Obama reneging on promises to pull US troops out of Iraq

LiarObama won the presidency based on the fact that most Americans found him to be credible on his promise to get US troops out of Iraq, whereas they didn’t think John McCain had any commitment to do so. They got tricked and it appears that Obama today will merely restate the Bush promise to the Iraqi puppet government to get US troops out of Iraq by January 1, 2012. Look for numerous press reports to misstate that Obama is actually going to do nothing new in a manner similar to this one… Obama to Announce U.S. Troop Withdrawal in Iraq …Read the details and you can see that it is basically the Bush plan gift re-wrapped for more liberal Democratic Party voters acceptance of it!

What can be seen by this continued glue to the Bush program in regards to Iraq, is that the Democrats have no confidence that Iraq will not fall into a fight for power the minute US troops leave. The puppet government is that unstable, and in fact there are real and credible fears that civil war might now break out even with US troops still inside the country. Simply put, Barack Obama is fearful of changing Bush’s game plans for Iraq, so he’s sticking to the basic Republican program and sugar coating for his unmotivated Democratic Party constituency.

Yes, the Democratic Party ‘Peace’crats have kept the lid on all protest coming from their groups nationwide. The national coalition of these votes, the UFPJ (United for Peace and Justice) are refusing to unite with ANSWER in calling for Spring demonstrations. They simply really don”t want them with Abraham Obama in office…. he’s going to free the White Middle Class liberals from their slavery under Rush Limbaugh and Fox News!

Not only is Obama sticking with the Bush program directly promising to keep US troops in Iraq until 2012, he continues to carry out the Bush-Cheney game plan by expanding occupation in Afghanistan, and aggressively threatening Iran and Syria with war. Add to that the Democratic Party in no way has changed from giving Israel green light to continue their ethnic cleansing program against the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere (inside Israel itself). Meanwhile the ‘Peace’crats stand around with their thumbs up their asses and mumbling CHANGE… SPARE CHANGE, PLEASE. It’s very sad to see people debase themselves in this manner.

One can only feel sorry for the Iraqi population, too. They have no guarantee that the US under Barack Obama as CIC will actually stick to the promises to get out by 2012. All sorts of excuses to justify the idea that that cannot be actually done when the time comes can be made up under the usual fire of events, and Barack Obama is just the man in the US Presidency to do just exactly that. Three years from now? Well the US under this plan most likely will still be inside Iraq like glue. The US government and military simply didn’t build all their forts and Embassy Closed Gates without a desire to stick around. Barack is their guy, and when stability begins to crumble with his limited pull out, you can pretty much guess that the ‘plans’ will get changed once again. It’s simply stupid to trust the Democratic Party with much of anything other than their own going plans to collaborate with the Republican Party in running the World on behalf of American corporate power.

Also see… Orwell in Babylon- Obama’s Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan ….By CHRIS FLOYD at antiwar.com

5 thoughts on “Obama reneging on promises to pull US troops out of Iraq

  1. you know where that photo originally came from?- from the English football team called Millwall. That is a young Millwall supporter ( just fyi )

  2. Yes, the kid does look a little bit British now that I think of it. When you google images you get all sorts of things. I googled images with the word ‘liar’ and got this pic as their first listing. As it would be, it was from an old Bush bashing site… BushSpeaks.com But it kind of serves for Obama, too, don’t you think?

    Certainly seems that certain folk are prone to buy lies when it’s served up smart though. Others just want their lies no matter how stupid the shape and form it might come in. Ronnie even is still considered by many to be a great President instead of a great dolt, which kind of boggles the imagination really. It boggles mine that so many are still buying Obama’s brancd of kool aid! Weird…

  3. United for Peace and Justice isn’t keeping the lid on opposition. They are pushing for local actions on the anniversary. UFPJ and ANSWER almost never agree on anything.

    I suspect Obama’s betrayal will create more militancy among all sorts of opponents of the Iraq war.

  4. McCain backs Obama’s Iraq troop withdrawal plan http://wire.antiwar.com/2009/02/27/mccain-backs-obamas-iraq-troop-withdrawal-plan/

    ‘UFPJ and ANSWER almost never agree on anything.’

    That’s deliberate on the part of UFPJ though, libhomo, as these ‘Peace’crats act as saboteurs always trying to destroy any possibility of having a united antiwar Movement engaging in United National Mobilizations against the wars that their man Obama supports having.

    Go the UFPJ website and see what they’re pretending to do instead of actually doing. The focus for them is a ‘call-in’ instead of a united National Mobilization in the streets. All they ever know how to do is lobby, lobby, lobby. Like they’re going to push the unwilling Dem poli forward by calling them up on the telephone?! Jesus!

    ‘Call White House for Diplomacy and De-Escalation in Afghanistan’

    The ‘Peace’crats are so stupid it really boggles the mind!

    UFPJ http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ and now contrast ANSWER’s site… at http://answer.pephost.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ANS_homepage

    What a difference! One group wants to do something to really oppose the wars, while the other group wants to roll over and have their stomach stroked by the Democratic Party leadership like the lap dog they really are.

  5. ‘UFPJ and ANSWER almost never agree on anything.’

    That’s simply because the ‘Peace’crats don’t want to do anything other than lobby the Democratic Party people they vote for, libhomo. Their national inaction this Spring is to do a ‘call-in’ rather than unite the National antiwar effort by actually demonstrating against the Obama wars. The UFPJ act continually like a group of saboteurs of the Antiwar Movement rather than builders of it.

    McCain backs Obama’s Iraq troop withdrawal plan at http://wire.antiwar.com/2009/02/27/mccain-backs-obamas-iraq-troop-withdrawal-plan/

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