McCain Palin declare Class War

Sarah Palin winkThe GOP has been waging class warfare even as it cries foul of every populist attempt the fight back. Now Sarah Palin and John McCain have seized the standard for the middle class, pretending to want to lead the attack on Washington, all the while presiding over the continued evisceration of America’s common wealth. Sarah Palin is a Trojan horse to thrill the hillbillies, but filled with icky Blackwater paramilitary foot soldiers.

From the 13TH: Just when you thought all the humor has left the U.S. election, along comes Que Sarah Sarah! With experience in snowjobs and folk lore, she’s definitely the creme of the crop circle.

5 thoughts on “McCain Palin declare Class War

  1. You can actually buy or and turn them into political, humor or whatever info sites. Ain’t the Internet grand?!

  2. ‘Palin declares Class War’? And how does she stand out in this department from all the other Republicans and Democrats? I don’t think that she does. Even the supposed most radical of the Democrats, Dennis the Menace, only wants a capitalist regime in the White House with social democratic trappings perhaps (I’m not so sure even about that?).

    The corporate class is always in a class war with the workers whom actually produce the wealth. If the workers can live on less the rich will make more. That’s just a law of the capitalist system, is it not? Keep labor costs down, etc.

  3. The reason you all hate Sarah Palin is not because of something she did. It’s what she represents. A successful CONSERVATIVE woman who also juggles the job of motherhood. You can’t tolerate a woman who stands for 2nd amendment rights, a strong military, low taxes and reduced government interference in our lives. But the biggest reason you hate her is because she is pro-life and believes in God. And the Satan worshippers who want to murder unborn babies can’t have that! They’d have to look at their own sin!

  4. Oh Jimmy C,

    Wipe the foam from your mouth, you look ridiculous! I don’t hate Sarah Palin as much as I will pity her when she is discarded like a used tissue. They picked her because even if they lose, McCain will still have part of his reputation left intact. Because she is nothing but a shill and a crapslinger, she will take her rotted reutation and drag the first dude back to moose country with her tail between her legs.

  5. Does the “Strong Military” part include getting OUR army bogged down trying to subjugate what even the R’s declared to be “A third-rate third-world dictatorship with a population equivalent to greater Los Angeles in the whole country and an Army of ill trained teenagers” (shortened for people who don’t have the patience to read the long version)?

    Does 2nd Amendment as seen by Ms Sarah extend to Anarchists, Liberation Theologists or other groups the Police State for which she cheerleads (quite badly too) describe as Domestic Terror apparati?

    Does the “conservative” view of Freedom really only limit itself to “Everybody has a right to vote, unless the Republican National Convention and their Bush Anointed U.S. Attorneys say he (the correct pronoun for “everbody” which itself is a Singular pronoun) doesn’t qualify because his Income is so low that he doesn’t or can’t prove that he meets Residency requirements…?

    For instance, the ones thrown out of their homes conveniently after the cutoff date for voter registration… like the ones whose homes just got foreclosed, like those targeted by the Republican Party “Election Judges” in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, COLORADO, Nevada?

    Seems like the “Populist” Sarah and John Dog and Pony Show seem to be worried that the People are rejecting their racist horseshit and just plain don’t want us to vote against them…

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