Jewish Stormtroopers

Israel is a government that permanently mobilizes its Jewish stormtroopers to use against the Indians living there. Yes, I know that there are Muslim stormtroopers, too. Heck, I know for sure that there are Christian stormtroopers. Me and my Jewish friends agree on that one even. But Jewish stormtroopers?

I guess I must be a complete anti-Semite to even contemplate the existence of such a group? Spank me then, and shame on me for the ‘hate speech’ I am engaging in. I actually even think that the Jewish religious group is equal to the Muslims and Christians in their thirst to use violence against ‘the others’. They are not always nice people.

Yes, Virginia (Barbara, too), Jewish stormtroopers do exist. They don’t deliver anyone to the ovens, this is true, but some stormtroopers do things slightly different. There are lots of stormtroopers out there, and many of the Jewish people wanted the employment, too. So now they have created a large net of Jewish stormtroopers called the IDF, who like the Christian stormtroopers of the day, even carry nukes to use in their work. Here’s a picture of these boys and girls at work….

How Israeli Troops Invade Homes in Gaza, Brutalize, Smash and Steal

Aren’t these religiously inspired people friendly? Holy Moses!

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