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US press protecting corporate identity of Melamine-poisoned milk recidivist

Melamine is back in the Chinese food chain, coming from milk product supposed to have been destroyed after the food industry scandal which killed six Chinese infants and left the health of thousands permanently debilitated. International conglomerate Danone was named then among the villains, but at that time, many of those implicated could claim to have been unknowing accomplices. What excuse could there be today for the resurfacing of the tainted stock, sold to Ningxia Tiantian Dairy by “an unnamed company as a debt payment”? International readers have nothing to fear from Ningxia products, but what of the culprit in this transaction? Why is that identity being concealed?

Just as when the poisoned food products were discovered in 2008, Western consumers were not exposed to the baby formulas which hit Hong Kong, or the Oreos, M&Ms, or Snickers which reached Indonesia. The melamine infused large western conglomerates Kraft and Mars, but endangered only their “loyal customers” in the East. Which didn’t mean that US consumers couldn’t affect their buying habits to punish Danone, Kraft and Mars.

Nestle redoubles effort to kill infants

NestleThe non-food additive Melamine has resurfaced in the Chinese food supply. As if the pet-food adulteration hadn’t been found toxic enough, the inedible petroleum-based ingredient is disabling and killing human infants when used as a protein-measurement booster in their milk. Nothing for Westerners to be concerned about because the dairy brands are safely unknown in our markets, they are Mengniu, Yili and Nestle.

Lack of government regulations makes Chinese products deadly

china industrySo many Americans seem to want to believe that China is a communist country despite the obvious fact that its capitalist economy’s products remain so deadly due to lack of any real government regulation rather than any supposed socialistic government over-regulation.

Its sweatshops are dangerous to the workers, its schools crumble in earthquakes due to shoddy construction, and the products of its factories are dangerous for human use. All are signs of the defects of a totalitarian capitalist economy build without concern for anything other than quick profits. The latest product that the Chinese are producing that is killing people is infant formula with Melamine, the same substance that killed so many pets in the US when imported here. Chinese baby milk scare ‘severe’

The fact that this capitalist dictatorship is presided by one party calling itself ‘communist’ does not mean much. What ever the defects of a past Maoist regime of Stalinist dictatorship, what China has at present is far removed from that. Today, China has become victim of a counter revolution that has industrialized the country through capitalist production, but turned it into a human rights and ecological disaster zone.

Chemistry in the food supply

Ask any veterinarian what you’re supposed to be feeding your dog or cat, they’ll tell you dry food only, and water. So perhaps people poisoning their pets with wet canned meals have achieved their result, more recently accelerated by the accidental Melamine additive in wheat gluten imported from China.

The FDA has been reluctant to reveal the companies behind the wayward toxin, even as the public grapples with the possibility that the plastic derivative may have reached the human food supply. Naming names reveals not just the corporate logos but also the extended interweaving of chemical companies in the food industry.

Did you have any idea the can of Alpo held by Mr. Publishers Clearinghouse contained Wheat Gluten from Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. or partner Suzhou Textile Import and Export Co. of Jiangsu, China; imported by ChemNutra Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada; sold to pet food giants Nestle Purina, Del Monte, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and behind-the scenes giant Menu Foods Inc. of Canada which makes 100 of the different smaller pet food brands? Whatever are you deliberating in the pet food isle, which TV commercial will best please your domestic companion?

You knew pet food wasn’t made by Keebler Elves or the Jolly Green Giant, but did you suspect the truth was so sordidly mundane? Nearly all people food passes through the chemical fingers of Archer Daniels Midland or Monsanto or both. Wait until the FDA tries to keep their names out of the spotlight.