngest by the way). we couldnt afford to sign me up on a soocer team and drag me off to different parks just because “sissy boy” wasnt man enough to enjoy good ol’ merkin sports. even as a small child of maybe 6 or 7 i felt like my life was being highjacked based on others interests. and they wonder how i evolved into such a violent young man. at least i eventually followed into dear ol’ dads footsteps jumping from prison to prison through out most of my life.

    my new found extended hockey family has been more supportive and understanding than i ever couldve gotten from my actual blood relatives. we got people from russia, germany, sweden, canada, and many of the other countries whose #1 sport is hockey, or only second to football/soccer. i love how cool and laidback hockey people are. i guess its one of the things that i have always found so atractive about the sport.
    i have a canadian brother-in-law, and you couldnt even get him to so much as raise his voice even if you drown him in ojibwa firewater.

    you might be scratchin your head, hockey? in califucknia? but this is where in-line/roller hockey was invented. by the way, hockey is a sport that some say evovled from lacrosse, which is what the french stole from the cherokee sport called “wars little brother”, or “little brother of war”. i forget, but something to that effect.

  12. Avatar omega red says:

    you should know a little somethin’bout that, right brother jonah? bein from texas and all, where high school football is more important than an education, or even life itself. not to mention the insane phenomenon of prosti-tot/baby “beauty” pageants. where they dress up there little toddlers as hookers, paint their faces up like whores, and teach them to girate on stage like pole dancers. these are the same psycho sick fucks who dont wanna see pictures of dead american soldiers. its very telling of their mentality when they dont mind seeing their sons snap a colar bone or 2 for that extra yard, or watch their 3 years daughters strip on stage, but cant stomach the reality and results of the foreign policies they so ardently demand.

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Hey, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio have pro hockey.
    In Houston if it snows a half inch they close the schools for the safety of the kids. Because it’s like an alien event for them. And the people are really dumb about driving even on a clear dry road in the middle of July. But, they have hockey.
    I got a joke I put up on the hockey thread at alfrankenweb, that next year the Stanley Cup is going to be contested between Honolulu and Mexico City. Cause I got some Canuckistan friends, and it’s a joke right up their alley.

    We got this dude playing football for Denver, the managers made a business decision that I’d consider really forkin’ stupid, Tebow. Dude played with a broken ankle before. Dedicated to the game, and to me it IS a game, to the point that he’ll have a really short career.
    But NFL stands for “Not For Long”. Something about people hurting each other for the entertainment of people who should have something better to do…
    Hal Lindsay wrote that it was the equivalent of the Roman Games back in 196-something. Now it’s getting more and more like that, MTV with their “Jackass” series, and movies celebrating people being killed. I thought my Namesake Jonah Hex movie was taking it too far, earlier this season. Like June I think. There were three murders in a 20-second teaser commercial. Then they came off with this movie called Machete and just the teaser is more violent than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie in its entirety.

    People self-medicate drinking way too much caffeine in order to stay awake, it’s like they’re afraid to dream. From movies like “It” and “Nightmare on Elm Street Part 26” where they’ll get it driven into their subconscious over and over and over and over that going to sleep will kill them.

    For the sake of making a few (hundred)(million) bucks off simulated violence.
    Trouble with it is, if people suppress their dreams (there’s a neat book about the subject “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula K LeGuin) it’s called Oneirophobia. And dreams are a key to actually being Sane. You suppress dreams and you start to hallucinate. Not “fun” hallucinations that you’d pay for.

    So with their quest for more violent entertainment, they’ve perhaps created a truly insane society. But they can watch something like Ultimate Fighting hoping to watch somebody die in front of them, or see the pictures of the dead and dying and still somewhere in the back of their minds believe it’s just another movie.

  14. Avatar omega red says:

    yah, im quite familiar with the NHLs dallas stars, and the AHLs’ houston aeros, and san antonio rampage. actually the state of texas has the fastest growing youth hockey movement in the country these days, according to The Hockey News Magazine. in the NHL, hockey has become a much more skill oreiented game these days, especially with the growing number of european players in past years. unlike some of my friends, ive never cared much for fighting in hockey, not to say i’ll turn my head if it happens. we get a few young fucks that come in now and again and try to prove they can check with the best of us(they never last too long), but in our little local adult league, fighting is strictly prohibited by penalty of permanent expulsion (for obvious reasons). which is perfect for me. but it happens. cant stop frustration from erupting even for the most religiously passive hockey players like myself. i like to let my skills do the talking. cant afford to break a hip at my age, or income for that matter. i would love to see an expansion team in hawaii! i know they have hockey there(at least roller), and that mexico has a national team. they never qualify for any big tournaments, but at least they have a team.

    although ive never cared much for sports in general, ive come to my own little understanding that sports CAN be used as an important tool if applied in a more liberal manner other than your garden variety kill, kill, kill mentality. in addition to what chomsky argues, that sports are “another crucial example of the indoctrination system” which diverts joe sixpack from important real life social issues. i think that if we use sports with the purpose(aside from just plain having fun)of venting our sick urges to compete with the intent of trying to destroy our opponent, (as it is applied in our actual, real life situations), we can get kids to develope into more positive and productive, rather than (self)destructive individuals who actually care about their fellow man, rather then trying to put them, and everyone else out of business when they grow up, and are eventually forced to participate in capitalism in order to survive.

  15. Avatar Tiffany says:

    Wow. No, I dont want to see my loved ones fate. Thats their business, not mine. I myself am a service memeber with 3 tours. I myself this year watched 3 of my guys’ fate. The thought of it makes me want to vomit. No one needs to see that. I think you are a fucking idiot. Ill say it to your face. Come around Fort Bragg with this Westborough Baptist Church talk shit and see what your fate looks like. Id like to see that. AIRBORNE!

