Meet Joe the Ex-Roofer…

Because McCain is promoting this cat who has the false tag of “Joe the Plumber”.

Real Name: Sam.

Real Occupation: Professional Liar. No plumbing license issued to him. plumbing is a job that requires a license. I know. … I used to work construction.

Until one day a combination of a Slave Market, an un-bonded, un-insured, un-regulated Pendejo who ran a “Small Business” like Joe the Plumber bitches about…

had the brilliant idea of taking the ladders to the Other Job Site, to save money of course, and the OSHA and EPA people who would ordinarily have hamstrung this Hard-Working Small Business Owner with useless safety regulations…

“Safety regulations? We don’ need no steenkeen’ Safety Regulations” and prevented him from having Me, Joe the Pissed-off-Ex-Roofer, and everybody else on the crew using a damned conveyor belt as a ramp to get on and off the roof, well,

Those Socialist Commie Pinko Liberal “Nanny State” watchdogs had been leashed, muzzled, then shot mercilessly.

So they pretty blew off my Right Foot, actually it was dislocated, and broke three bones… and my Left knee, which had a descending fracture of the Tibial Plateau and a meniscus tear (they repaired the tear 12 years later once the got around to removing the “temporary” hardware that the Right To Work, Tort Reform, Workfare state of Texas had let stay… and stay… and stay some more…

And unseen damage to the LEFT foot and ankle as well.

Finally, after more than a decade of fighting to get any health care at all, to get SSI and Medicaid Finally and THANK GOD FOR “socialized medicine”… they took out the hardware that was supposed to come out after 2 years but turned out to be 14…

The Talus was necrosed. Means it was a dead bone within my foot and ankle.

So more surgery, where they drilled a foot-long hole up through the bones that make up the pivot of the ankle joint, and put in a Titanium shank.

Just so I won’t accidentally step wrong and splinter the damaged and decayed bone structure.

Now, they’ve found two weeks ago, that my Left Talus is the same way.

I heard John McCain talking about “Joe the Plumber” and talking about how Barack Obama was going to take away money from the “hard working Americans” and give it to people who don’t work as hard…

And, he’s putting ME in that Second Group.

I’ll do something I rarely do, I’ll Challenge Sam the Non-Plumber to come and say something like that to My Face, so I can kick every square inch of his anatomy using my busted up feet.

That BITCH ASS Punk Wannabee and his Master, Scion of Privilege John McCain, who never worked a day in his Worthless Life, practically calling me a BUM and “not as hard a worker” as them.

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