Is Bush slipping into irrelevancy?

The Bush Administration is increasingly taking a stealth bomber position with the media, and this has given many Americans the idea that ‘Bush is slipping into irrelevancy’ as I have seen it put in the press. Is this actually true though? Is Bush and his replacement, John McCain, out for the count?

It’s not just Americans that are feeling optimistic about thinking that the American Right Wing is being toppled somehow? I have been corresponding with a young Syrian, quite advanced in his English studies, and the subject of a possible US attack on his country recently came up. He assured me that Syrians felt completely safe because they all believed that the US has been severely crippled by its own dead-end policies in Iraq. However, I remember Iraqis once thinking that way believing that there would be no way their country would be invaded and occupied. Wrong they were as it turns out. And I believe my Syrian friend is wrong, too.

What is missing in these beliefs that the Bush Gang is slipping into irrelevancy is the lack of realization that it is not a Bush gang alone that is the problem. It is this gang’s alliance with the other gang around that is the real American Frankenstein we have to deal with. So don’t count your chickens before they are hatched, so to speak.

Sad to say, the corporate run 2 Party System remains entrenched in having total control over American government policy and power, and there is nothing about the Republicans that is slipping into irrelevancy at all, as long as that is so. They have the other guys on their team still, and we should have no doubts that that is so.

Really, did you ever think that it would be so easy to dislodge these criminals from their high positions of power? If so, then you are a dumb liberal… and I believe that my dog has more brains than that. Sorry about being so blunt and rude, but one just gets fed up with such stupidity.

The sad thing is that the anger just is lacking. The will power to bring about real change is still just lacking. The mindless brain wash and indoctrination of Americans is still there. America remains in deep sleep. Far from Bush slipping into irrelevancy, it is the average American himself that has allowed himself to be given that irrelevant role. The American must wake up before anything can change.

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