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Bibi is NOT Israel, revisited.

The Israeli Knesset is debating a bill proposed by David Rotem of the extreme right Yisrael Beiteinu party that would require all Israeli citizens to swear loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state.” This bill is targeted at increasing pressure on the twenty percent of Israelis who are Palestinian citizens while forcing the ultra Orthodox Jewish minority who reject the legitimacy of any state not based on Jewish biblical law to accept Zionism. If passed in its proposed form, citizens unwilling to take the loyalty oath would be at risk of losing citizenship I wrote an article about a year ago, I think, titled “Bibi is NOT Israel!” but the title was in Hebrew.

The Modern State of Israel uses Judaism the way George Bush uses Christianity, a prop, only that and nothing more, quoth the Raving, nevermore.. and yeah, I deliberately mangled the line from Poe.

Zionism is at most a sect of Judaism, so in fact are any Christian sects. In fact, when Judah split off from Israel while Solomon lay dying, it was done on a sectarian level equal to England and the Vatican. Bibi courts some reactionary extremists who are pushing him as a Jewish Pope, who would imagine?
Other than the Zionist faction is more secular than sectarian… And the absence of a “Unified Judaism” doesn’t seem to have wiped out Judah in the past 3500 years, so why the new Anti-Semitic actions from people claiming to represent Israel, the people, in the form of Israel the state?

Bibi can no more claim to represent Judaism than the Pope could. Either the people or the faith.
When I looked up the Hebrew spelling of the last post, that Bibi is not Israel, I also tried and gave up after a few moments (I had a headache, the soup was boiling over, the dog ate my homework, whatever) but I stumbled across some sectarian Messianic as in “Jewish to Christian Convert” website claiming that Netanyahu is a Messianic name. Which could be and probably is exploited in Israeli politics when dealing with people who are sectarian.

This is like the term “under God” being placed into the Pledge of Allegiance to try to overcome LEGITIMATE sectarian concerns, by Christian Groups and JEWISH groups, over the Idolatrous worship of the State embodied in the rest of the pledge. These groups are, now, commonly dismissed as being “Not REAL Christians” by the same groups, like the TeaBags and RepubliKlan Party as being “Not REAL Americans”. Arbitrarily because we don’t share the Fascist Agenda so common in such groups. Or Plutocratic.

The way of saluting the flag during the Pledge was changed at the same time, due to political expediency, from the Roman Right-hand-extended forward salute, known as the Bellamy Salute, to the Roman hand-over-heart salute, equally a salute to the power of the state, worshiped as a god. The other two are a (now) Military Salute and one used when invoking the name of any god while taking an oath, all four of these salutes were Standard Roman ways of greeting…. ones social equals or superiors, the flags and other standards of Rome and pictures and statuary of the Roman Emperor.

Two of the images were from Far Right Extremist sites who insist that, in one case, the stripes on the American flag represent their TeaBag Fake Revolution Anti-American Extremist Views that anybody who doesn’t take THEIR version of the Pledge of Allegiance-Loyalty (to their idolatrous Money Cult, capitalism) is … wait for it…

Not a REAL American. The hand over heart one in fact. That’s now a standard salute for one not in uniform, but the original, was for soldiers who had their unit insignia, like a police badge today, over their left breast. Complete with a picture of the Emperor. The ones who said they were gods.

To close it out, for now, any DoucheBag Tea Party Extremists who want to object, tough cookies, bubba. (or bubbette) You ignorant racist fascist bastards will NEVER have the authority to declare anybody a “REAL” American or to take that distinction away from anybody.

The same way your Extremist Hero Benjamin Netanyahu will never have the authority to declare anybody a non-Jew. And that picture of uniformed American children giving the fascist stiff arm to the flag, while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, absolutely not faked.

Ugandan bombs herald “Al-Shabab” Terror? group, U.S. Domestics hold record.

