China on display!

Beijing opening ceremonies USA House
BEIJING–Turn on the television and watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics! By all accounts, it was the most elegant and artistic opening ever. With 5000 years of recorded history, China had a lot more to showcase than most countries have. They did it up beautifully.

The parade of countries took forever and, with little idea when the US team would appear, I watched the entire time. I’ll pass on some recently-acquired information that may spare you a similar fate.

Historically, Greece marches into the stadium first, in recognition of the origin of the Olympic Games. The host country marches last. The other countries parade in alphabetical order. But, since China doesn’t have an alphabet, the countries march according to the number of strokes in the Chinese characters that make up their names. Now, you can easily figure out when the USA will appear. Ha!

If you skip the procession, make sure you return to watch the lighting of the torch. Definite goosebumps. And, for me, the usual tears of awe and inspiration. Now, go!

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2 Responses to China on display!

  1. Avatar andy says:

    why is NotMyTribe covering the Genocide Games?

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Be nice Andy. I want to find out why everyone’s pointing their index fingers in the air as President Bush and his wife find their seats in the stadium.

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