  16. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, you’ll have your buddies force us to comply with your agenda the same way you force the Afghans and Iraqis to comply with your agenda.

    Threats like that are Anti-American Terrorism and you’re every bit of what you accused Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden to be.

    That’s the “fighting for freedom” your recruiter told you about?
    Your recruiters LIE to the children they’re trying to get to join up with your WaffenSchutzStaffel Light wannabees.

    Hey, hey, USA, how many American kids did you kill today?
    Those people whose bodies you don’t want to see laying dead, did you ever stop to think that it’s YOUR attitude of Total Obedience To YOUR Masters that caused their deaths?
    You suck the kids in with your Delusions of Glory and Honor and they wind up coming home in a box.

    By the way, I love the way you threaten people you think are weaker than you are. Shows the mindset of YOUR military perfectly.

    You only pick fights you think you’ll win.
    There’s a word for that too, it’s called “Cowardice” and when you’re doing it with the intent of using Deadly Force it’s called “Premeditated Murder”.

    You killed those soldiers in the pictures. With your lies.

  17. Avatar iraq says:

    im an Iraqi citizen and i can say that the marines there personally saved the lives of not only my family but those of my village! jonah, its easy to think your way if you have never had bullets flying inches over your head, or be 2 cm from your cousin and watch their head get blown off by terrorist weapons. stop fighting and be glad your life isnt on the line. enjoy the life you have. you can spend your whole life fighting those who killed your family, but thats just gunna waste your life and not honor the fallen what so ever.

  18. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You’re in Long Beach California. That’s about as far away from Iraq as one can get and still be on the planet.

    The united States started that war. And the one in Afghanistan.
    If you really are an Iraqi, and who knows? Then you’re a long way from home. The Corporations who started the war, for their own profit, their CEOs don’t go to the wars, they don’t see the blood and the body parts. They don’t care about honoring the dead any further than it takes to use the death of one soldier to recruit three others.
    Neither themselves nor their families, ever would pick up weapons and travel to Iraq or any other country to take their wealth and kill any of the people who resist being robbed.
    What we hope here, with these very few pictures of a very obscene war, is to show American children, the same ones the American Military tries to recruit, even as young as elementary school. To show them a little tiny slice of the horror that war really is.

    The Marines nor any other American or British or Spanish nor Italian soldiers were there to help the Iraqi people. They were sent there to seize the oil, and to make permanent bases from which they could fly airplanes as far as Indonesia or Russia or China or the Horn of Africa to convince the people in THOSE countries to give the Oil Companies what they want, or face the same destruction they visited on Iraq.

    It is that simple. The soldiers sent there, were told lies when they were recruited. Lies from the Army and lies from the corporations who OWN the Army. And now, those corporations Own Iraq.

  19. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    How many Iraqi ‘village’ people actually can speak English like this?

    ‘im an Iraqi citizen and i can say that the marines there personally saved the lives of not only my family but those of my village! jonah, its easy to think your way if you have never had bullets flying inches over your head, or be 2 cm from your cousin and watch their head get blown off by terrorist weapons. stop fighting and be glad your life isnt on the line. enjoy the life you have. you can spend your whole life fighting those who killed your family, but thats just gunna waste your life and not honor the fallen what so ever.’

    Right Wing Americans are so full of bullshit!

  20. Yeah, starting off with “I’m” kind of gave it away.
    I mean, sure there would be some Iraqis who support the invasion. Al Maliki made out like the bandit he truly is.
    Some people would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, and then… there are the “others”.

    He could have made it more believable.

  21. Avatar Army Vet says:

    It disgusts me what I read today in the news, or online. How many people have become so complacent, ignorant, and disrespectful to those who do a job they are told to do. These SOLDIER’s/VETERAN’s do a job that approx. 98% of you are not capable of doing, and I for one ask why? Is it because they have pride in the country they live in and wish to share in its rights of freedom? The very same rights that most of you civilans choose to constantly abuse? Last I recalled the last person wanting to go to war is the soldier himself. So next time you start bashing us for the things we do remember this saying. “When the rich wage war its the poor that die.”

    Blame your politicians for allowing the press in combat zones and preventing soldiers from doing their job, Blame the media for showing all the negative and none of the positive impacts us soldiers have done. (My unit built 300 wheelchairs for DISABLED IRAQI children, and it never saw the light of day on the news). When you start to think about it, you should really be blaming yourselves for ellecting the officials you did that ordered us SOLDIERS into these situations. You all want to wave your flags around and say “You’re wrong because of this, or because of that.” Well I got news for you. You are more wrong then I, because I chose to do something about it, I chose to help less fortunate peoples in less fortunate countries while you all sit at home and cry about the injustice of American soldiers killing innocent people or some other idiotic statement. What you see and what we see are two different things. And untill you have served FOR THIS COUNTRY I choose to ignore all your idiotic, uneducated, self proclaimed “Holier than thou” garbage.

    You want to exercise your rights of freedom then go earn them and quit piggy-backin on those of us who have earned our keep around here. If it were up to all of you “Make Peace not war” you wouldn’t have the kind of lifestyle you have today. So just keep quiet and stay thankful for what you have that some of the world does not have.