Is it new Terror Threat, set to replace al Qa’eda as Boogieman Number 1? Ewww… Well, three dead in Albuquerque “Bring your explosive-spewing dildo to work day” incident… Thus bringing the death tolls from the al-Colt, al-smithandwesson, al-ruger,and al-remington Terror factions up to eleventy-bazillion (only an approximation)
These organizations are sects of a Satanic movement worshiping militarism, corporatism, and other forms of organized and/or purely random Mass Murders. Most of their victims, just as in the al-Buquerque faction Terror Shooting, involve friends, coworkers and family of the shooters. The shooters are recruited by the Corporatist faction and are usually frightened child-men who have been sold the ridiculous notion that arming themselves heavily and risking killing their family, coworkers or friends will make their Mental Health issues “go away”. The numbers of Civilians killed domestically keeps pace with or outstrips the numbers of U.S. soldiers killed in wars. But these things make the bearers “safer”.

The Accidental shootings encouraged by this “Cult of the Rambo” are usually also the family or friends of the deluded Cult Members. Why exactly their Families and Co-workers are a separate group from their “Friends” is one of the Great Mysteries of the Cult.

Repeated viewings of Gun Porn such as “Rambo”, “Death Wish” “Die Hard”<<–(not very well hidden sex innuendo there) "The Green Berets" and just about any Historically-hysterically inaccurate "western" movie, especially starring John Wayne, in a not-very-surprising twist financially backed by the Same Corporatist Death-Priesthood who sell the guns, reinforces the feelings of helplessness and fears that would only be soothed by possession of more and more guns. The higher caliber and/or more explosives used in the guns supposedly, as portrayed in the Gun Porn Movies/video-games/Commercials for the Deathworship Priesthood, makes you feel safer and gives you a longer lasting orgasm when you Kill Other Human Beings.
It's a substitute for Masculinity. Telling the poor stupid bastards who are sucked into this overtly sexual Cult any of these details inevitably results in at the very least Name-Calling in which the ones who purchase lots of Replacement Penises question the masculinity of anybody who points out that the Cult Members are essentially not satisfied with or confident with their own Sexual prowess. This sometimes escalates into threats which are rarely carried out against the people who point out these facts.

More often they're carried out against other individuals, family and co-workers mostly, who for some reason make the shooters feel emasculated and helpless. Or blindly strike out at random strangers.

In other news, the person who opened fire on a middle school in a Denver suburb not far from the scene of another Mass Terrorist Protest Against Perceived Emasculation shooting had taken place (Columbine High School), who was wrestled to the ground and disarmed by two people who themselves were NOT carrying "heat", has plead "Not guilty by reason of Insanity" and been remanded to the State Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado for psychiatric observation.

The bad news is, the Other Members of the Cult are still out there standing ready to deliberately or accidentally slaughter Fellow Americans. As a "patriotic" gesture".

Speaking of books… Tim LaHaye.

Tim LaHaye. OK, so that says a LOT in just two words. I know what the Non-Christian opinion is, now for a Christian voice. The dude is selling a Study Bible with a fold out graphical timetable from the start of the tribulation to the Rapture to Armageddon, $49.99 on your credit card. The credit cards that many believe to be a form of The Mark of The Beast. Now, I’ve heard from somebody, oh, who was it, oh yeah, Solomon, hmmm… “Naked came I into this world, and naked shall I depart, I brought nothing in my hand, and shall take nothing away”. “you can’t take it with you” So, how does Mr LaHaye plan to transfer those funds to the Bank of Heaven? I’m pretty certain that his Visa is going to be rejected for insufficient funds. That and Visa will probably deny it anyway because they have a clause in the contract that you’re not allowed to use your card once you’re dead. And there’s a list of allowed countries where they’ll transfer funds, and I’m certain that Heaven isn’t on the list.

Once there’s a Rapture, if we do get taken out before everything starts getting scary, then all his money would be left to whom, exactly? All The Believers Will Be GONE. Who is going to collect the unclaimed funds? Hmm… The Government, perhaps? The one that’s to be headed by Beel-ze-bub in person? (they have to skip around in three separate books of the Bible to piece together the Rapture anyhow, it’s not in the Revelation.)

If there’s no Easy-Way-Out Free pass and we all have to face the tribulation full on, then any money we gave to Mr LaHaye is like, Gonzo, dude. And for the exact same reason.

