Lack of government regulations makes Chinese products deadly

china industrySo many Americans seem to want to believe that China is a communist country despite the obvious fact that its capitalist economy’s products remain so deadly due to lack of any real government regulation rather than any supposed socialistic government over-regulation.

Its sweatshops are dangerous to the workers, its schools crumble in earthquakes due to shoddy construction, and the products of its factories are dangerous for human use. All are signs of the defects of a totalitarian capitalist economy build without concern for anything other than quick profits. The latest product that the Chinese are producing that is killing people is infant formula with Melamine, the same substance that killed so many pets in the US when imported here. Chinese baby milk scare ‘severe’

The fact that this capitalist dictatorship is presided by one party calling itself ‘communist’ does not mean much. What ever the defects of a past Maoist regime of Stalinist dictatorship, what China has at present is far removed from that. Today, China has become victim of a counter revolution that has industrialized the country through capitalist production, but turned it into a human rights and ecological disaster zone.

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