  22. Say, are you by chance covered by CHAMPVA? Cause, the same folks who brought you this war for “freedom” as in, the freedom to obey, well, they’re talking about cutting YOUR VA benefits by 15%. And that’s just a start of course, last year they had their retarded followers,

    who by a strange coincidence share your belief that the only people who can criticize the Imperial Police State or those who have fought FOR the Imperial Police State,

    holding badly misspelled signs and screaming that providing health care would cut into their Medicare. If you’re lucky enough to have survived to age 65, that would be “TriCare” for you. Now the Bastordians who sent you to the war based on the LIE that you were fighting for rights, freedom, or anything other than the Profits of the Corporate Empire, are talking about eliminating Medicare completely. After getting the Medicare recipients to campaign and vote for them based on their Other Lies.

    So, Army Vet, don’t count on them actually paying your pension or your medical care much longer.

    I mean, that’s the “rights, liberty and freedom” you were actually fighting for. Now that they don’t believe there’s any credible opposition for their agenda they’ll no longer have to worry about actually compensating you for doing their bidding in prior wars.

    My Uncle Clay fought for the Confederacy, enlisted when he was 15, when he was 18, in 1865, the took a Minie ball upside the head, tore off a chunk of his skull. Doctor told him he’d die from it, and sure enough, 80 years later, he did.

    My cousin Hank, as in SSgt T. Hank Brown, was a fuel truck driver for an armored division in GulfWarz One, fighting to preserve “freedom”, the freedom for the Corporate Overlords to keep Kuwaiti Oil in their possession (“How did OUR oil get under THEIR sand?”) and was poisoned by that Depleted Uranium ammunition they still use all over the place. He almost died from it and a decade after the war, when he was down to 95 pounds (he stands 6′ 5″) they finally, secretly, started treating him at the VA hospital in Des Moines, using the exact treatment for flushing the body of heavy metal poisoning, the Heavy Metal Poisoning they were steadfastly denying was killing so many veterans, like him. And yourself.
    They even ordered him not to talk about it. Ain’t that a kicker? After he’d been out of their command structure for a decade the bastards still thought they could order him to keep silent.

    Much like you trying to order ME to keep silent even though I’ve not been in your command structure for over three decades now.
    And people who have never been military, guess what, Sergeant? They’ve never been and get this They Never Will Be Under Your Command

    Think about that the next time you decide to get drunk and try to take away the freedom you say YOU gave them.

    If all you “gave” us was Conditional Liberty, the “freedom” to only say what you want us to say, or only “freedom” if we bow to your Corporate Masters, that’s not actually freedom, and you really didn’t give us a damn thing, now did you?

  23. Incidentally, about Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq? They don’t have that Freedom you said you gave them. Their puppet dictators have been killing people for talking back to them, and getting away with it because they have the U.S. Army there covering for their Fascist asses.

    If the People of Iraq shoot back at their Pentagon Puppets who you appointed to rule over them, there’s plenty of U.S. Military to put down the “Terrorist Insurrection”.

  24. Avatar Army Vet says:

    Don’t even preach to me about military history, I can trace my family back through the military into the Civil war too. My family has had one male from every generation in the military since the civil war. Doesn’t make you, or me special for that matter. While your at it Brother Jonah if you’re that irate about all this go do something about it, rather then sit back without the intestinal fortitute to do a single thing about it.

    I never denied that a lot of this crap has been started because of rich companies. The one thing I am trying to get at is dont complain to the soldiers who are given orders and follow them. You want to change things talk to those who are issuing the orders instead spewing that diarrhea out of your mouth.

    This country isnt perfect but it is as simple as this Jonah. You don’t like it, pack your bags and leave. Go see what life is like outside of the U.S. then lets hear your complaints. Half of you that sit back and complain haven’t even left the country. I’ve been a foriegner and seen what other countries are like. I am glad I live where I do. Because as screwed up as it is, it’s the best one around.

  25. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Groovy, you won’t listen to or read about Military History eves as it’s being made. Try to refrain from command-words like “Don’t” because after that I usually stop listening or reading or caring.

    I’ll go with the next line of thought, and yeah, it involves Military History in living memory, although the Bonus Army soldiers are all dead… They were fired upon by Regular Army soldiers for demanding what their recruiters and draft board had promised them to get them into the Killing Fields in France and Belgium. Fighting not for liberty but in support of British Imperialism. With me so far? Because your Army is still fighting vestiges of that war. It was when the British, with the help of America, claimed the Arabian Peninsula from the defeated Turks for the sake of the Oil Companies. The same reason they’re fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan TODAY.

    You don’t like the facts, change them. Fight against those who will throw you, your sons, your comrades and their sons, into battle for THEIR fat-cat profit margin and then tell you lies like “we’re fighting for freedom”.

    Freedom to do as we’re told? That’s not freedom. The Rockefellers and Bushes and Tony Blair and BP and the reunited fragments of Standard Oil don’t have any authority to command the obedience and the land and the oil pertaining to the people of Iraq, or Mexico, or Venezuela, or the Oil Pipeline in Afghanistan, or Nigeria…. and neither do YOU, whatever your status as a Veteran is you STILL have no extra privilege of commanding them or for that matter ME to say or do or believe anything. Are we CLEAR on that, Soldier?

    You might want to go ahead and say “Sir, yes sir!” on that.

    Back to the Bonus Army…. the leaders of that “campaign”, Douglas MacArthur, Patton and Eisenhower, acted under the orders of a man, Herbert Hoover, who is held up as a Shining Beacon of “patriotism” and “conservative virtue” by the same fucktards who are right now cutting your widow’s pension and until the day she becomes your Widow they’ll be making further cuts in her and your VA health benefits.

    And you want to echo their words about how fighting for their profits equals fighting for freedom?

