Let the Games begin!

Mt Huashan, China
BEIJING- I’ve run myself ragged over the past five days trying to get a sense of China as she gears up for the Debutante Ball, and so far I have a pocket full of threads awaiting a tapestry. I must say, China is a country of great contrasts. A communist country with in-your-face capitalism everywhere. A landscape of unbelievable beauty made hazy by poisoned and polluted air. Oppressive heat and humidity and noisy throngs of people outside; feng shui, gentle music, and cool crisp air inside.

I’m staying at the Beijing Hilton, temporary home of the United States Olympic Committee. As you can imagine, the level of service is over the top. Since the Bush family’s arrival at the hotel next door, security has been tightened and my perfect oasis is now tainted by the presence of wand-wielding uniformed guards.

Worse still, the trophy wives of important men have invaded, and they are putting the staff through their paces. The upside is that they are fun to watch and secretly mock. Regal lionesses to my happy little mountain goat. Ha!

Today the torch arrives in Beijing. The city is electric. I don’t have a ticket to the Opening Ceremonies — no surprise since they run about $3,000 each. But my friend with Olympic connections tells me that we may meet with some last-minute luck, so I’m dressed and ready to go.

For now, I leave you with some pictures of the mountain goat on location!

Mt Huashan, China trail
Mt Huashan, China meditation
Mt Huashan, China gold locks
Mt Huashan, China, Marie Walden
Beijing Tiananmen Square One World
Beijing Tiananmen Square One Dream

5 thoughts on “Let the Games begin!

  1. China is not a communist country, Marie. In fact, the Chinese banks own about $200 billion in overseas assets alone. Does that sound like a communist country?

    China long ago had a party called the Chinese Communist Party that converted the economy into one controlled by a protected capitalist class. It happened differently than in the exSoviet Union, but happened still it did.

    This should prove once and for all that many parties calling themselves communist are in fact no such thing at all.

  2. It’s a pageant of the ruling class. Those without a worry in the world, getting to watch gladiators whose only preoccupation is to please them. Listening to the TV narrative of the opening ceremonies, the coverage was entirely political, even as officials insist we keep OUR politics out of it. Anyway Beijing is a spectacle, at the center of the world, and Marie’s there!

  3. Why such misplaced hatred of China? You live in a country much more guilty of multiple genocides than anything China is doing anywhere today.

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