Jordan, an American-made ‘Arab democracy’

The US, which hardly has any functioning democracy of its own, has a government that went on a Christian Crusade, a Christian Crusade to supposedly bring democracy to the Arab World. The American Empire of Torture, Inc. has a model ‘Arab democracy’ that it wants other Arab states to be militarily impelled (by our friends at the Pentagon) to establish, and that model is Jordan. Jordan even once had a queen, an American citizen named affectionately (by the Western press)Queen Noor, who was courted by a king (or at least a thug of one)! How romantic, right? But, Tony, what supposed democracy in the world is headed up by Queens and Kings?

The answer is, Not So-Great Britain, for example, so we cannot hold it against backward peoples (like the Arabs) if ‘their democracies’ too have kings, queens, and court jesters running the show. It just wouldn’t be fair.

But the peasantry really should be more respectful in these modern day, Made-in-America ‘democracies’, should they not? Especially peasants from abroad, like this slimy gay French citizen twit who insulted the King of Jordan. Isn’t Made-in America ‘Arab democracy’ just great?

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  1. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    The government of Jordan is roughly comparable to the government of England ca. 1700 CE, or the government of France pre-1789 during periods when the royal family needed to raise taxes from the general public.

    In a nutshell (per Wikipedia):

    The king signs and executes all laws. His veto power may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of both houses of the National Assembly [ed. one of which is comprised of 40 people appointed by him to 8 year terms]. He appoints and may dismiss all judges by decree, approves amendments to the constitution, declares war, and commands the armed forces. . . . The council of ministers, led by a prime minister, is appointed by the king, who may dismiss other cabinet members at the prime minister’s request. The cabinet is responsible to the Chamber of Deputies on matters of general policy and can be forced to resign by a two-thirds vote of “no confidence” by that body.

    Furthermore, “Jordan is divided into twelve governorates, each headed by a governor appointed by the king. They are the sole authorities for all government departments and development projects in their respective areas.

    The Royal Armed Forces and General Intelligence Department of Jordan are under the control of the king.”

    The legislature is not entirely impotent, but hardly powerful by international standards. It isn’t meaningfully any more democratic than e.g. Iran or Cuba, and is less democratic than e.g. Pakistan.

    That said, Jordan is still a more tolerant and free place to live than most of the Middle East, and offers more hope that it will get better our lifetimes.

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