More strange American ‘law’

spitzer-call-girlWhat would happen if the police had the evidence on any other Tony, Eric, Dick, or Peter, that any one of us three had paid for a prostitute? I ask this, since I once was almost a victim of police entrapment by a female cop decoy that I innocently enough offered a ride from inside a convenience store. She kept begging me to pay her for sex! Luckily when I didn’t bite, she finally got out of the car, and the next day I read about her policing activities in the daily paper. Close call.

In New York, the police are not as uncorrupted as the Texas cops are though. No Charges for Spitzer in Prostitution Case They get all the dope on a guy, and then let him go! Isn’t that just incredible? This man could possibly corrupt the morals of some other young call girl because of this inexplicable police behavior. That’s not right!

I chalk it up to being just another strange American ‘law’. Some go to jail, and others don’t. Equal protection under the law? Perhaps not. The law is not blind, though now the current governor of New York is just that, ever since Spitzer has got spitzed back out into the general population.

Who needs these prostitution laws anyway? The police? I feel sorry for Eliot’s wife, since she might not be able to buy at Neiman Marcus this Christmas?

And imagine if I had used New York State Police logic back if I had taken the bait with the police decoy bird down in Texas? I had offered her say, $100 for a ‘light massage’? As they would then have converged on me in mass, handcuffed me, and I would have shouted out….

‘You can’t arrest me! This $100 is not from public funds!’

Here is that imaginary answer from the cops…

‘Sorry, Guv, we will have to let you go. You harmed nobody.’

4 thoughts on “More strange American ‘law’

  1. In Colorado, patronizing a prostitute is a class 1 petty offense, punishable by up to six months in jail (before good time) or a five hundred dollar fine (plus court costs) and very rarely resulting in in more jail than time served.

    Probably not worth the effort, and there may have been a plea deal in exchange for cooperation.

    The American system when District Attorneys can decline to prosecute anyone for any reason is rather unusual and counterintuitive.

  2. There should be some room for discretion, but when you stack the top of the US legal system with assholes and crooks, then the discretion flows towards those with money and against those without it.

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