    I’ll say it again, sir, just in case you missed it the many other times I’ve had to say it. Freedom to obey is NOT “freedom”.

    It is at its best a simple version of Fascism.

    If by displaying what the Recruiters won’t, when they’re defrauding young men and women and even high school KIDS into joining the army, with their glorious promises of a good career and a good future, if by displaying both the dead of all sides as the true testament of what War really is, if we dissuade one person from joining the Killing Forces then, sir, I at the very least will be proud.

    Oh, and that shit they’re pulling about taking away your veterans benefits? it’s to pay down the debt of the Wars they started for their own profit, which have Bankrupted America.

    But they’re not de-funding the wars, they’re increasing the intensity and the number of the wars instead, making their War Industry profiteer buddies really really Blood-drunk happy.

    Instead they’re going to cut off any freedoms Americans have, by destroying pensions, destroying health care, just not for their own Capitalist Pig selves. For YOU and YOUR family and for ME and MY family. Is that the “freedom” you’re fighting to defend? the freedom for US to put our elderly and sick and disabled out to DIE to satisfy the gluttony of the Super Rich?

    The “freedom” to work for the Super Rich at wages they wouldn’t stoop to pick up if they saw it laying on the sidewalk?

    Because like it or not, acknowledge it or not, that IS what the Army is fighting for right this very instant.

    When you command me “Don’t Preach” about what has happened before and is happening still, what do you propose to do to those of us AMERICANS who you’ve alleged given freedom?

    You threw in that “love it or leave it” bullshit in your earlier narrative. What if we don’t?

    Because, you see, that is the only level of enforcement you can have for your “love it or leave it” or “don’t talk back” Imperial Storm Trooper commands, bubba.

    Put up or shut up, eh? Maybe you think you have enough of the odds on your side to declare war on Americans who disagree with you?

    Other than that, maybe you could practice a little civility. You won’t be in the Army for ever, and once you’re no longer owned by them you’ll either have to learn to make your own decisions or be a really pathetic slave to Army dogma.

  26. Avatar Charlie says:

    I want to take a big fat dump on your families graves and make you eat it on your hands and knees. Shut your fucking mouth and take the pics of that dead sniper team on the roof. I knew some of those Marines. You are a fucking scumbag.

  27. Avatar Charlie says:

    Happy Memorial Day, fuckwad.

  28. Avatar Charlie says:

    You dont rate to look at the soles of their feet. Fuck off and die.

  29. Avatar Charlie says:

    By the way im part Potawatomi and Sauk and Fox. Those two on the roof are my brothers. I have no idea if the have any blood. You are a faggot and dont rate the title of my Brother. You make me want to vomit.

  30. Avatar Charlie says:

    Im also related to Chief Blackhawk, and Jim Thorpe. Quit using an honorable people to spread your garbage. USMC sniper. Finally fuck you one last time.

  31. Avatar Charlie says:

    Not one Marine I know killed a fucking baby, but you dont mind showing Mothers their babies dead on the internet to spread fuckall do you. You prob jerk off to these pics. Coward.

  32. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Thank you. The fact is that there are a whole lot of dead kids in the wake of all these “liberations” freeing the relatives and friends of the dead kids to serve the Corporate Whore/War Lords who sent the Marines in, for one purpose only, To Conquer and, failing that, Kill Anybody Who They Can’t Enslave. The Dead Kids are usually either called “Collateral Damage” or are blamed entirely on the Resistance in whatever (other, sovereign, not your own) nation they’re invading.

    And no, you’re not going to fuck me.

    The people who were murdered as a consequence of “serving” in your military, why weren’t you concerned that they would be seen laying in a cooling and congealing puddle of blood BEFORE sending them off to kill and possibly die?

    What, do you REALLY expect to be able to intimidate, TERRORIZE, the entire world into obeying Your WhoreMasters? That all you have to do is march in, show the flag, kill a few of the Resistance Fighters and the rest of them will just surrender to you?

    Ska-roo that noise, bubba. The Taliban ain’t going to roll over for YOUR Army and be subservient to you any more than you would if it were America being invaded.

    Speaking of, the American People who DID resist when YOUR Army invaded their lands and killed their friends and family, well, let’s just say you didn’t get ALL of us.

    But we’re compared to the Taliban and the VietMinh in the history written by YOUR Army.

    While and at the same time YOUR Army uses Our faces, names, and legends as recruiting tools to get people to enlist and go do to Afghanistan what YOUR Army did to the Dakota Territory, the Cherokee lands, one third of the (other, sovereign, not really yours) nation of Mexico,

    So the Whore/War-mongers who convinced you that your own service in THEIR conquests was a good thing can convince gullible young Americans of every ethnic background to conquer OTHER nations. Or die in the attempt.

    If ONE American Child is dissuaded from going into the service of YOUR Masters, the ones YOU still worship and obey like a Cut-Nose slave-dog then perhaps I’ve earned the praise of God and the scorn of bitter fools.
    Maybe by seeing the “glory” of what death in battle REALLY is, they WILL have the mental tools necessary to resist the Bullshit the military recruiters feed them and thus, don’t get photographed by Army or Marine comrades (what, did you think the Taliban took those pictures? Sir, no Sir!) Maybe THEIR friends and mothers and brothers will never see them in such a position.

    And I noticed in all of that, sir, that you didn’t once lament the fact that they were killed nearly as strongly as you lamented the fact that People Would See Them Dead. That doesn’t speak well for your moral priorities, perhaps you can meditate on that for a while?

    And no, you ain’t gonna fuck me. Get the thought out of your head.

