No getting away from the repulsive in the Democratic Party

BillySlick Willie to Address Democrats, YES there is no getting away from the repulsive in the Democratic Party. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Lieberman speaks at the DNC either?

What do liberal nitwits think the Democratic Party is? It is the political party that worked together with the Republican Party since 1990 to demolish and terrorize the country of Iraq. No wait a second! They were working together back when they both had Saddam Hussein on board as an ally and agent which they used to batter the country of Iran, kill Iraqi Kurds with chemical weapons, and who now together again, the RP-DP once again want to terrorize the Iranians and demolish their country’s sovereignty to shreds ala like what they once did with their Holy Shah of Iran, may he rest in Hell where he currently resides!

And the Democrats are the party of national wealth give away to the military industrial complex in the country of Gulag prisons everywhere. What on earth do nitwit flag-draped liberals think this party is? Oh, I know! They think it marginally better than the party of the other nitwit Americans, the Republicans. Well they are flat out wrong since the Democrats might even be worse since they talk a little more confusingly to the general public. See… They certainly confused the nitwit Democratic Party voting liberal into thinking that they somehow represent democracy, when all they represent are the big corporations and their profit making off everybody else.

Personally I wouldn’t trust Barack Obama as next door neighbor let alone as president of the US. Of course we can only get the one or the other, but quite frankly they both suck and only nitwits could think otherwise. They both suck because both The Democratic and Republican Parties suck.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure that out yet somehow the liberal can’t? They will all be glued to the tube watching Slick Willie once again, just like in the Golden Times (to these nitwits) of the past. Choose your Klan to run the country for other folk than yourselves, Nitwits. That’s both Republican and Democratic voter version of the American nitwit species. You are a team!

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  1. Avatar Extended says:

    The Democrats are actually retarded and worse than those Republicans before them. Hillary Clinton made MAJOR mistakes by sending Barack Obama to the nomination as 2009 Presidential Elect-contrary to usual rhetoric, Obama will NOT be different than George W “President” Bush>he’ll be actually WORSE and unfortunately the 2010s are coming, headed into the wrong directions if Barack Hussein Obama OR John McCain become the President of the United States! I cannot trust Obama! We need any Third Party or Grass Roots or Libertarian Party officials that are willing to become the President under the United States and take different approaches than Barack Obama OR John McCain!

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