Hooters in time honored fashion

ritz bar and grill
COLORADO SPRINGS- At the Ritz Bar and Grill on Tejon St. downtown, waitresses have to bend over the counter to convey drink orders to the bartenders. There’s a raised platform to assist them in their short skirts. If the show outside is too tame for you.

I remember learning in high school that all the roles in Shakespeare’s plays, even the female characters, were portrayed by male actors. We were left to assume that women in Elizabethan England were not permitted on stage for the usual discriminatory reasons. But that was a simplification, which obscured the origins of sexism like the Burqa.

In Old England it was not that their gender was not talented enough, nor, directly, that women’s power challenged the men. Elizabethan rulers deemed it imprudent to let women advertise their wares on public stages. Women who were not at home with families, serving the domestic sex trade let’s say, were free-agent professionals. Inn keepers and barmaids had job descriptions not far removed from prostitutes, and a stage gave them too much marketing visibility. No doubt, obviously power.

I suppose sex also threatened to obscure the art of the theater. A favorite author once wrote he could only aspire to create a poem as immediately compelling as a pornographic photograph.

A friend of mine used to work at the Ritz, and assured me the skirt length was voluntary. Likewise the bar step at the center of everyone’s attention. Both great for tips she said.

3 thoughts on “Hooters in time honored fashion

  1. I don’t see anything that couldn’t be seen if she were wearing a tennis skirt or a pair of running shorts. In fact, knee socks, Doc Martens and pleated skirts seem to be English barmaid garb, not particularly sexy by most standards.

    I suppose if men believe that waitress fashions are designed to titillate them, and they’re willing to show their appreciation, most girls would tart up a bit just for kicks and pin money. I mean, why not? If a new pair of ski pants awaited at the end of a long weekend of serving men, I’d pretty much wear anything. No harm, no foul, everybody’s happy.

  2. The waitress that caught Eric’s sharp attention was merely a practitioner of Applied Economics. Here I might mention that the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize in Economics this year held in esteemed Boston, Massachusetts at the esteemed Harvard University also noticed what Eric did in Colorado Springs.

    The prize in Economics goes to….

    ‘Economics: Geoffrey Miller, Joshua Tyber and Brent Jordan for discovering that the fertility cycle of a lap dancer affects her tip-earning potential.’

    See more about the Ig Nobel Prize Award winners at

    Sharp eye, Eric! Thanks to your camera our esteemed readers here at NMT now know more about Economic Theory!

  3. Leave it to the Feminazzi agenda to make it a bad thing if a woman wants to dress a certain way, to even show the slightest bit of her femininity! Suddenly it must be more penile oppression! Maybe? Just maybe the young lady in question is comfortable with her body and likes showing it off a bit? (I bet she makes fabulous tips) its feminist schmear like this that has destroyed the American family, you keep telling young women that they don’t need a man, welcome to a country filled with single mothers, unsupervised teenagers that end up having a a baby way too early and now 4 generations in and look at us we live I’m a nation without a moral compass! Don’t get me wrong here I firmly believe that if a woman holds the same job as a man and demonstrates the same abilities as a man then she should be compensated the same, all I’m saying is stop trying to turn every woman into a Feminazzi! Some of them actually enjoy being a girl.

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