  33. Avatar Charlie says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about. If you don’t like your Army, Yes yours dimwit. Then go to a third world country, perhaps somewhere in the Middle East or some other oppressive country, where its ok to round up people and suppress freedoms and become a citizen. Im sure they would love to hear you run your mouth about what you do not know of. You are a sad little man. I have no desire to fuck you. Nor did I say I did. Humiliate you yes. There is no glory in death on the battlefield. They don’t get to grow up and raise offspring fit for our society. As they undoubtedly would have. The best part of you ran down your mothers leg. The best part of them runs out in the sand of some country. Do I agree with everything the government does? No and im vocal about it. I would never dishonor any of these honorable Mens memory by using their final most vulnerable personal moments to further that gain. You dishonorable toad. You have the right to say whatever you want. Those boys in those pics defended that right and knew what they were getting in to. They took an oath. To protect and defend my and your Constitution and way of life. I took that oath as well. They paid that oath in full with their life. I have no doubt if they were here today they would do it the same. Something you know nothing about or have forgot at some point. Have some fucking respect. You are using their last moments in life to further your ridiculous gain. Don’t talk to me about morals. These guys had them in spades. Finally i will bow out of your ridiculous conversation as I believe you just want the attention. Go get laid. You are an idiot.

  34. Avatar Charlie says:

    One more thing. I know one of those Marines had a little baby before he died. Great image for his child to see when finding out about Dad is a priority later in life. You should rethink your vehicle for cause.

  35. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    you gonna tell me that you can shell or bomb people you can’t even see, and expect that no kids or other innocents get hurt or killed?
    The Air Force drops bombs from ten miles up in the air and are past the horizon before the bombs hit. Your job as a Marine is to kill other people. Children get in the way of your bullets, bombs, mortar shells, right? Happens all the time and you’re supposed to write it off as the cost of being at war.

    But, dig this, Charlie, every war the U.S. has fought in the past century the U.S. military have been the invaders, not the defenders.

    If somebody were to mount a vast army that could invade to your town, and command you to surrender your way of life, your religion, even your language, and become subjects of the Invaders, and there was any way possible for YOU to resist, would you do it?

    And if those invaders were shooting at you and hit your kids instead, would YOU just let it go?

    Do you expect me to think that little of you?

    Why would YOU think that little of the PEOPLE you kill while invading THEIR countries?

    Right now the Marines are propping up the puppet dictators of every country in Central America except Venezuela and the Terrorists like Ollie North are planning ways to take them over too. You think that in the past century of maintaining the Nation-wide Slave Plantations for the fruit and cattle and soy-bean and coffee producers your Marines never killed anybody?

    Or that those people didn’t have to look on THEIR dead sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, freshly killed by YOU?

    Your arrogance and conceit is showing, Marine if you so happen to be one.

    Might Makes Right? You’ve got more firepower therefore they have a moral duty to Obey your?

    Or Else?

    What other “Or Else” do you have, torture dungeons like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo… and sudden death if they don’t obey your orders?

    Your Marines and Your Army have done it to my own family, in America, just not in my lifetime. But you’ve never changed, have you? The PEOPLE whose God-given LIVES you suddenly and violently end, in their own homes, what do you call them to justify doing so? What names do you make up for them so you can see them as something other than HUMAN BEINGS created every bit as much in the Image of God as YOU and your Comrades?

    So that you can justify, at least to yourselves, forcing the PEOPLE in those homes you bomb and shoot up to look on THEIR loved ones sprawled in puddles of congealing blood?

    The PEOPLE you killed, in their own countries, their own homes, Were People. Not gooks, spicks, sand-niggers, wogs, towel-heads, Muzzle-monkeys, Kakiak, Redsikins, Chinks,

    No, Charlie, they were PEOPLE.
    I’ve repeated that to you because you seem to be wanting to deny that fact to yourself.

    You shan’t deny it to God nor shall you deny it to ME.

    When anybody looks on that picture of a Marine laying in Somebody Else’s Kitchen, with his firearm next to him, the rifle he was going to use to KILL the person or people who lived in that house, ate their meals at that table.

    He died in the act of making other PEOPLE into corpses just like his, because THEY wouldn’t accept YOUR terms of “peace”.

    The Peace and “freedom” of slavery. You would call it that if they were invading YOUR home making demands such as YOU make.
    Maybe that Marines son or daughter will look at that and think, Daddy was trying to KILL other people, and they fought back.

    No apology.

  36. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Charlie, your leaders have told the President of the nation you supposedly “liberated” that they will continue to bomb his people in their homes, knowing fully well that Civilians will die and calling it necessary.

    Charlie, some of those killed are Children, yes.

    ALL of them are Human Beings and NONE of them is so inferior to you or to me or to anybody else that YOU deserve to kill him or her.
    NOT ONE. You are no better than anybody on Earth, Charlie, and especially not to a point where you can decide or have your Masters decide for you that those people don’t deserve to live, and to do so without you commanding them in any way.

  37. Avatar Charlie says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about and it shows. You are a sensationalist.. I wont call you journalist, as you dont rate that word. you base none of your reporting on facts. I would imagine you have never been to the countries and met the people there. There are a great many good people there. I know what people are, Ive helped many of them over there. Get off MSNBC’s tit. I sleep soundly at night with all 4 years worth of work total ive done there. Not one thing that I have done was wrong. were not invading countries and we sure as hell aren’t going around shooting innocents. Again walk around Baghdad for a day or two and some human being dying to put you in a jumpsuit and hacksaw your head off will find you. I would gladly post the video they made all over the net, for no reason. Maybe one of those guys on the roof missed one that day. Again, pound sand pussy.

