December 30, 2008 national anti- State Terrorism protests

Yesterday we only managed to get out about 25 of us here in Colorado Springs to protest US-Israeli State Terrorism, but around the country there were many more who demonstrated with us. Here next are a few videos of the action in San Francisco where somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 spontaneously took to marching through downtown in that city, after early completing a rally in protest at the Israeli consulate.

Reports have it that Jewish protesters were more numerous against the Israeli government violence than for it, but the local San Francisco news didn’t give that information out. Many of the marchers were Jewish Americans and sick of what the bloodshed being spilled by the so-called ‘Jewish State’ of Israel and the active complicity of our own US government. Below are the links to some videos coverage of these marches…

SF Demonstration- video shot by participant
local SF TV coverage (CBS and ABC)
Philadelphia rally and march

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