One thing definitely going to be Left Behind is my money. And it’s more than the Left Behind series, and a King James Bible that costs less than 5 bucks to print up (I know because there’s a bunch of them on the market for $5) and no need to pay royalties for the contents either.

He’s got a bunch of books and the starting price seems to be $24.99. That means 20 of them would set me back a half grand.

There’s not much chance Rich Folks are the intended audience. So who does that leave (behind) to fork over the bread? Speaking as a Poor Person or at least Not Leisure Class person, I can confidently state that a half grand is not pocket change for quite a huge percentage of the intended audience. If he was pushing them onto people who DO consider a short stack of Benjamins to be Pocket Change then he’s leaving behind substantially more than 80% of the people of the world.

There’s a recognized sin in every church called Simony. Named for a person in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles named Simon Magus, and is the buying and selling of the Holy Ghost or trying to.

Perhaps Mr LaHaye should examine himself, with much prayer, to see if he’s crossed that line.

It’s kind of important to him.

There’s another pair of TV Preachers (one of my pastors called the entire concept “Hell-evangelism”.) selling a similar Bible, similar study guides, on Credit Cards instead of cash basis…

“a beautiful Heirloom quality Bible that will be cherished for generatio…” Say What? If WE are the last generation what non-future non-generation will inherit the book?

There’s a preacher joke, as in something you’ll hear from the pulpit, this guy is told by the angel that “It’s time, you’re going home”. The guy is rich, doesn’t want to leave ALL his riches, the angel rolls his eyes and says “Ok, we’ll let you take two small suitcases” The guy thinks “hmmm, fancy clothes? nah, I’m supposed to get the finest Haute Couture in all all the universe, that stash of diamonds, hmmm same thing… T-bills, nope, where would I cash them. Ah, I know, I’ll take those gold bars!”

So he hustles, packs his bags, tells the angel he’s ready, POOF! he’s passing through the pearly gates, angel hangs back to talk to St Peter, they hear an anguished cry…..

Angel and St Pete look at each other and Pete says “Yep, another one who realized he just brought up two boxes of pavement stones”.

Tea-Potty successfully test-fire Dumb Bomb, counters “Smart Bombs” nicely.

Remember the infamous Speech boycotted by whole School Districts including D-11 locally? The Hoam Skule parents, aided and abetted by the Tea-Party, in turn organized and funded by Fox News, combined to convince themselves that Education Is Satanic.
Frightened Tea-Baggers kept their kids from hearing the Zombie-Brainwashing message that educational excellence is a good thing.
In doing so, they set up a series of events that has led to among other school districts the Kansas City MO ISD closing half their schools, school closings are the Drug of Choice for the “conservatives” because quite simply, the only way they can hold any kind of political power is to Keep the People Ignorant. They remind me of the “Gone Tertiary” mobs in the movie “Omega Man”, led by a former (until they burned down every radio and TV station as “evil”) Rush Limbaugh think-alike named Matthias. With their torches and robes, burning down schools, libraries, museums, any form of culture and education, chanting “Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!”
BUT… there is a bright side to this. As painful as it seems, they’re tearing their own Empire down. Already, after 8 years of Bush junior and 12 years of the Reagan/Bush Regime breaking down American Public Education into a 12 year Political Indoctrination session for each kiddo, the Pentagoons report that American kids who they wanted to recruit into the Murder Machine, aren’t qualified for it anymore.

They’re too fat, too lazy and too damn dumb.

The Fox OUTRAGE! Nation has dumbed itself into a corner. They want world-wide power, but the people they were counting on doing their fighting for them, (Because let’s face it, the NeoCons ain’t ever going to fight for their own gain, they have always counted on Other People to be stupid enough to do it for them and always will) got the necessary Political Indoctrination, where they’re Stupid Enough to believe that they’d be “fighting for Freedom”…

But it came at a price, they’re also too stupid to operate advanced weaponry. And fat and lazy. This according to the Pentagon.