  38. Avatar Charlie says:

    By the way. What extremist Muslim from Chechnya hopped up on coke set up behind a machine gun in the kitchen ever ate at that kitchen you speak of? Im not saying thats what happened in that picture, but it sure as fuck did in Fallujah. The fucking town was taken over by insurgents, you idiot.

    Im commenting on the two dead Marines executed on the roof that were protecting Iraqi construction workers rebuilding the building they were in located in, in Anbar province.

    Some of the dirty construction workers ratted them out to Jihad believing extremists to fucking execute them, in early morning.

    You dont know what you fucking speak of.

  39. Avatar Charlie says:

    Do you know what COIN warfare is? Or are you just blabbering what you heard from your hippie Berkley friends? Who are hippies because its cool and anti establishment? Like yourself?

  40. Avatar Charlie says:

    I bet you jerk off to Che Guevara, and the traitor Hanoi Jane Fonda too. She should have been executed for providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Im done responding to you clown. Go drop some acid on Haight Ashbury, and be retarded with your head in a hole.

  41. Avatar Charlie says:

    Oh and by the way fuck Bradley Manning. He should be executed by firing squad. He put our country at risk. These pictures do no better. They incite the enemy to do more. Oh and that guy with the hacksaw would gladly cut your head off too regardless of your views.

  42. Avatar Charlie says:

    Ok, looked into your site a little better. Colorado Springs. You muck up a beautiful state.

  43. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Gee thanks. You’re still complaining that somebody shows what war really IS?
    What, did you prefer that your kids learn the same way anybody else does?

    You wanted your kid to grow up and go invade somebody else’s country and kill him and his family in their dining room? That’s what went down there, you know. A Home Invasion.

    You know how I know it wasn’t the Iraqi’s who took that picture? Dude still has his Machine Gun with him. Yeah, the one he was using along with his squad to do the same thing to the man who fought back while your comrade was killing his FAMILY in their own dining room.

    You know why the directive against showing dead people in photographs? Not so much what you’re thinking, that Bush and his Gang of Chickenhawks somehow had some kind of respect for the fallen or especially the Living.

    No, Charlie, what Your Masters wanted to hide was what War looked like because If People Knew The Fucking Truth They Wouldn’t Willingly Go And Kill And Die For His Fucking Bank Account

    So you want to keep hiding the truth, Charlie? You want to continue the lies that have gotten 8000 of your Comrades Killed invading countries that don’t belong to You OR to Your Masters?



    Do you want YOUR kids to go and die for a series of lies told by some chickenshit Rich Bitch Elitists like the Bush Family and Cheney, so they can convince Other People to go and seize the wealth of other countries, because they’re too fucking chickenshit to do it themselves?

    Is that what you REALLY want? For your son to believe LIES? For your son to be a hired gun, a glorified SLAVE, for some ass-hat like Karl Rove or Paul Wolfowicz?

    That’s mighty God-damned “honorable” of you.

  44. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Colorado, you complained. Gee, what could sully Colorado more than the Colorado National Guard using machine guns to fire on workers, and their wives and their CHILDREN during a mine strike at Ludlow? Or maybe the Sand Creek Massacre, more on that in a minute…

    Oh, yeah, people saying that such things committed here and abroad are WRONG, that’s what “sullies” Colorado.

    About that Sand Creek Massacre. Colorado Springs just this weekend celebrated the Murdering Racist Son-of-a-Whore Col Chivington, commander of the massacre, as being a hero. By local loud-mouth Racist braggarts who compared the Indian Wars (aptly, but not for the reason you might see fit, Charlie) to the War on “terror”.

    Yes, Charlie, Army and Marine and Air Force and Navy personnel celebrating, openly, the Anti-American Terrorist Attack committed by the Third Colorado Cavalry

       Colorado Territory during the 1850’s and 1860’s was a place of phenomenal growth in Colorado homes spurred by gold and silver rushes. Miners by the tens of thousands had elbowed theirway into mineral fields, dislocating and angering the Cheyennes and Arapahos. The Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1858 brought the the tension to a boiling point. Tribesmen attacked wagon trains, mining camps, and stagecoach lines during the Civil War, when the military garrisons out west were reduced by the war. One white family died within 20 miles of Denver. This outbreak of violence is sometimes referred to as the Cheyenne-Arapaho War or the Colorado War of 1864-65.  
       Governor John Evans of Colorado Territory sought to open up the Cheyenne and Arapaho hunting grounds to white development. The tribes, however, refused to sell their lands and settle on reservations. Evens decided to call out volunteer militiamen under Colonel John Chivington to quell the mounting violence.  
       Evans used isolated incidents of violence as a pretext to order troops into the field under the ambitious, Indian-hating  territory military commander Colonel  Chivington. Though John Chivington had once belonged to the clergy, his compassion for his fellow man didn’t extend to the Indians. 

