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Oops. McDonalds shill Ryan Lochte says he ate sponsor’s food in Beijing, won fewer medals.

Literally, Ryan Lochte scored his piece of silver at the 2012 London Games for endorsing McDonalds’ unolympian crap-food. But in London Lochte waited until after his competitive events to “go to McDonalds”. His fellow shill Michael Phelps added a vicarious, … Continue reading

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World will see the same authoritarian circus at Beijing, Denver, and St. Paul

…. Late summer authoritarianism is going full blast now! Nobody seems to be worried about anything in the Big Disconnect Universe. All is the same rosy lock-stock-and-barrel circus of grinning authoritarian clowns, as they talk empty ‘Change’ , Homeland Security, … Continue reading

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Tiki Barber is my hero

Beware. This is going to be a rant.   Today, I met with great misfortune. I watched MSNBC’s unbelievably sub-par coverage of the Olympics. Jenna Wolfe, know-nothing sports commentator extraordinaire, was recounting her favorite moments of the Games. To her, … Continue reading

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If it sounds too good to be true

…it probably is.   Jamaica’s Usain Bolt won both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints in world record time, something that hasn’t been done in 32 years. The Jamaican women, led by Shelly-Ann Fraser, swept the 100-meter race. Today another Jamaican … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. President for all you do

Isn’t it vaguely jarring when someone is asked publicly what would be their fondest wish, and they don’t say “world peace?” I feel that way about athletes and celebrities in these times of great conflict. They could say Impeach Bush, … Continue reading

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Marie spotted at Birds Nest Stadium

Extrapolating from her photos, TimTim’s snapshot, (and Marie’s confirmation), Marie is seated at two o’clock in this picture.

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It’s what’s for dinner

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Best venue ever!

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Adorable Chinese pep talks

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102 Olympic medals for white swimmers

Michael Phelps his poised to beat Mark Spitz’s record for medals won in a single Olympics. Does it say something that both are swimmers? Maybe there are too many swimming events? You don’t find 1/2 length, or 1/4 length fencing … Continue reading

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On the tea-horse road to Tibet

Lady, lady, I take you today. No ticket! No tourist! I’m standing in the town square reviewing my inventory of polite rejections when, lo and behold, my rogue sense of intuition wrests its way to the forefront and I hear … Continue reading

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A fan of McDonald’s

BEIJING- Could there be a more offensive marketing campaign than this one? McDonald’s has taken a revered Chinese symbol and turned it into a corporate billboard. Beijing 2008 brought to you by an American fast food chain. In the “open-24/7!” … Continue reading

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Is Bush problem drinking still a secret?

We learned only after Roosevelt’s presidency that he had to be propped-up for photo-ops because FDR was otherwise confined to a wheelchair. The American public learned only after Ronald Reagan retired that he suffered from Alzhemers for most of his … Continue reading

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Finding respite in Beijing’s hutongs

BEIJING- Since I arrived in China I’ve made it my mission to avoid Westerners. Hitting the Beijing historical sites a week before the Games, then traveling by overnight train to Xi’an (three Chinese and me in a tiny cubicle with … Continue reading

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Opening ceremonies of Beijing Olympics star humanity in his own flea circus

Can you remember an Olympic Games opening ceremony that was not spectacular? Suffice it to say Beijing was the biggest, befitting the world’s most populous nation. “Awesome” provides perfectly qualified praise. I have to say this spectacle invoked colossal horror … Continue reading

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Hairy monkeys of old Beijing

BEIJING- Eric once told me that he liked hanging around his artist friend, Patti Smithsonian, because she saw creative potential in nearly everything. He’d see a stack of old paper and head for the garbage can. She’d stop him. “Don’t … Continue reading

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Who should cast stones at the Chinese?

Activist hung this FREE TIBET banner in Beijing. To whom is it addressed? It’s in English.   I’ll say it again. I would leave criticism of the Chinese over Darfur, Burma and Tibet, to advocates with some moral authority. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Buses and taxis and persons, oh my!

But at the end of the day, fengedy fengedy feng feng shui!

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China on display!

BEIJING–Turn on the television and watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics! By all accounts, it was the most elegant and artistic opening ever. With 5000 years of recorded history, China had a lot more to showcase than most … Continue reading

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Let the Games begin!

BEIJING- I’ve run myself ragged over the past five days trying to get a sense of China as she gears up for the Debutante Ball, and so far I have a pocket full of threads awaiting a tapestry. I must … Continue reading

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Beijing extracurricular Olympic schedule

I have a last-minute, refocused interest in a safe and not-too-disrupted Beijing Olympics. It’s already been unofficially eventful. Here’s a time line of the counter-Olympics leading-up to the Opening Ceremonies. The Gazette is in Beijing. So are we! OC -5: … Continue reading

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China’s Olympic image makeover redux

I replaced the dancing figure in China’s Olympic emblem with the red motorcycle crushed by tanks at the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The heavy red outline around the figure above the official Beijing 2008 logo resembles a Chinese written character, but … Continue reading

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Summer Palace in Beijing, China

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Support the Troops, and vice versa?

Do you remember the Beijing Spring of 1989? Students were protesting China’s authoritarian regime occupied Tiananmen Square and for a time successfully won over the soldiers sent in to expel them. Do you remember the images? Waves of People’s Liberation … Continue reading

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Tiananmen Square before Olympic spirit

Human rights activists are crying foul about China’s role in Tibet and Burma. Here’s a illustrated time-line of the events which led to the totalitarian repression of the Tiananmen protests of 1989. Reprinted from Christus Rex. Beijing Spring -A look … Continue reading

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