It’s a major OOPSIE!! moment for the Right WingNuts. And that damage was accomplished BEFORE the mass hysteria inflamed by the Fox Propagandists. “Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! ” They’ll drag American War Technology so low that they’ll never again be beaten down by Small Third World Nations like North Korea, VietNam, and Somalia. Because they’ll be too stupid to find their way over there and wouldn’t have enough High-Tech weaponry to make them feel safe enough to start the wars in the first place.

No more being humiliated by Barefoot Armies.

It is logical to assume that Barack Obama is God’s answer to our prayers

Joel Hunter and Barack Obama, Son of God, were in prayer together just hours before Barack Obama was declared the Grand Victor for running The Empire image repaired! Who is Joel Hunter, and Why Is Obama Praying With Him? All those ‘liberals’ were praying (and not at mosques either) and asking for Jesus and God in Heaven to intervene and throw out Satan and his flock of fallen angels and demons from The White House!

Now it is true, that Joel Hunter and the others that did this conference praying by telephone (I had never even heard of telephone prayer sessions before!) with Barack Obama are probably better ‘theologians’ than say Ted Haggard or Jerry Falwell, but what can one really say about preachers that are so politically adept as to be able to shift with the political winds like this? And how many rings does it take before God picks up the telephone in heaven? But they finally did get through to him, it appears, and their prayers were answered by God. Sweet Jesus!

I’m just jealous you know, and ‘ranting’. I don’t think that Barack Obama will be tele conferencing with atheists like me, with Time-Life writing about it afterwards? We atheists cannot contemplate the intricate complexity of the universe with Barack, and that makes me just furious! He is a Christian Crusader and I am not. PLUS, I cannot speak in tongues with him as many of the tele pastors most certainly can, and did! I am unable to get God to win elections for me, like Joel Hunter implies that God might have done for Barack and him.

Evidently God got fed up with the Bush family and friends (my friends), and he listened to Barack’s prayer to him to intervene! And now because of that, it’s a new America that will be seen now that Satan will soon be removed from DC (God will wait 11 weeks still, respecting election law).

BTW, if you need to have a prayer session by telephone, you can go to Jesus Calls Ministries. Good luck in getting God on the line! May your prayers be answered! May you achieve Heaven on Earth!


Illegal raid on Eldorado religious compound goes by without protest

Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day SaintsThe illegal government raid on the Eldorado religious compound has gone by unprotested by all for a week now. While we have no love for any Right Wing Christian cultists, let alone these split off fundamentalist Mormons, we have a hard time understanding why the liberals and Left of this country are so nonchalant about this particular governmental violation of fundamental US citizen civil liberties? You cannot expect for others to respect your own rights if you stay silent in cases like this.

This raid at Eldorado, Texas was made seemingly without any evidence against anybody, resulted in no material arrests for any crimes supposedly committed before the raid, and separated hundreds of children from their fathers and mothers. And the liberal community wants to act as if nothing important is going on, and that all has been done legal and fair? It is all very sad, though it seems very typical of the liberal community to see them respond in such a manner.

Meanwhile, the government propaganda against this pathetic religious sect continues unabated in the press. It is typical of the type of government propaganda meant to justify almost all government actions, and includes unsubstantiated charges, calls for harsh judgment against myriad unspecified people, and a total self justification about why the government has thrown these 417 kids into the miserable Texas Child Protective Services Department’s control. Hardly any ‘liberation’ for these kids at all.

At least one liberal has stepped up to the plate at this time; that liberal being Gerald Goldstein, attorney for the religious group under attack. Unfortunately, he does not seem to be doing a very good job at getting out his client’s case before the general American public. It is time for others to begin to question how this raid was initiated and handled, to question who are the major government players in the whole affair, and to question their motives for making a small case against one accused man a monstruos call for almost lynch mob hysteria against a whole group of people?

We should not doubt for a moment, that our government misleaders want always to create comic book villains for the general public to make us hysterical about, in order top better mislead all of us to a sorry end. That is what their Eldorado, Texas ‘event’ is all about. These people under the gun now deserve our defense for their civil liberties, though they do not deserve much respect for their religious belief system. Wrong as they might be, they are people who have rights, and not just media and government made monsters for us to cast our scorn upon.