    Sand Creek Massacre
       In the spring of 1864, while the Civil War raged in the east, Chivington launched a campaign of violence against the Cheyenne and their allies, his troops attacking any and all Indians and razing their villages. The Cheyennes, joined by neighboring Arapahos, Sioux, Comanches, and Kiowas in both Colorado and Kansas, went on the defensive warpath. 
       Evans and Chivington reinforced their militia, raising the Third Colorado Calvary of short-term volunteers who referred to themselves as “Hundred Dazers”. After a summer of scattered small raids and clashes, white and Indian representatives met at Camp Weld outside of Denver on September 28. No treaties were signed, but the Indians believed that by reporting and camping near army posts, they would be declaring peace and accepting sanctuary.  
       Black Kettle was a peace-seeking chief of a band of some 600 Southern Cheyennes  and Arapahos that followed the buffalo along the Arkansas River of Colorado and Kansas. They reported to Fort Lyon and then camped on Sand Creek about 40 miles north. 
       Shortly afterward, Chivington led a force of about 700 men into Fort Lyon, and gave the garrison notice of his plans for an attack on the Indian encampment. Although he was informed that Black Kettlehas already surrendered, Chivington pressed on with what he considered the perfect opportunity to further the cause for Indian extinction. On the morning of November 29, he led his troops, many of them drinking heavily, to Sand Creek and positioned them, along with their four howitzers, around the Indian village.  
       Black Kettle ever trusting raised both an American and a white flag of peace over his tepee. In response, Chivington raised his arm for the attack. Chivington wanted a victory, not prisoners, and so men, women and children were hunted down and shot.  
       With cannons and rifles pounding them, the Indians scattered in panic. Then the crazed soldiers charged and killed anything that moved. A few warriors managed to fight back to allow some of the tribe to escape across the stream, including Black Kettle.  
       The colonel was as thourough as he was heartless. An interpreter living in the village testified, “THEY WERE SCALPED, THEIR BRAINS KNOCKED OUT; THE MEN USED THEIR KNIVES, RIPPED OPEN WOMEN, CLUBBED LITTLE CHILDREN, KNOCKED THEM IN THE HEAD WITH THEIR RIFLE BUTTS, BEAT THEIR BRAINS OUT, MUTILATED THEIR BODIES IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.” By the end of the one-sided battle as many as 200 Indians, more than half women and children, had been killed and mutilated.  
       While the Sand Creek Massacre outraged easterners, it seemed to please many people in Colorado Territory. Chivington later appeared on a Denver stage where he regaled delighted audiences with his war stories and displayed 100 Indian scalps, including the pubic hairs of women. 
       Chivington was later denounced in a congressional investigation and forced to resign. When asked at the military inquiry why children had been killed, one of the soldiers quoted Chivington as saying, “NITS MAKE LICE.”  Yet the after-the-fact reprimand of the colonel meant nothing to the Indians. 
       As word of the massacre spread among them via refugees, Indians of the southern and northern plains stiffened in their resolve to resist white encroachment. An avenging wildfire swept the land and peace returned only after a quarter of a century.

    Now, I’ve heard it before, from apologists of Racism or deniers of Racism. That’s all in the past, right, Charlie? Well, the airstrikes committed against unknown and unknowable beforehand dehumanized “targets” earlier today, that’s all in the past too, isn’t it, Charlie?

    And they were using just this weekend, among other similarly racist men and events, Sand Creek and Chivington in what was really a Recruiting Bonanza for the military. The recruiters don’t show pictures like the one at the top of the page, nor the ones shown HERE
    But instead opted for the sterilized Lies you have painstakingly and in much detail demanded we believe and repeat, Charlie.

    A “white”wash, as it were.
    Just one of many.

    So your claim is that the U.S. Military does NOT have a long-standing tradition of killing civilians and if they did they would never celebrate it, like they were doing at Territory Days this past weekend.

    I say your story is bullshit.

  45. Avatar Charlie says:

    Do you eat your cheerios with Drano? You should try it.

  46. Avatar Charlie says:

    Im a slave to my master. oogidie boogidie. Im so racist. WTF does 1914 have to do with these pictures? With your logic Jewish people should have the right to kill random German today because of hitler. You still cant answer anything im saying logically. Im not demanding anyone believe any lie. This shit is first hand retard. However the bullshit you are spewing isnt you werent even born then.

  47. Avatar Charlie says:

    Oh and your mine strike “massacre” was triggered by a kidnapping by the union, with the national guard being flanked by armed union strikers. If you don’t like where you work then leave. Its that simple. Its called freedom.

  48. Avatar Charlie says:

    As far as the Indian thing, sure injustice all the way around. All I know is im glad im not nomading with buffalo migration patterns to eat. Still has fuck all to do with your reasoning on posting these photos. Its not 1876.

  49. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, but it DOES have lot to do with it. The notion that we, as Americans, are so morally superior that we can kill anybody we please in any country we please has not only never stopped, it’s gotten worse.
    Like the Chair Force bombing living crap out of living people and turning them into dead people who look remarkably like that Marine laying in somebody else’s kitchen, somebody he was ordered and paid to kill and his comrades did kill.

    Now they do it with Drones and call it bloodless… bloodless being an obviously relative term meaning Not Your Blood.
    The Indian Wars metaphor is being used to sell the New Indian War. Did you know that in a few of the go-rounds the British EMPIRE had trying to conquer Afghanistan they called it part of The Raj, as in, India?

    And the hell of it is, they use images of our culture and societies as Indians to sell the same never-once-changed structure of Military Might-makes-right.

    And, as I mentioned in response to your “Colorado” comment, the Government of Colorado and SOME of the people have been all about that Manifest Destiny bullshit since the time of Zebulon Pike and never wavered.
    They’re using our Warrior Society image as a metaphor for the Taliban and the resistance groups in Iraq. Label people, including Americans, as “Terrorists” for opposing the Might Makes Right assholes. For resisting using the only tools and tactics they have to fight against an empire which has a lot of money to buy high tech weaponry like drones where the operator can kill HUMAN BEINGS from a computer console.

    Dehumanize us, as in the “enemy” or “insurgency” or “terrorists” or “Hippies” or “targets” and you wouldn’t even have to go into the truly racist shit like Muzzle Monkey or Injun or Redskin or Sand-nigger or Gook, that’s just icing on the linguistic cake.

