Time for Iraq to Pay the Bill? YHGTBFKM

The NYT editorial pages decry “Time for Iraq to Pay the Bill.” Oh, really? Sign that editor up for charges, and every single US politician on that bandwagon. It was indeed part of the pitch to convince the public that America could pay for this war. Iraq reconstruction would be financed using Iraq’s oil revenues. Sounds like a great business plan. Except it’s robbery. In war-making terms: pillage.

It must simply sting, that America expend so much money to “liberate” Iraq, to restart its oil production, to position our oil companies to collect their cut, only to see Iraq accumulate oil monies while the US public is saddled with the cost or Iraq’s reconstruction. But we destroyed Iraq. It’s our responsibility to rebuild. Shouldn’t this go without saying? Instead our talking heads are saying it’s the exact inverse.

Do you suppose you could interest rapists to collect fees from their victims for services rendered? Was the sexual attention wanted or unwanted? Arguable, in a rapist’s mind. It don’t work that way, do it? It’s the same in rape and war.

The Geneva Conventions spell out the ethic for military peanut brains who need it explained. You are not permitted to finance your war with the spoils of your invasion. There are no spoils of war. That’s pillage. Reconstruction-wise, Colin Powell famously put this concept in layman terms for us consumers: You break it, you fix it. You don’t charge the Pottery barn for a contract to have you fix it.

It’s there in the laws of war. Do they teach anything in military school? In law school? The rhetorical answer is yes they do. Ergo, these jackasses, brutes, cheerleaders and their investors, are criminals. Make ’em pay for their scaffolds.

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2 Responses to Time for Iraq to Pay the Bill? YHGTBFKM

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yes, I saw that ridiculous editorial, too. It seems incredible that the New York Times is seen as the pinnacle of liberal newspapers in this country? Duh, this paper is as reactionary as they come and this stupid editorial complaining about Iraq getting ‘a free ride’ is par for the course from this flagship piece of trash of the American Empire.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    you would expect it from the Gag-zette or the Dullest Mourning Gnus, maybe the Washington Times..

    Now, it’s put up or shut up time for King George though.

    He wants to paint Success in Iraq, through the leadership of his good friend and faithful Ventriloquist Dummy McSame, and hold it up as (the only) success from his (m)Administration.

    I think Maliki will still cut a deal with him, BUT, the terms are going to be at least slightly more favorable at least for him and his family, and not as obscenely profitable for Ali Burton, the Thief of Baghdad.

    They still ain’t got nothing to cry about, they’re getting the deal.

    Cheney is the type, if you “owe” him 20 bucks and only have $19.90 he’ll bitch forever about the dime.

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