    The point is your Military is dehumanizing every aspect of War, making it look to the young kids at the Territory Days/Memorial Day celebration like a bunch of strong, healthy young men marching off to fight nameless not-human “insurgents” in a country far away.

    And then there’s the Wounded Warrior Games, where the soldiers who got physical pieces blown off of them and still participate in athletics, wow, what a concept…
    They won’t show pictures of soldiers who got pieces of their minds blown off, or cancer from Depleted Uranium or Agent Orange, they won’t show pictures of Ira Hayes (look him up) other than the one where he’s raising the flag on Mount Suribachi,

    They won’t show the pictures of Clarence wandering around Polytechnic Heights in Ft Worth talking to himself. Or “Iceman” stabbing himself to death slowly with a needle full of heroin.
    Or Hoot Gibson, dying while drunk, 60 years old and looking 90, used to be really young, strong, healthy, marching off to go to the Pacific Campaign and carry a flamethrower rig to burn human beings alive, human beings drafted by their Empire.
    They won’t show his picture laying drunk and filthy in a Ft Worth Alley or the forensic pictures from when he tried to catch his last train ride.

    They were all Marines too. Decorated heroes.

    There’s a politician in Georgia, the Bush Cartel and especially Karl Rove got him elected, named Saxby Chambliss, ever hear of him? He’s up on Capitol Hill cutting the funding for your pension and your health care and those of your widow when you depart this Vale of Tears. He’s a chickenhawk whose family, like those of Your Other Masters, made and still makes money from the wars they send YOU to fight for them.

    Got his daddy to buy him out of the Draft, something Clarence and Iceman never had.
    But what would you care, right?
    I mean, they were black, Hoot Gibson and Mel Mayfield were “white trash winoes” , Ira Hayes was Pima Indian and alcoholic.

    Ron Kovic is “bitter and delusional” according to Chambliss, after getting his spine severed in VietNam.

    Oh, and the HUMAN BEING Chambliss defeated, with the help of a smear campaign run by Karl Rove? Max Cleland. Former director of the VA. Who left three of his limbs and half his body mass on the operating room floor in VietNam.

    Why aren’t you upset about THOSE images? Huh?

    Or your comrades in Afghanistan who would go “hunting” Afghans, like trophy hunters, didn’t matter to them if they were Taliban or the “Victims of the Taliban” you supposedly are liberating. Took pictures of them and put them on the Fucking Internet, have you written similar threats, insults and long diatribes about THOSE pictures of dead bodies being put on the internet?

    I posted some pictures from Wounded Knee, if you’ve got your browser set up to come only to this page, hit the “home” button at the top of the page you’ll see it.

    Just like the pictured Marine you keep whining like a Fucking Titty Baby about us posting, every Soldier at Wounded Knee who was hit by the very limited return fire when they were Slaughtering Americans was “Hallowed Dead”.

    They gave more Congressional Medals of Honor for that than for any other single battle in U.S. history, more than for Bull Run, More than for The Bulge, more than for Okinawa,

    The reason I put that in, as you say, it’s not 1876. Nor is it 1863 when Sand Creek went down, nor when the Colorado National Guard fired on the Ludlow strike encampment with water-cooled belt fed machine guns, in 1914, nor Kent State in 1970 when the Ohio National Guard fired on students, nor July 28th 1932 when United States Soldiers, under the command of General William Mitchell and three future Generals you might know their names, Patton, Eisenhower and MacArthur, FIRED on their fellow Soldiers and Marines, the Bonus Army, then used fucking TANKS and the threat of further violence to drive the Veterans and their families from their shelters and then burned all the possessions of those Veterans, in Washington DC.

    Yeah, none of those are 1876 either. Wounded Knee wasn’t 1876 either.
    Nor the Second battle of Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, you can find him through the links at the side of the page, American Indian Movement, is still in Maximum Security Federal Prison after nearly 4 decades for the death of an FBI agent who was killed by a bullet from the gun of another FBI agent.

    But hey, he’s just a buffalo follower so what do you care?
    Just broadly dismiss all of it the same way you dismiss the Dead People your Military are leaving in congealing puddles of blood all over the fucking WORLD including the dead babies.

    Just sneer it away and you’ll be cool, right?

  50. Avatar Charlie says:

    Dude you are the only racist out of us two. You keep calling me a racistand ive sarcastically reciprocated your comments. Maybe you take out of context.

    I know who the fuck Ira Hayes is. I’m a Marine retard. Nothing to do with those Marines in the picture. Dont spout off to me about guys battling PTSD in some form. I know plenty of them. They would all agree with me about the pics.

    WTF does Ron Kovic have to do with these pics up here? So he accidentally killed some babies and had a rough time with it. He didnt murder them, on a rampage. Dude seriously no ones out there killing innocents. People die in war. if we were mistake freeon all levels of the wars weve been fighting we would have been out of there a long time ago. still has nothing to do with these former students of mineplasterd dead on your page.

    Heres another surprise for you asshole. I dont agree with us being in Iraq in the first place. oh wow didnt expect that did you.

    “Chickenhawk” catchphrase spewing mother fucker.

    i just want my dead brothers off your page. Quit spewing your skewed history lesson.

    following migrating buffalo herds for some tribes is fact. Dont twist my words to fit your way of trying to label me a racist. Im a fucking Great (insert more Greats) Grandson of Chief Blackhawk you idiot. I already told you that. But guess what I am an American. we come from all backgrounds. Are you an American?

    I dont really give a fuck about your agenda. Just take the fucking photos off you wackjob.

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